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  2. if it is thriller genre though i will probably pass
  3. I bought the whole trilogy for kindle I really like his writing, very athmospheric.
  4. If you like it, there are two more books in the trilogy, plus a gorgeous book he did with a photographer that documents the real settings in the fictional books.
  5. Odd sometimes is a good thing After finishing a suspenseful but utterly forgettable mystery, I started The Blackhouse by Peter May and like it. Still early pages, though.
  6. Last week
  7. between sci-fi novellas, i read Convenience Store Woman (translated from Japanese. It is odd I liked it
  8. i finished "The Singer's Gun" the other day - and have had to order another one of Ms. Mandel's books - "The Lola Quartet" - from the only library in this county that has a copy. I really, REALLY like her stuff.
  9. Exactly - and that the hospitals seem to all be the same in terms of sending people home with no way to get there
  10. oh no, such a change of plans for sil and family sweet cake, putting shredded/grated zucchini in helps keep the cake moist without adding flavour - and uses up some zucchini (like grated raw carrot for carrot cake) often used with chocolate so that there is some flavour the pineapple and walnut cover that, on account of i didn't have choc. on hand
  11. how does zucchini cake go? is it sweet or savoury? inquiring minds … we are having amazing roses this year - every puny little plant has wonderful blooms No big loss for you if you're not on Twatter, Jude. It's a stupid format, that's why the Twatter in Chief loves it so much. It is great that Kate and Alex move closer. We are spending time at my brother's house again, this time Migi is here, too, at least for a few days. Actually my brother and sil left yesterday - he drove her to Hamburg where she was supposed to have hip surgery yesterday. In the afternoon she called saying she was coming home in a taxi Turns out she has been having double vision in the morning for the past week, and she she told that to the anestesiologist they said she had to have a neurological examination first and sent her home … She had planned for the days in the hospital and afterwards two weeks of rehab, and suddenly she was sent home, with no means to get there as my brother had gone on to the coast, where they were supposed to meet with all their kids and grandkids in a hotel on an island. Hence the taxi … Now she has an appontment in a clinic, but that is wednesday next week. We'll see how things develop.
  12. i tried Twitter very briefly - they thought i might be a so i deleted the account if i were there Best use for zucchini i can think of
  13. You did mention but we ( speaking for myself entirely) like hearing good news again Orph course Hey Jude is your song And it *has* been a bumper year for plants Even at myfog bound bit of coast! So a neighbour drops by, hands us four big zucchini, saying if we weren't home he would have given us more Charity baking for Sunday, Shirley Community Day. It will have to be a zucchini cake
  14. The Beatles are my jam, for ever! Favorite song....Hey Jude! lol We are up to our feet in veggies, I love it, our garden did better than we expected. ete. I had a try at Twitter a day a go. It told me I had the wrong name and then some other nonsense. Screw them! I can barely get through Facebook stuff. Oh, good news, Kate and Alex are moving closer to Salem, in next month. Did I already mention that? Any way, not much new here.
  15. And the areas look so different at different times of the season.
  16. Moving on -one of the outstanding features of this plant-lovers' garden is that they let the plants bud, mature, and go to seed in all but a few of the more formal areas. Sometimes you get to see stuff in several stages at once (i have no idea what these guys are):
  17. Here is what you see when you first get into the parking area - the plantings near the totem pole have filled out, and the potted plant thingee along the road is taller than moi. This is way before you pay to get in - you can actually see some nice stuff now without going into the garden proper;
  18. You’re very welcome I never would have picked it with the original title I guess.
  19. Oh the disappointment ... oh, I think Nureyev beats Jagger, hands down. 😳
  20. and awww erm, the banana peels... the heat dehydrated them and as I was plucking damaged buds and flowers to make way for healthy ones, I picked a slug as well so peels don't work
  21. Yes! i am reading Martha Wells’s novella series The Murderbot Diaries (sci-fi).
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