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  1. Last week
  2. Daring indeed, to make the perilous crossing. i'm sure she was exceptionally proud of herself, too
  3. Jette had doggy adventures this afternoon, crossing a brook on a narrow plank (on her own, and not meant to ), barking up trees and sniffing around a fire (my brother was decluttering ).
  4. Good luck with the workshop, and Jette will definitely be happy playing watchdach
  5. Jette is busy running around, keeping an eye on everything and everybody
  6. That will be nice. Jette can help . posing ❤️
  7. Fingers crossed that she is well and can enjoy it I am at my brother's (with Jette). We are planning a photoshop workshop (as in I explain some stuff to my brother and my sil ) for the next days.
  8. Nice! I will try to remember to sing
  9. so true.. i do not want a repeat of january’s plague. down at mum’s again, it’s her birthday on Friday so we’re planning a long afternoon out. as long as she’s ok, has had a few wobbly times recently. seems reasonable at the moment.
  10. Earlier
  11. yes, with some people I guess the famous parent is more of a burden when the talent hasn't bridged the generation. I ordered the DVD now I really need to catch up on a few things
  12. it hadn't occurred to me, either - he was SO frickin good in BlackKlansman that the "Washington" didn't even register. Er, some of the second generation stars would never have made it without the parental connectionsl John David would have made it anywhere, any time,
  13. Excellent casting (I never realised John David is a son of Denzel's )
  14. SO not a good thing to get sick with iffy or no heat
  15. i think i would cast Samuel L. Jackson as the elder, and John David Washington as the kid.
  16. that is good. not a good thing to get ill when you have no heating. I always preferred cool rooms (Migi says, "chilly" ) and a sweater. I am turning the heat up now, too.
  17. Happily now that we have a generator and appliances to use with it the power has held. Whew!
  18. Turning up the heat in winter has become necessary for health now we sure found out why when the power was off a month ago. a bitter cold memory
  19. oh yes, it definitely works with a movie scene
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