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  1. Yes, in moments of deep frustration I think something like that, too.
  2. Oh yes, Goli, Mask of the Red Death. Very scary. In Berlin today, there were two big „ anti Corona“ demonstrations. As if the virus gave a flying fuck ... like their US equivalents, some people feel their freedom is being curtailed. Sigh.
  3. It feels almost exotic now, doesn’t it
  4. Still better than none at all
  5. yes, probably. Hopefully, actually, because it would mean there is a normal "normal" after Corona. You know what I have been thinking a lot lately? That we are really lucky. Imagine this had been a really deadly virus, with death rates of 50% or something like that. There are so many people online pretending it's all overblown and hysteria. Imagine the panic if 10 times the people would die. basically we're given the chance to learn how to deal with a pandemic, and we do not really getting good points so far. I was grocery shopping in a big supermarket 2 hours ago. It was about 9:30 pm, they close at 10. It's right on one end of Reeperbahn, the famous red light and party district main street. Last weekend there had been a lot of partying going on, with people not socially distancing and not wearing masks, pretending there was never anything like Corona or like it's all behind us already. Tonight, the supermarket had cordoned off the liquor aisles with a sign saying, no alcohol sale after 8 pm, and there was a lot of police around. There is a cul de sac right around the corner that was shock full of police cars / busses, and while I was walking to the store and back, there were several police cars going by with sirens and flashing blue light. Looks like this is not going to be a party weekend ...
  6. Ours is big We've seen it a couple of years ago. I cannot find a single good image online only this stamp sized one.
  7. I wonder how it will feel, looking back at this. also, how much "normal" will we be getting back? My own life hasn't changed that much, I am a natural recluse but of course I do realise how hard it is on so many people, and that doesn't even include the economic problems.
  8. oh, that reminds me - we have a dahlia garden in Hamburg, too! I think we need to go there soonest. It's somewhere I can take the furry miss, too
  9. About this year, just about everything is weird
  10. somehow this whole year is so topsy-turvy, I have a hard time of grasping which season we are in, even. It's a bit windy and grayish today, with some sun in between, and I thought, well, small wonder, it's fall. no it's not! It's July!
  11. Oooohhh, so gorgeous! wonderful flowers. You're lucky to have this to go to, such an amazing place. Those deep, deep dark dahlias When I see dahlias I always have to think of my mum, she loved them and had wonderful ones in all her gardens. And they made such glorious bouquets, too!
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