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  1. Yesterday
  2. they emitted weird don't-touchj vibes when i got close to take the picture
  3. Oooh, oooh! They look surreal
  4. Last week
  5. I put a picture at Nature Nerds
  6. my blue mushrooms not seen again since i took the picture in 2013
  7. Sometimes the unplanned ones ARE the best
  8. yes, they are like little treasures, popping up like they do. I've never seen blue ones
  9. yes! and my mom had a sense about edible mushrooms, would bring some home from a walk and . i do not have that talent. or taste for them (a pity because i love hunting for them in the fall to take pictures one season, along a walking path in the swirling mist there were some eerie blue ones i wonder if i can find that file (or maybe i'll find them on the webnet to pinch )
  10. Also, you cannot mistake them for other, less edible ones, which is a big plus, in my eyes
  11. oh, the pics are stolen on Wiki My dad taught me to eat them. That was way before the times of the interwebnet, and we (my mom and all the children) were very suspicious of the ink caps (what a perfect name! German name is Schopftintling - tufted inkling). We didn't want him to eat them. Nobody had much of an idea about mushrooms because aside from champignons on the horse pastures, there weren't many edibles around in the marshes ... So eventually Dad, frustrated with his arguing family in front of a pile of fresh-cut mushrooms, just stuffed one into his mouth and swallowed. When he was still alive after half an hour, we let him eat the rest and tried them, too. They really are delicious.
  12. i didn't know they were edible either, and, yes, the pictures are choice as well
  13. Inky Caps I think. They do not look edible after those first hours I did not know they are edible and choice PS Your photo-show is perfect!
  14. Oh yes, I've already seen amazing mushrooms. I really like touching them - a big, healthy mushroom has such an amazing texture. Sadly most of them are immediately destroyed (by children or idiots ) Last year I picked and ate some mushrooms; I do not know the english name. when they are really fresh and do not start the dissolving, they are wonderful. You cannot buy them because they're too easily damaged and soon start their rather icky dissolving process, but picked and eaten fresh within a couple of hours …
  15. Thank you! Yes and totally unplanned
  16. Good weather for mushrooms walking!
  17. so pretty and how convenient you wore neon green mittens … nice contrast!
  18. phew. We have weird warm, wet weather. Rather fall-y, but too warm for the season. Nice for walking, though, as it's only raining in showers, so I am not really complaining.
  19. Only in the mountains and the eastern part of the state, nowhere near here
  20. We have Autumn in hand Red leafs are rare in my woods. This blew in from the neighbour's garden. Thus the
  21. bess, I had that the other day, too. Goli, snow?? Today I am sleepy from doing nothing, basically.
  22. um, ya... (this was stuck in Save since 20 hours )
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