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  1. Last week
  2. Hmph Can I foodfax some ginger tea
  3. for nassssty sssspring coldssssessss, which moi hassss sssssomehow acquire one of.
  4. Yes, it is - and Hillary Clinton was one of the people who called their GoFundMe thingee to our attention.
  5. indeed. I read (and was glad about it) that the flood of donations for Notre Dame triggered donations for the rebuilding of the three baptist churches that had been burned in the South.
  6. for blooms and for local spies
  7. Yes, and they have already been promised an amazing amount of money. Er, even when the OA is trying to be helpful
  8. to our secret agent for the blooms
  9. you have a local spy, that's almost as good as living here. Migi has a rhododendron (in a big pot), I think the red is about the colour of yours. But it is later, so far it's only buds and we hope there are blooms among them.
  10. Some have already finished A lot of the trees hovering near the lines are on Crown land which nobody seems to want to disturb least of all itself I think Germany manages very well which I can say not having lived there
  11. and some idiots on Twitter posted a video of people trying to clear the roads for the rescue and firemen teams and asked, "Are they crying Allahu akbar??" (I think it was "Allez, allez!") The world is getting dumber by the day. Trump suggested the French use "flying water tanks". The French released a note saying that using firefighting aircraft would have destroyed the building (they were discreet and didn't mention the Orange Abomination )
  12. yes, the huge distances probably are the problem. We have barely any lines above ground (only the huge overland ones), but then we are a rather tiny country in comparison. The rhododendrons are beautiful, bess the vibrant red goes well with the blue sky, too
  13. And they are gorgeous. Trees and power lines, not so much They do a pretty good job of clearing out the alders over here, it's usually the older, bigger trees that drop branches and so forth. The last leg of my power line IS underground, but that doesn't help when the lines are down further up the road.
  14. Yes, it was. Sad and somehow surreal,
  15. Underground had been tried, even where I live, seems not to work Too much distance between everything probably. And the trees that were tiny outside the powerline corridor 40 years on are tall. Alder especially at the end of their growth. When it's just where I live, not out for long but if town is affected the crews fix that first. In other excitement my rhododendrons are a-bloom
  16. Watching Notre Dame burning last night was so sad.
  17. yay for the generator! it always seems to me that in a country with so many trees, having exposed power lines isn't the best of ideas …
  18. I use my iPod like a phone only with email and I have an old smartphone I use for its very good camera and email on account of there is no cellular coverage out in Shirley BC If out and about in the real world I use the iPod or smartphone at hot spots through the internet provider. which I'm paying for anyway. The power has been out since 2pm, should be back soon. A crew is onsite. I could look that up, cable backup is still working Tree fell over a powerline. Same old, same old But this time I have a generator which we used to power a coffeemaker to heat a pot of water
  19. I think I have three iPods two are tiny and only good for music, one is bigger and sits on a speaker, that is my stereo. And my iPhone is also my iPod when it comes to audiobooks.
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