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  1. yep. Well, Trump IS the swamp if there ever was one. The way he is still firing people who were "against him" during the impeachment is speaking for itself, too. Fantastic that this small airline is getting stuff done People really want to be at home during a time like this. A good friend's granddaughter was in Botswana and came home last week, and the whole family was so relieved. I had been worrying about Narc, but she is in Sweden, fortunately. I suspect Africa is not really a good place to be now.
  2. oh how lovely! Thank you for the heads-up, that is delightful.
  3. yep, Canada is to be congratulated. And I can live with that kind of spooky
  4. oh, I need to vent, too. Bottling it all up just leads to
  5. He really should be infected. It just would be the sort of karma we could do with just now
  6. That is very clever. Here all playgrounds are closed down; must be very hard on the little kids.
  7. Wow. That is scary. Fits with some news I read here: In Bangkok, the US intercepted and hijacked a delivery of 200,000 protective masks that had been bought and paid for - they had been produced in China by 3M. Looks like they're desperate.
  8. just when you think mankind is a cesspool people go and act like this.
  9. Wow! that is amazing. It seems like being tumbled into these strange times, a lot of people rediscover how to be good neighbors and how to take care of their community. Your coffee delivery story is . We have a really nice DHL man. He is from Croatia and he is really trying to have everything delivered, looking for neighbors to take in the package when the intended recipient isn't at home ... stuff like that. As I am the one person who is home most of the time (or at least I was, before everybody was stuck in home office all of a sudden), I see a lot of him, and he recognizes me in the street, waving, or greeting me by name, stopping to tell me he has a package for me and will be at my place in half an hour, stuff like that. These days he is seriously overworked - he is literally running all the time, and our stairs run up five flights … I think I will get a chocolate bar or so and put a small bill in it, just to show that we appreciate what he's doing. Some people started a network thing here where people who want to help in the neighborhood and others who are in need of assistance can register. And on Instagram there is a story project where people share positive stories, and a young lady who works as an illustrator wrote about how she keeps seeing her neighbors only when they are on their balconies - and now they have started having their first morning coffee together, each on her balcony. And being an illustrator, she drew them, of course … all drawings ©Leonie Herzog, Hamburg.
  10. Trump is a painfully stupid The press should boycott his "briefings". Interesting read about GM's efforts
  11. excellent! I need to get the celery first.
  12. oh, we could have celery soup some time this week
  13. perfect I really need to dial down on the sugary stuff again … at least I went back to my "moderate fasting" routine last week. The week before, that was just not possible, I needed every bit of solace food could provide. "Quarantine Fifteen" yep …
  14. No chocolates …?? We cannot have that, Jude, that is not legal nor is it healthy Unfortunately I bought a box of salted caramel toffee last week and none of that is left. As a colleague of mine said the other day, "we come out of this pregnant, divorced or ten kilos heavier". Since the first two options don't apply to me I am working on the third ...
  15. an excellent recipe-movie, bess
  16. we can just declare it to be a marshmallow, who should hinder us?
  17. I found a new album of his, at least Listening to it on Spotify now. I guess the doc will be streamed somewhere once it has had its fist run. Thanks for the heads-up!
  18. The link is working fine but "This content is not available outside of Canada." I need to find this. I so love his songs and his voice.
  19. we have the bestest emos, we do
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    gorgeous, isn't it?
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