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  1. oh yes, see some for me, too … too much light pollution here to see anything. One of the beautiful things about having (summer) holidays in the country is seeing a sky full of stars …
  2. absolutely. It's rather healthy for kids to do that, I think.
  3. good thing bess came to the rescue!
  4. We had a rainy day, all day. I'm at my sister's, so it's fine - nice, cosy and warm indoors In other news, Miss Doggy at home refuses to eat dinner, trying to force me to be at home NOW. Stubborn little thing.
  5. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    we‘ll see how it all ends. bess, i had a yarn in summer , the one that came in the nice transparent bag - the pattern is lovely but I really hate the yarn. Cotton with linen - the linen part makes the yarn so rough that every stitch is a battle. I gave up after ten days. stupid stuff was expensive, too
  6. It certainly cannot be easy on any of them.
  7. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    (you have to admit that the yarn is looking great, though. )
  8. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    second attempt: crochet, to keep the colours more concentrated. The very beginning looked nice, but when you look at the bigger it really is a LOT of colour (again!! ). Too much, actually, but it is as it is and I am going to finish it now and then see if I can find someone to adopt it …
  9. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    First attempt: knitted (to have something to do while watching movies … I cannot crochet blindly)
  10. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    I am making an afghan now, too. I had planned to knit it, but turns out the yarn looks boring when knitted, so I tried a crochet patter. Looks better, only the colours are hardcore colourful a very Mexican look, I think. A typical case of a gradient yearn looking better in a ball than in the finished project … I've had that rather frequently, lately.
  11. oh dear, I hope the driver eventually found you, bess. If he really is lost, at least he has some food with him Jude I like mist, too. We got a lot of it, sitting right next to the river. Sometimes I realize that the rest of the city is sitting in bright sunshine while we're still stuck in the white stuff ... Mist and fog make for interesting photos
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