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  1. Last week
  2. Yes, they were - and the reply was excellent when it came, too.
  3. wow!! it is so healing to see how people stick closer together when times get tough. And I really loved the 21 seconds Justin Trudeau took before answering the question about Donald Trump's way of dealing with the crisis. That were very loaded 21 seconds …
  4. And a middle school asked for food donations since more than 100 of their pupils live in the area where all of the stores were burned, and were hoping for "100 bags of groceries" - and laundry soap, etc. This is what they got:
  5. And the official memorial fund on GoFundMe is now over $10,000,000 and donations are still coming in every minute.
  6. Wow. That is amazing and very heartening.
  7. And this - when i was looking for another worthy cause to donate a few $$s to - turns out so many people responded to the Minnesota Freedom Fund's request for help, that they can't take any more donations: https://minnesotafreedomfund.org/donate
  8. yes - and it was the cleverest thing to do, too. But you only know that when you haven't lost touch with the people.
  9. And HERE's how a real leader behaves in a crisis - the Sherriff of Gennessee County - Flint, Michgan:
  10. it's good to know that the family is getting help - and for that memorial fund. I suspect you're right about His tweets when he was sitting in the White House, scared -less of the protesters, fantasizing about being protected by "vicious dogs and ominous weapons" - what a coward, and what a nutcase. I guess he meant for all this to distract from the Corona death toll - soon he will be bringing that up in a desperate attempt to try and distract from the riots.
  11. Oh, yes he did. On that one, he's only playing dumb. Part of his modus operandi has been saying relatively NON inflammatory stuff and then deliberately sending out one of his "dog-whistles" to his base of nasty KKK white supremacists - to let them "know" that whatever he said that was relatively non inflammatory was for the benefit of the "fake news" etc. This time Twitter called him on it right away - normally it would take the "fake news" a fair amount of time to call him on it, whereupon he would plead ignorance. AFTER his message had egged on the idiots and criminals - too many of whom infest law enforcement. Sigh. I've been sending out small amounts of money via GoFundMe - to the two accounts set up by George Floyd's brother and sisters. And today, to a couple of the accounts for local businesses destroyed in Minneapolis. Not a lot, but the little contributions add up. The brother's official memorial fund is now over $5 MILLION. And the youngest sister, who asked for $5,000 so the family would be more comfortable, has gotten over $150,000.
  12. I'm quite sure I won't, either
  13. You mean you can't understand what he is doing? I think nobody can. I bet he has no clue what he is doing. He didn't even know that the stupid rhyme with looting and shooting was a quote from not so good source. This person has no knowledge of history, let alone a consciousness of what we should learn from history. He is historically unfit for his office.
  14. countdown! i can tell you I wouldn't want to go back to the other
  15. Whoa, so many bad news from the US … And fanning the flames. Not looking at the news more than once a day is a good tactic these days, I think.
  16. That must not be a bad thing. I keep wondering how having no outward structure will feel, once the job days are over. (7 workdays to go! )
  17. Most of what i am doing is so repetitious that it's hard to keep tabs on it
  18. Exactly so. I keep tabs on what I’m doing because otherwise I look back on the week without a clue how I spent it.
  19. Earlier
  20. Somehow, even when i am not doing anything even remotely worthwhile, time keeps slipping away
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