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  2. oh I love that emo-movie mountain snow does that yeh, outages ... confusing what day it is and what i'm supposed to be doing next they don't give us anything but they don't charge for the outage time, like 0 kilowatt hours being used. well i guess that's good. mine and 454 other households are in the same grid area that gets attacked by hapless trees
  3. Gep, Goli, we should have all got shots. I think I will the next time. O, Bess, I think I saw you had another outage, good grief! Will you be given some kind of reparation for no power etc. I know we never had but we don't have it off so long. Right now we have lots of snow bunnies up on the top of Snow Peek. They seem to just have fun, drink for quite some time and sleep it off.
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  5. It's raining here, too - washing away the last of our Er, i still recommend as a potion. i'm not sorry i broke down and got the flu shot for the first time late last year. No side effects, and i spent the UnitedHealthcare gift certificate already.
  6. Get well soon Jude. Those hangers-on bugs are no fun Excellent that K and A were in Hawaii and home again ❤️ ! I hear the pitter-patter of rain-rain-rain. Tomorrow we should be able to walk around outside on bare ground. That dump of snow we had was treacherous
  7. It's all a snow wonderland! Until you are all really sick of it. lol The photos from Goli, Bess and all are gorgeous! Mackie, I hope you get your paper work and etc et-era . Kate and Alex are home from Hawaii, they had fun but missed Ellie, I think, Ellie is Kate's cat! lol. Us at home here are still recuperate from our vary and sundry fluz. need a potion.
  8. Last week
  9. Good that the groceries got there, then. that the power behaves.
  10. I know. And yes! including jalapeños Ok. Now I'm hungry
  11. Oh bess, and we had just voted for the power to stay on! good thing it’s back now, and that there’s food yes, they are like æbleskiver minus the apples
  12. maybe like ollebolle, those round doughnuts from Holland or Aebelskiver (a Danish friend makes those)...? (from the Bureau of Useless Information, ere I ) The power came back after lunch today. 26 hours out and weather was snowy awful, plus the internet coonection went for 12 of those hours But the grocery delivery van was early, in daylight. He did not want to get stuck in our snowy driveway, carried two bins with our order up the hill. we met him halfway and we have a varied diet again. I do like your long and windy sentence
  13. yep, they were it was tricky work - you fill the very liquid batter into the molds, and I guess the tins had about thirty little (what? bowls? ) thingies. so when you finished filling them all with batter, you had to hurry and turn the first ones upside down so they didn't burn and both sides get cooked … but it was fun. ... and yummy. And you were in front of that very hot stove all the time, of course.
  14. oh yes, that's true Before my family's home (which was not ours but the church's, of course) was renovated in the early 60s, we had a woodstove in the kitchen. I still remember it's fantastic warmth, even though my mom, who had to cook on it, often despaired of it because my dad's predecessor, who considered himself a jack-of-all-trades (erroneously, unfortunately) had tampered with the stoves innards and it never wanted to really work … (wow, that was a very German sentence as in very longwinded ) I used one in the old village pub to make a local specialty you bake in a tin like this, only bigger: and it was a lot of fun, but hot work
  15. Those ~ ~ ~ ~ are cool aren't they! No wood stove, but we can start the generator and run a small ceramic heater to keep the chill off. I like the kitchen set-up with the generator, a one-burner hotplate with cast iron cookware, there is radiant heat. When we used a campstove with propane fuel we would have to have a window open. Electric off the grid is better. Thank you - Power is holding, for now. We are wearing woolies !
  16. the way the snow makes these "flopping" ridges in the foreground - wow. Yep, better stay home. And no outages just now, please Do you have a woodstove, bess?
  17. Yup - that is serious snow - MUCH better to stay home. We got some more last night, but not too much. However, there's another storm coming in
  18. Yerss... and about March On Vancouver Island We are really snowed on today Stay home, they say. I can't even see my car
  19. oh Goli, gorgeous! That's what winter is supposed to look like The art is beautiful, too. Yes, I can imagine that this is the right setting to take a picture of the North Wind, and also so in tune with his colors … sometimes the forecasts are like they have come up with them by throwing a dice. We had the most glorious sunrise this morning, a clear bright sky and amazing light. And it still feels like spring … I guess we will have snow and frost in March, when we are already sick and tired of "winter" … Yes, snow is pretty when you don't have to drive in it. And when you're not in a city with two million people, where every snow turns into ugly grey slush in hours …
  20. He's the North Wind - I've had Him for years and years, but this was the first time i could get a decent pic of Him - it had to be His weather, since He hangs in front of the window facing north. Usually there is way too much light behind to get much more than glare. The tile used to hang on a side of a wood arbor in the back yard, but most of that has been reclaimed by nature, so i moved the tile to the deck, where it is much safer (and where i can see it from inside the house). I think it's a leopard or cheetah (?)
  21. oh! lovely all. blue sky makes a snowy day nicer Old Man Winter (or is he the North Wind, say...?) is gorgeous; the wee tile is absolutely fascinating.
  22. A better view of the second art object - it's an Italian tile, purchased years ago from a garden shop.
  23. And took a couple of pics of art objects in this weather, one inside and one outside.
  24. i went out to check if the mail had come - it hadn't. But i took the camera with me.
  25. Aaack of aaacks about power outages, even THINKING about driving in winter weather. about the crappy OS. The rhodie is We have had snow here - it was supposed to be light, starting Sunday night - we got about fivish inches, I think - enough to paralyze the neighborhood. But pretty, IF you didn't have to drive in it, which i won't. We weren't supposed to get more last night, but we did - an inch or so. So now i'm not really trusting the forecasts
  26. it's a brilliant invention win-win-win i will be putting a few to-go pots of soup into the freezer. for an easy meal soon again
  27. oh we likes curry!! We have several nice Indian places around to have curry; our current favorite is called Maharajah. They're two bus stops and one train stop away, which takes about 20 minutes. Or a 20 minute walk They do have what we call "Mittagstisch" - lunch hour with a limited number of dishes, but cheaper than the à la carte prices at night. We never eat lunch, or rather, we eat breakfast at lunch time. But I have an app called "too good to go" where restaurants and other places dealing with food announce how many portions / bags / whatever of food they will have left after business hours or at the end of breakfast buffet (hotels) or lunch hour, and Maharajah is on there, too. So occasionally I go with a few containers and get two helpings from the lunch buffet and we have fabulous curries and rice for dinner It's a cheap way to have something nice and there won't be so much food wasted. I think that's a fabulous invention.
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