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  2. No, and it's going to get worse, i fear. Sweden is probably one of the better places to be now.
  3. yep. Well, Trump IS the swamp if there ever was one. The way he is still firing people who were "against him" during the impeachment is speaking for itself, too. Fantastic that this small airline is getting stuff done People really want to be at home during a time like this. A good friend's granddaughter was in Botswana and came home last week, and the whole family was so relieved. I had been worrying about Narc, but she is in Sweden, fortunately. I suspect Africa is not really a good place to be now.
  4. So is this: https://www.inquirer.com/news/eastern-airlines-coronavirus-20200405.html This is We the People of the United States of America taking over after the truly epic fail of our FakeRealityShowAppresidunce. A tiny little regional airline stepping in and flying rescue missions for US citizens. My niece works for the State Department and is still in Casablanca at the moment. It's people in the foreign service who have also stepped up and referred the stranded outside of channels. So much for "draining the swamp" and the "deep state" being a threat to the nation.
  5. to all things positive, the Up-side the drawings are lovely
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  7. Oh, and evidently another one of our state governors - Ohio this tine - came through and did the job the head of state should be doing, and got this approved for use: https://www.limaohio.com/top-stories/405287/ohio-companys-rapid-response-sanitizes-80000-masks-a-day We've just gotten one of their decontamination systems delivered to our state yesterday.
  8. oh how lovely! Thank you for the heads-up, that is delightful.
  9. yep, Canada is to be congratulated. And I can live with that kind of spooky
  10. Oh, and this is how a head of state is SUPPOSED to behave in a time of crisis: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/canada-to-receive-millions-of-masks-won-t-retaliate-for-u-s-ban-on-3m-exports-pm-1.4882563 Congratulations to Canada on having one, instead of the FakeRealityShow Conman Clown we have here.
  11. Exactly what i was thinking this morning. Before i came here. A little spooky.
  12. Shakespeare was the archetypal theatrical writer, in moi opinion - his works were meant to be read aloud. The deep cerebral material is there, but it is the sheer sound of the language that is the true stuff of genius.
  13. I search "patrick stewart twitter " each day. He is reading a sonnet a day until May first week or so. A minute and a half of Shakespearean reading. Worth a listen if interested. I have never appreciated these sonnets til hearing this accomplished actor read them... Takes one's mind off the news
  14. oh, I need to vent, too. Bottling it all up just leads to
  15. He really should be infected. It just would be the sort of karma we could do with just now
  16. Last week
  17. i take it you were referring to a shipment bound for Germany - it appears that there was a shipment bound for Brazil that was intercepted as well. Plus is ordering 3M not to sell to Canada. And they are going to start testing anyone coming into contact with and or Pence. Looks like they have turned , as well.
  18. Yup. i'm trying to put the really bad stuff here, and the good stuff in the other thread, but i can't help venting. Sigh.
  19. That is very clever. Here all playgrounds are closed down; must be very hard on the little kids.
  20. Wow. That is scary. Fits with some news I read here: In Bangkok, the US intercepted and hijacked a delivery of 200,000 protective masks that had been bought and paid for - they had been produced in China by 3M. Looks like they're desperate.
  21. I just read this: https://oversight.house.gov/news/press-releases/new-fema-documents-show-critical-shortages-of-medical-supplies
  22. And back in California, where i was born, somebody whose mother probably wanted to spank his little butt when he took apart the family vacuum cleaner and couldn't put it back together again is probably quite proud of him now: https://www.pressdemocrat.com/news/10873701-181/can-you-fix-ventilators-a?sba=AAS
  23. So, our little HOA (Home Owners Association) has a little clubhouse and a little children's playground. Someone in the neighborhood put up a sign informing everyone that they are sanitizing the playground, with bleach and then rinsing, etc. And, once people have used the playground equipment in keeping with the social distancing guidelines, all they have to do is text the number on the sign, and the person(s) will come out again and re-sanitize the equipment.
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