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  2. oh the roses are incredible!! bess, I had forgotten all about this one.
  3. that is amazing... and excellent sneeeeeeeeaking
  4. Yes, and that's what it was originally called - then the sign changed to "Renaissance Garden" so presumably something(s) else will accompany the stumps. It's hard to really show the scale of Heronswood, since it is such a melding of oldish growth, huge trees and underlying plantings, and stuff that just grew out of control during the dark years. Here are a few pics of the wild white roses growing up one of the huge trees, and there are unsuspecting people in one of them, to try to show size and height. A little.
  5. you sneaky thing! Is that a stump garden?
  6. However, on the next visit, we ssssssssssssssssneakeded up the road:
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  8. It is a fascinating what-if
  9. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    here is the shawl/wrap/scarf thingy I finished a little while ago. My sil loves it, so it will stay here when I go home That wall is a great backround
  10. Yes, I am there now, with chickens and sheep And I am enjoying it a lot. An old friend of mine came by today in his camper van, that is additional fun.
  11. Yes. It is such a joy of a book, for me. It makes me really happy you guys like it, too.
  12. It was well worth it - this is the most original book i've read in a long time. And with a topic that has been done so many times in so many repetitious and unbelievable ways. This one is scarily believable. People survive based on random chance- being on one of the few airplanes without infected passengers. Landing in a small airport off the beaten track - and presumably there would be a few more of them, little outposts separated by just enough distances. There's no over-the-top ACTION HERO or feminized version of the same type, larger than life and just as unbelievable. The figure who seems to have the potential of being an over-the-top villain turns out to be very much a paper tiger, done in by one of his own followers. The synchronicity of the group of characters who are separated and reunited appears to be just that - synchronicity, and not contrived plot devices. It's a lovely thought that those who survived came to crave Shakespeare and classical music, and also that the instrument of salvation for some of them was an unpublished graphic novel. And eerily right that what infected the pathetic mini-villain was a poisonous interpretation of the bible.
  13. Jude If you have time over to Goli's Heronwood topic for a beautiful walk in the park . Toothy fine thanks but I was sick from the dab of anaesthetic afterwards Hope all is well Jude!
  14. I've enjoyed you 3 figuring when and were you'll enjoy your book! lol
  15. Happy Birthday, Mad! And I believe the world with get un toppy turvy soon. Well, hope springs eternal. Bess., your tooth went well, right? I think you are setting the big thing for your power outages in your area. You showed take notes on them . Wow, Goli, that,s a lot of Eagles! Gorgeous and also scary. (well, those aren't. lol) Mackie, hope you have a great time in the country, are you there now? I'm a bit out of it.
  16. Yes, but STILL - bald eagles are very big and very obvious, especially in a frickin FLOCK
  17. Goli they probably were focused on ground work
  18. i will never forget the day that my idiot neighbors at the time had let their chickens out in the yard while they were working in it. Soon there was a bald eagle circling overhead - then three, then seven or so, finally about a dozen. Finally the neighbors noticed, and put the chickens back in their VERY sturdy hutch. Then there were seven or so, then three, and finally, only one. Who doesn't notice a DOZEN eagles overhead?
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