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  2. Your latest post in Soulfood, Mackie
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  4. Der Nachmittagsschlaf Streckt die wolligen Finger Bis in den Abend The afternoon nap reaches with woolly fingers into the evening
  5. Here is the best description of of all, and from a Republican: Trump Defined.pdf
  6. The old roses are still the best Er, like some of US
  7. my sil has an old rambling rose that has an incredible scent. Blooming only once a year, it’s absolutely stunning when it does.
  8. excellent, Goli. I come and help.
  9. The newer hybrids look so glorious, but no, they do NOT smell so wonderful. Sigh.
  10. oh dear fingers crossed they'll be okay always so frustrating when you sow something and it fails, isn't it?
  11. Mackie yes! it's all good
  12. to yay the beans are ok in the pots! we call them Scarlet Runners and I put some in pots, too. but a bug was in the soil, the new leafs look too lace-y . i'm that as the plants grow, erm, *if* the plants grow, they will outgrow whatever is eating them. wishful thinking
  13. In other news: I sowed fire beans (no idea what they're called in English, edible beans with bright red blossoms, using them for a quick bit of green vines) and thought they were not coming out - until I realized the slugs ate every bit of green the second it showed! Put the pots someplace high and now they are growing alright
  14. amazing! Yes, nature had a bit of a respite those past months. It's still thrilling to look up and see a blue sky without any airplane trails …
  15. MAD!! Sorry I have been so absent AGAIN! bad moi. But summer is here and I am spending a lot of time in the garden or walking with ... So good to see you, Mad Good you got to spend some time at Heronswood, Goli! My first "fully retired" week went by like two days very much holiday feelings, enjoying the weather and the fact that I do not have to do anything. An occasional moment of "did I forget to ..." and the joyful realization that no, I did not … And tomorrow (on a Monday!) Jette and I will be going to one of our favourite places, and because it's Monday it's probably going to be rather empty
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