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  1. I bought the whole trilogy for kindle I really like his writing, very athmospheric.
  2. Odd sometimes is a good thing After finishing a suspenseful but utterly forgettable mystery, I started The Blackhouse by Peter May and like it. Still early pages, though.
  3. how does zucchini cake go? is it sweet or savoury? inquiring minds … we are having amazing roses this year - every puny little plant has wonderful blooms No big loss for you if you're not on Twatter, Jude. It's a stupid format, that's why the Twatter in Chief loves it so much. It is great that Kate and Alex move closer. We are spending time at my brother's house again, this time Migi is here, too, at least for a few days. Actually my brother and sil left yesterday - he drove her to Hamburg where she was supposed to have hip surgery yesterday. In the afternoon she called saying she was coming home in a taxi Turns out she has been having double vision in the morning for the past week, and she she told that to the anestesiologist they said she had to have a neurological examination first and sent her home … She had planned for the days in the hospital and afterwards two weeks of rehab, and suddenly she was sent home, with no means to get there as my brother had gone on to the coast, where they were supposed to meet with all their kids and grandkids in a hotel on an island. Hence the taxi … Now she has an appontment in a clinic, but that is wednesday next week. We'll see how things develop.
  4. You’re very welcome I never would have picked it with the original title I guess.
  5. Oh the disappointment ... oh, I think Nureyev beats Jagger, hands down. 😳
  6. that is interesting, about the slugs and the banana peel. Keep me updated Much fewer slugs in the garden due to the scorching hot and very dry summer last year, but I still have some. I go out at dusk and collect them from the new deck where they are rather nicely visible due to it being still so light in colour … but it's only one or two every few days. Some of the Beatles stuff is my childhood in a nutshell. One of my brothers was (and still is) a fan and I heard that music through the wall between our rooms all the time, so I have not really an unbiased approach.
  7. funny with old songs how your reaction sometimes is completely upside down, isn't it? Goes both ways for me.
  8. that is wonderful. A real commitment to the community, I think. A winter solstice walk sounds cool
  9. that looks like a really beautiful wedding setting. Lucky groom, to have such a talented bride, too. And the flowers are wonderful, again. The white hydrangeae … I have one, too, and one bloom but at least that. I was surprised because it had been such a small plant, and the conditions in my garden are far from ideal. Yes, a garden like this is balm for the soul, isn't it, and that is very necessary in these days. So much darkness.
  10. Ziggaggly. You can’t make that up ...
  11. Nope As I told, I have stepped away from Twitter almost completely. I do check occasionally, though, and yesterday I responded to a guy who stated that pants were not invented for women and should not be worn by “modest” women because they sensualised them. I said, “Why would women want to be modest? You can’t hold yourself back when you see a woman in pants, go and castrate yourself or go about blindfolded - that’s your problem, not ours.” Now I have been banned for 12 hours for telling someone to hurt himself.
  12. Additional joy: when the bird wrangler tries to tidy Trump’s hair, the whole construction slides across the pate.
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