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  2. He is not the kind of idiot Trump is, that is very true.
  3. Bloomberg can take out Trump, which none of the rest of them look capable of doing - hence the eenie meenie minie moe voting from people who can't decide who the best of the rest of them are. The two farthest left, Sanders and Warren, aren't electable, in moi opinion. Biden has never impressed me. i actually liked a couple of the one who already dropped out of the race better than most who are still in it And it's not fair to class as a businessman, anyway. He's a con man. Bloomberg will already have a short list of QUALIFIED people to bring into his administration to make up for whatever gaps in expertise he is smart enough to know he may have.
  4. Last week
  5. Do you think another businessman President is a solution? After the Iowa caucus I watched people being interviewed after they voted, and one woman said she had cast her vote after playing eenie meenie minie moe. I was like people go there and do not know who to vote for until they are in front of the ballot box? it is frustrating and scary.
  6. i think that, one way or another, Mike Bloomberg will try to take out. He has more money than and know how to push the buttons to set off. Plus, he helped fund the campaigns that got rid of the Repugnant majority in the House, and will probably help out with getting rid of some Repugnant Senators.
  7. Nope. I really really hope this ends in November. Not really sure, though ...
  8. We should have an awards show "The STENS" for STupid ENtitled Simpletons" Too many contenders, though. I'd like to see designs for the Stenny trophies.
  9. A matched pair of lying who have no place in a democracy.
  10. I do get that fix on Instagram or youtube, watching videos from the The Dodo account. Animal related videos with a happy ending. Always make me smile.
  11. that is actually quite a clever way to pick your "news"
  12. yes, we have that too. Some areas where people have houses in flood-prone areas, houses that are several generations old, and suddenly they convert the basement into apartments and then cry for government aid when the water is flooding the place (again, like for the past 200 years). Stupidity and entitlement seem to be a universal problem. Especially bad when combined …
  13. We have built stupidly in floodplains all over this continent, and it is STILL considered a natural disaster when they flood. Again. There are some areas where you can SEE in summer when it is at its driest that any sizable rain will cause flooding
  14. i DO try to watch the last three or four minutes of the network news shows. After spending the first 26 or 27 minutes on disasters, political or natural, crime, accidents and bad weather interspersed with commercials for prescription drugs, they devote the last few minutes to "feel good " stuff. Some of it IS really inspiring, and all of it is nice to see. i am really looking forward to seeing Parasite.
  15. I read the grocery flyers the postie brings and I scan a national news brief. It has "this Day in History" in case I've missed something important from the 1600's.
  16. Amazing, both cause and effect
  17. Yes, a pity This part of Hamburg always had floodings, so yes, everybody is used to it. And we have huge flood walls all around, too.
  18. Yes, a pity This part of Hamburg always had floodings, so yes, everybody is used to it. And we have huge flood walls all around, too.
  19. Excellent!! Goli, I found watching the news too depressing lately, too. I have gone in a diet - no Facebook, no Twitter, news mostly in written firm. Works for me.
  20. WHOA!! i just checked the schedule for our little mini-plex, and it looks like Parasite will be playing starting later this week AND will be playing on discount day next Tuesday
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