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  1. The DUMP Trump Dump

    definitely one of the good sides of the interwebnetthingy.
  2. i *SEE* you

    I didn't know that!
  3. i *SEE* you

    yes, the fear of deleting (the system saves your post when writing it takes a bit, so perhaps that is what shows up? Haven't had it happening to me yet.)
  4. The DUMP Trump Dump

    that is great. Good thing that she is being backed by people who put their money where their mouth is…
  5. i *SEE* you

    Goli!! mad, weeding out pictures is one boring job, isn't it …
  6. i *SEE* you

    yes, growing older we seem to be developing interesting reactions.
  7. i *SEE* you

    I do have a problem with milk, too - i cannot drink it anymore as it turns into something foul and disgusting in my mouth, same with food with a lot of uncooked milk or cream in it (like some icecreams). But i have no problem if it is just one ingredient in a cooked meal, fortunately.
  8. i *SEE* you

    argh. Especially about the industry taking over small productions. Yes, we are being fed a huge load of chemicals, it's not so different here. You have to really search for less poisoned stuff, and of course it is more expensive (understandably so). It is no wonder so many people (and children!) develop allergies and sensitivities - as you say, we aren't being told what the stuff really contains.
  9. The CookBook

    yummy thank you!!
  10. i *SEE* you

    … but at having to make do without dairy … that is not nice. Is it a continuously worsening condition?
  11. i *SEE* you

    I think the main problem with the cookie cutters is that all my favourite cookie recipes are for other cookies than those you roll out. I have one recipe (and that makes me realise i used another one of my cutters, a small sickle moon one) - I invented it, it is for lemon moon cookies (because of the shape ). A lovely, lemony but brittle cookie, so I only use it with this small cutter. For the others I would need a more solid dough … Do you have a nice recipe, bess?
  12. i *SEE* you

    at least you are home dry now love the cookie cutters! I have a bag full and never use them … I have actually really cool ones, a skull-and-bone one, and several with cut-outs so you can stick the cookie on the rim of a mug … if only i would use them. oh, and feet-ones! those I actually have used. To make cheese cracker thingies Goli, so at the end of the day, improvement all the way! good thing they changed the valves and all.
  13. i *SEE* you

    oh, and I hope the village rain isn't as wet …