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  1. Yesterday
  2. i *SEE* you

    This kind of weather actually makes me long for a day without having to go out at all so I am not really sorry to have a dog who is fine with short walks in nasty sleet.
  3. i *SEE* you

    Just wettish and coldish here, but i decided not to go out, not any further than a short walk up the hill. NO one needs hail
  4. i *SEE* you

    whew, scary, that is right... if toting groc., even worse. didn't need the hail putting off going to the shops, lunch soon and out of bread. doing a rapid mix bread-roll thing
  5. The DUMP Trump Dump

    most probably
  6. i *SEE* you

    hail? who needs hail? Here everything is covered in slush, the sidewalks are at least partly free, but crossing the streets is a hazard. went grocery shopping and slipped twice,fortunately without really falling. After the first time i kept my hands out of my pocketses …
  7. i *SEE* you

    goli, there's that mad, pretty does help i am back just now from mailing a letter darkish out, no precip... then it hailed i did get some fresh air
  8. The DUMP Trump Dump

    it’s that inflated ego he must be measuring.
  9. i *SEE* you

    coldcoldcold..... slippyslidyicy..... not a lot of snow, just enough to be annoying and set solid. pretty, though.
  10. i *SEE* you

    Didn't hide yesterday, since i had to go out and do the shopping. AND haul the garbage and recycle thingees down to the end of the road
  11. The DUMP Trump Dump

    Well, everyone would agree he's a hell of a lot FATTER than Obama. Head as well as body.
  12. i *SEE* you

    moi on the other hand hid and was grumpy all day today i will not hide
  13. i *SEE* you

    We were really lucky yesterday - dry and not cold, I am glad we made good use of it and took a long walk.
  14. i *SEE* you

    örgs..... wind and rain though i went for a decent walk the other day not needing a winter coat
  15. i *SEE* you

    Snow! or rather, slush. Jette and I agree in not being amused.
  16. The DUMP Trump Dump

    he says he is 2 " taller than Obama. Which is weird, because he looks a bit shorter than Obama when they stand next to each other. he is so ridiculous.
  17. Last week
  18. The DUMP Trump Dump

    is he really 6’3”? he looks a real short arse to me!
  19. The DUMP Trump Dump

    Of course the DonaldDumbpf model is so inflated with hot air and with fat that immigrated down from his fat head . . .
  20. The DUMP Trump Dump

    Twitter is having a field day with Trump's health data …
  21. The DUMP Trump Dump

    For MLK Day, a painting by Haitian artist Watson Mere
  22. Earlier
  23. The DUMP Trump Dump

    Leave it to the Pretendident to fuck up Invision. Ahem, the pop-ups are SO brilliant AND, i will bet that there will be more of them, too.
  24. The DUMP Trump Dump

    done. Well, that was some adventure. They renamed the action from "move" to "split". I was searching for the option to move posts and had to go to the help board on invision's website to understand what was going on. Duh.
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