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  1. Mackie

    snap! seasons

    the Fishmarket Panorama just an hour ago. We had the most photogenic weather imaginable today, there also were a lot of rainbows, but not just at that moment.
  2. Mackie


    are they the green ones with the "beaker"?
  3. Mackie


    it really is a beautiful place, Goli
  4. Mackie


    he clearly wanted his portrait taken
  5. Mackie

    i *SEE* you

    how cute! I have a bumblebee hive in my pile of dry tree (well, bush ) cuttings (aka the compost. It's not really a compost, but everything I cut goes on there, also the remains of bouquets and kitchen vegetables).
  6. Mackie


    oh wow!! amazing stuff. The frog is wonderful!
  7. Mackie

    i *SEE* you

    oh, scented, too? My garden smells wonderful at the moment, too - the privet is in bloom. On Sunday it was warm with very little wind, and the hum from the bees and other insects was amazing.
  8. Mackie

    i *SEE* you

    oh how beautiful! Here the roses have been blooming like a riot, too. Even the puniest rose bushes were resp. are a cloud of blooms.
  9. Mackie

    At the movies

    oh yes, I want to see that one, too Haven't seen Black Panther yet
  10. Mackie

    i *SEE* you

  11. Mackie

    i *SEE* you

    oh, annoying. But all things considered, a sensible smartphone might be a good idea. (wrote this in the morning and forgot to hit send. )