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  1. Last week
  2. It is When I saw a starry sky and the Milky Way properly for the first time I didn't realize what it was
  3. oh yes, see some for me, too … too much light pollution here to see anything. One of the beautiful things about having (summer) holidays in the country is seeing a sky full of stars …
  4. oooh see some for me, please
  5. Ok, the thing is actually the Leonid Meteor Show. I hope some of the mist and that will let people see some of the shooting stars.
  6. :thonkdot: and ya, :barfsoncarpet: preferably while you are eating...
  7. Yup - swing clear over to the complete opposite, work it out, and then get centered, eventually.
  8. Fog and mist and rain, Oh My! Tea and coffee time. Actually It is clear at the moment , first time in a while . I will send you some sun, Bess. (can,t find a sun ). There is going to be a big sky event tonight , Persiade thingy. ??
  9. Same news here - fmr. And :thonkdot: Kristi goes ahead and eats when she's not happy. Then, preferably ON the carpet :thonkcat:
  10. Anytime We sorted out the portal In other news, fog and mist. And rain
  11. absolutely. It's rather healthy for kids to do that, I think.
  12. good thing bess came to the rescue!
  13. Bess, thanks yet again! I will go to let you know that I git in. Damn, just a stupid dot.
  14. Ooh come home or else But it is good to be with your sister safe and sound
  15. We had a rainy day, all day. I'm at my sister's, so it's fine - nice, cosy and warm indoors In other news, Miss Doggy at home refuses to eat dinner, trying to force me to be at home NOW. Stubborn little thing.
  16. No, and i wouldn't be too shocked if at least one of them did the 60's thingee eventually and went WAY to the left. Just to show the parents
  17. Waiting out of the sun in case it rains - may use that one moiself
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