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  1. i *SEE* you

    it was relly weird - it was warm and sunny in that slightly hazy autumnal way, and then it made … "whooooosh" and was it kept looking pretty for a while, too, as the rain fell sunlit over the still slightly violet erica and then it was just wet. the capes are just in case of a shower, not for seriously bad weather.
  2. that is so pretty!
  3. i *SEE* you

    we went for a walk to one of the smaller heaths south of the city and got soooooo wet … Jette was not amused. It had been dripping a bit when we got there (it is a 45 min train and bus ride) but cleared up … but when we stood enjoying the view of the hazy sunshine on the heather, there suddenly was a whooshing sound from behind and we stood under a rainbow in a downpour (the rain clouds had come up behind us and against the wind, very strange) We out our rain capes on and tried to wait it out under one of the bigger trees, but eventually had to go and find the fastest way back to the bus … the capes were not really waterproof after a while, either. we had a very grumpy little dog on the way home. Now she could dry her ears and eat her food and is asleep. We might be forgiven.
  4. i *SEE* you

    that's still quit a trip.
  5. i *SEE* you

    election results are no joy.
  6. i *SEE* you

    safe travels, mad!
  7. look!

    stumbled across this on Facebook, but the post disappeared once I tried to go back to it: It is a 12 year old artist's work his website is here
  8. Reading Frenzy

    yes, i think you are right.
  9. i *SEE* you

    how weird, though, isn't it …
  10. i *SEE* you

    your notifications don't work anymore?