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  2. That is a glorious apple !! Just put QI on tv, to find one Anuvab Pal as one of the panel... that was a surprise, I am assuming it’s him !
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    Will look fab with black!
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  5. from the Wiki this is just a small one
  6. What Bess just said. Also a pic of the apple big enough for
  7. on all counts. Especially the Grandma story Grafting...in the section on Plant Propagation in my garden book. That's all I know Worth saving old varieties Mackie your bro' is a plant whisperer! Up-the-road neighbour has a King, one apple is big enough for a pie
  8. since I haven't had a garden that would support an apple tree, no, I have no clue. My brothers both could tell you a lot about it, Jude. The older went and grafted twigs from all our old apple trees in the orchard of the place we grew up in and grafted them on three little trees in his gardens. There were so many old varieties in that orchard … I would love to see some of Ben's photos of the elk you know me - always one for piccies
  9. Our Elk are Roosevelt and they don't seem to leave. They are of course not ' our' beasts. everyone's lol But it is exciting to see them hang around a while . Ben got one to bugle at him back. Probably not a good idea much. There are about 20 or 30 and 3 or 4 bulls. Ben has pictures of them and if you like he should be able to show some. Those guys are pretty wyly. they go up to the cameras and snort at them. lol Goli, marigolds always make me think of my Grandma, she had me put some in the garden in a ring, for some reason. I didn't like the smell of the flowers but I loved my Gran so always did it for her. When she got her pension once a month she and I had fresh oysters at the local tiny restaurant. Worth it all around! Do any of you know anything about Grafting apples?
  10. I wouldn't have guessed! Slugs leave trails. Sneaky mouse!
  11. I checked out Roosevelt elk on Google Wapiti. Impressive animals, I can see why you didn't try to argue, Goli Concerning the - we have been lucky these past two years; it was too dry for them. I find one now and then when it has been raining, but nothing compared to the amount from the years before. The year before I thought they had eaten a normally very lush campanula down to the last stem; and then I watched one of the culprits at work and it was a mouse
  12. not to be argued with a plant obtained from Heronswood is special i haven't had a chance with marigolds. the get them first
  13. Yup - fortunately, one of the things the deer DON'T like are marigolds. i got one free from Heronswood on some sort of "Plant Day" and it has thrived even though a deer passed right by it (and left droppings a few feet away). We have lots of Roosevelt elk on the Olympic Peninsula, in fact, one of the reasons Olympic National Park was established was to protect them. Another reason to respect them. i will never forget stopping to take pics of them along the Bogachiel from what i thought was a safe distance. The big guy in charge of the herd disagreed, stared right at me, and let out a stern "WHOOF!" Took the camera and went right back in the car. Another time, driving down the Hood Canal, the state patrol had stopped traffic because the herd there was crossing the highway, complete with quite a bit of bugling.
  14. when I was house sitting in July, a deer came up close to the house to look for good things to eat. My host is a hunter, and he said, "Deer are gourmets, they do not eat just anything."
  15. beautiful animals. long may they enjoy the apples maybe share with you too bears would eat the apples here. and break the tree there are Roosevelt elk on the northern part of the island, sadly few left on mainland BC due to human activity
  16. i'll bet they do. Impressive beasties, they are, especially when they do their bugling thingee.
  17. Goli, that is a smashing jacket. color and style! I love our weather here, rain and so early for here. The trees are just stunning. I'll have to get Matt to help me get the Twittter figure out when he has time, I'm taking baby steps. There is sooo many things I I don't know , sooo many damn icons. Phhh! I'll get it evidentially. We have a bunch of Elk hanging around our orchard. They love apples!
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  19. that's a very familiar feeling, too I 'm having fun with it, and it's nice to sit and reflect for a moment in the evening (or following morning, depends). Yes, re-reading might be interesting
  20. Well, yes, there is that . . .
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