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  2. Meanwhile in the UK … Boris fucking Johnson for Prime Minister? Honestly?
  3. After more than two ears it still baffles me how little self-awareness Trump has. None, actually. Part of it, I think, is that he is simply dumb, but even not so clever people usually understand not to constantly lie, for instance, and so transparently, too. He is a really disturbed individual. In addition to being a disgusting human being.
  4. Also, any pig is smarter than that particular human. And knows it.
  5. Yesterday
  6. yep. Midden. But the nasty kind. The kind every self-respecting pig would turn its back on in disgust.
  7. Last week
  8. yes, I think that is the attraction of Facebook for most people.
  9. It happens and is fixed. I don't do much on f/b but handy sometimes ( like finding Jude!). I have a group from high school arranging a reunion which I can't attend in person, has been lovely to meet many again online.
  10. Some people got weird messages from „me“ and friendship requests ... Seems the account in question was deleted now.
  11. i’m there and had not noticed anything
  12. Why i am not on Facebook. Sigh.
  13. Good Kitchen Latin, and yes, McConnell is Such a poor grade of it that it can't even fertilize anything.
  14. Yes, Facebook says they have deleted it now.
  15. Mum loved those, I read them too and enjoyed them, but yes, the kid is a proper wee knowitall!
  16. Which means all of us are vulnerable to the same thing.
  17. Definitely not Moo!!! Am unfriending (sorry!) and blocking, looks like a scam and hacking.
  18. Moo, is that actually you on FB? Only it doesn’t sound like you in the messages....
  19. Because I've been reading them as I find them I have seen about 5 or 6 all in hibbldy pigilddy order, One which is when their son is 20 somthing and one where he is 10 and one where he is 5. I'd like to see the early ones, the son Ramses can be quite annoying, as is a real child. lol I guess I'll have to find some of her books not from Amazon...my main go to for books. lol And, yes, I love the gif and pix, some times my hands fail me.
  20. mackie and not even real latin
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