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  2. Bess, good thing you could help good thing you were correct, too The shopkeeper probably was glad, too. Goli
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  4. to life with less stress, even if the money is also less, and to stores where the customers pipe up when the staff can't help
  5. totally a good place to be I am there now, too *being careful about bill-paying on time* at least that's the plan. After lunch today with dear friend we checked out a new little yarn store the shop-keeper couldn't help a customer with yarn quantity for a winter hat, so moi piped up after that lady left, i turned to look at something and saw a pile of freebie pattern sheets to make...winter hats. which i checked. luckily had been right with my free advice.
  6. yes, the adventures of household bills This afternoon I thought how finances changed for me these past few years. After my theater gig ended two years ago I have been relying on the jobs I have with Gruner+Jahr, a big German publishing house, where I started doing community management about ten years ago and then, as they were shutting down the communities one after the other, drifting into customer service stuff. I did that freelance until they had to stop using freelancers (basically because they were practically running most work with freelancers, most of whom were sitting in the house from 9 to 5 like normal employees, only they were paid less and had no social security …). Then I lost part of the work but got the same kind of job with different magazines. Now I still have one community where I am subbing when the lady who is doing that full-time is on holidays or is sick - there we make a new contract for each period of work, even if it is just one day. Completely silly. And for three other magazines I have a one-year-contract for doing community management on Instagram and Facebook, and also first level support on email. And since now the money comes in reliably at a certain time of the months, I know I can pay the bills then. I am making much less than a few years ago, but still I then had a lot more problems financially, because they were so unreliable when it came to paying my invoices … I had my bank account locked down several times because the internal revenue service tried to collect taxes and failed, because I hadn't received my payment for more than two months ... Eventually my bank kicked me for that. So even with less money, times are much less stressful now.
  7. Yup, i did something like that with my electric bill last year. Took it out of the mail, down to the computer, logged it in to my excel sheet where i attempt to track what i'm spending vs what is coming in. And then forgot to bother PAYING the thing online So the next month i got a warning they were going to shut off the power. When i called them, and explained, and asked how much i owed in penalty, they laughed, since it was summer, and the damned bill was so LOW the penalty percentage wasn't worth collecting. Er, after that, i doubled check my outgoing payments to make sure i haven't missed something relatively important :thonkself:
  8. yet exakkerly what I would've done Go you, and go them Off to the 'burbs to meet a dear friend
  9. nope, I just had forgotten. They send one mail and then you have a week's time to pay; I had marked the mail after reading because I was out of doors and then promptly forgot all about it Fortunately they are very quick in opening the site again
  10. ... Oh oops! I was asleep to the fact anyway ought we to send something to help
  11. Sorry, the place was shut down for a few hours, I forgot the invoice - again.
  12. and be Mistress of All Places to the temporary work place !
  13. Yes, on all counts - better combining work/play, and definite that when faced with the choice of lounging in a fabulous bedroom or exploring a meadow, the furry one will go for the meadow
  14. isn't it better than having to work through one of the stays and have all the time off on the other, I think. It will be funny to suddenly live the house next door They have a fabulous bedroom (which I will be allowed to use) - it has three window walls leading out into a beautiful meadow. I suspect it will mean the furry alarm clock will go off even earlier.
  15. and an excellent plan to combine work and time off
  16. Absolutely. We will go back for two weeks in July and two weeks in August I wont have quite as much vacation time left, so I probably will work from there during the first week and then take time off for the second week.
  17. Earlier
  18. Jette WOULD make a perfect village dog Of course, she would assume she owned the village.
  19. I was just thinking of you! Oh nice to be in that parallel universe again
  20. so, Jette and I went to stay with at my brother's for a few days and now we are back and I am back at work. I really didn't want to come back. And Jette would make a perfect village dog, too.
  21. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    that is just wonderful
  22. thank you! and agree to Mackie's Sunday
  23. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    Mackie, too clever by half in a good way A cute story and saying! As well as being a cool craft-y prezzie all 'round. If you posted about it I have forgotten so enjoying it again for the first time
  24. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    something like that they are puppets for Girls' Day in March, the Hina Matsuri Festival. She is the Empress, he is the Emperor already artistic in real, iterated *a lot* to achieve this weaving. a Japanese lady went to Bruges to learn Flemish lace and I worked her pattern
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