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  2. The DUMP Trump Dump

    definitely one of the good sides of the interwebnetthingy.
  3. i *SEE* you

  4. The DUMP Trump Dump

    That's the wonderful thing about Gofundme and the like - all it takes is numbers of people who can contribute small amounts. It helps to even the odds, so to speak.
  5. i *SEE* you

    erm i wondered and looked goggle. google. thing.
  6. i *SEE* you

    I didn't know that!
  7. i *SEE* you

    goli hope the picture-weeding doesn't take long mad. diagraphephobia eek.
  8. i *SEE* you

    yes, the fear of deleting (the system saves your post when writing it takes a bit, so perhaps that is what shows up? Haven't had it happening to me yet.)
  9. The DUMP Trump Dump

    that is great. Good thing that she is being backed by people who put their money where their mouth is…
  10. i *SEE* you

    (why does my last post come up again when i go to reply?) what’s been fascinating is the number of (a) utterly crap pictures kept, and (b) pictures of the same thing except (for eg) the pony has blinked.... WHY KEEP THEM ALL?????? weird!
  11. The DUMP Trump Dump

    And now, they are OVER the $100,000 goal - seems quite a few people would have liked to give the salute he deserves
  12. i *SEE* you

    Goli!! mad, weeding out pictures is one boring job, isn't it …
  13. i *SEE* you

    Didn't know you HAD so many pics of our revered President and his Attorney General
  14. i *SEE* you

    mad (though not about the food reactions ) yersss.
  15. i *SEE* you

    cripes! i have to avoid coconut (makes me heave) and some types of mayo set off an unfortunate effect in my insides.. i can just about get a half hour before i am headed bathroom-wards! milk is usually ok, but once in a while not. everyone’s been very busy. today i have been trying to reduce the size of our image library at work.. an ongoing project before we are migrated to the cloud (sounds ominous)...in practical terms, i have been (literally) deleting pictures of horses arses......
  16. i *SEE* you

    yes, growing older we seem to be developing interesting reactions.
  17. i *SEE* you

    i have been very lucky - the only thing i know i have to avoid is oysters. After the second time i got really sick from eating them (because of course i didn't believe it the first time) - i think that was more a product of moi aging than of the oysters.
  18. i *SEE* you

    and even if the label encourages us as to the item being wholesome and healthy...i bought 'wholesome icing sugar' for future cookies ( ) and hadn't seen the claim 'gluten-free' - something i have to watch, not the gluten, but the gluten-free business, on account of whatever substitute...so instead of corn starch (i can have) they substituted tapioca starch (cannot have) i should have known but some friends will get a lot of iced cookies
  19. i *SEE* you

    I do have a problem with milk, too - i cannot drink it anymore as it turns into something foul and disgusting in my mouth, same with food with a lot of uncooked milk or cream in it (like some icecreams). But i have no problem if it is just one ingredient in a cooked meal, fortunately.
  20. i *SEE* you

    argh. Especially about the industry taking over small productions. Yes, we are being fed a huge load of chemicals, it's not so different here. You have to really search for less poisoned stuff, and of course it is more expensive (understandably so). It is no wonder so many people (and children!) develop allergies and sensitivities - as you say, we aren't being told what the stuff really contains.
  21. i *SEE* you

    yes, i suspect proportional to the decrease in quality of dairy products, over-produced as they are in the North America with the unnatural use of hormones, intensively advertised - we're screamed at to Drink Milk for our Health when the Milk Itself is no longer healthy and . we aren't being told what that milk really contains i can not even tolerate meat from animals that have been milk-fed when we could buy Oka cheese made properly at a monastery in Quebec i could eat it then the last time i bought it, i was ill... in tiny writing on the label,a huge industrial dairy had taken over the production. looking further, found out too few monks left to continue the takeover ruined it. bah. erm, is this Hissy Fit Hall
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