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  1. Mackie


    absoflippinglutely. :p
  2. Mackie


  3. Mackie


    mine, too, mad
  4. Mackie


    yes, i loved to look t it, too I very much admire his ability to lay out a spread and do it all by hand.
  5. Mackie


    Look at these wonderful notebooks! I am deeply jealous … (His website)
  6. Mackie

    snap! seasons

    yes, this brilliant new green just floating in the dark forest, so beautiful. And so many tiny folded green things popping up from the ground. I always wonder what it would sound like if we could hear well enough to catch lit. Tiny *plop*s, perhaps.
  7. Mackie

    snap! flora&fauna.

    oooh, a beauty.
  8. Mackie

    snap! seasons

    Spring in the forest.
  9. Mackie

    snap! seasons

    a birdhouse house bird! cute! No, Miss Kitty clearly isn't fond of the wet white stuff. I do not blame her.
  10. Mackie

    snap! streets&paths

    ohhhh, so pretty. I deleted the three posts above so the page doesn't look so depressing
  11. Mackie

    The Daily Bugle

    it really is, and fortunately there seem to be a lot of young people picking up the slack now. I hope they are enough. :
  12. Mackie

    i *SEE* you

    Oh, and Her Doggiship is all well and happy again
  13. Mackie

    i *SEE* you

    Sounds like both work and fun I always love your emo-movies I like it that with the new board version, you can just put spaces between the emos with the normal space bar.