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  1. please watch all the way to the end.
  2. I find it really scary how much money can move in elections. Really scary. I'm not sure a businessman is automatically the right choice for a President. (Current President being a case in point ... but even one who isn't such a nutcase might not have the kind of perspective necessary to lead a country as opposed to a company.)
  3. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    In this case the model was the perpetrator she designed it and made it. There just is SO much wrong with the idea to make a flouncy circular object into a jacket. you want to traumatize the poor bears …??
  4. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    sorry, I had to go back an look some more. Even in solid colour, this short version is not really convincing, either.
  5. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    awww it's almost scary, isn't it? And I really never can imagine that these things are even comfortable. As bess said - they must be slipping all the time, aside from making everybody look like they stole their granny's tablecloth. I keep threatening the family with gifting everybody with something like that
  6. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    yes! perfect clock hands that is so cute excellent use for LPs, too, with the ready-made hole in the middle awwww, my 1000 little men finding out how to make them small enough and still "readable" and not too complicated was fun. That kind of linen has become really expensive; last year I was thinking about a family project (one I give to my family after photographing it, I mean ) and wanted to buy some linen, and it was so expensive I didn't do it. Last week I had a stroke of luck on ebay and bought a big piece of this that probably came from a family emptying grandma's house after her death. I will see to it that I use it up so it doesn't end up in another sale ... I am making another of these silly sayings in cross stitch for my family for Christmas - I hope I am done in time if so, you'll get to see it.
  7. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    I definitely can do that! Next newsletter will deliver a nice crop, I'm sure … There is something called "Kreiseljacke", meaning a jacket-like thing made from a crocheted circle. They look exactly like that - like table-cloths with two holes. They ae really unflattering, and people tend tu use a lot of different patterns on them, AND gradient yarn. Okay, now I need to find one this is actually one of the better ones.
  8. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    I would first go crosseyed and then go mad But it's always good to find a nice use for smaller bits of yarn, isn't it. (I often-ish buy patterns from a place called crazypatterns. Iam getting a newsletter from them and often think I should cancel it because they have so many really horrible things but then I realise I kinda like looking at them and shudder You can post whatever and wherever you want, they are your tiny men
  9. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    I wouldn't precisely call that an attempt, miss. I would go crosseyed over a pattern like that. And the LP is from Deutsche Grammophon, no less die Wassermusik by Händel! The saying (by my dad) was, Jetzt aber ran mit 1000 Mann He always said that when he was tackling something left way too long already. (I was particularly proud of the tiny men I invented for this )
  10. I did. He is going to wear out his phone on Twitter over this one.
  11. well, if I don't remember the joke i can laugh fresh
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