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  1. He is not the kind of idiot Trump is, that is very true.
  2. Do you think another businessman President is a solution? After the Iowa caucus I watched people being interviewed after they voted, and one woman said she had cast her vote after playing eenie meenie minie moe. I was like people go there and do not know who to vote for until they are in front of the ballot box? it is frustrating and scary.
  3. Nope. I really really hope this ends in November. Not really sure, though ...
  4. I do get that fix on Instagram or youtube, watching videos from the The Dodo account. Animal related videos with a happy ending. Always make me smile.
  5. that is actually quite a clever way to pick your "news"
  6. yes, we have that too. Some areas where people have houses in flood-prone areas, houses that are several generations old, and suddenly they convert the basement into apartments and then cry for government aid when the water is flooding the place (again, like for the past 200 years). Stupidity and entitlement seem to be a universal problem. Especially bad when combined …
  7. Yes, a pity This part of Hamburg always had floodings, so yes, everybody is used to it. And we have huge flood walls all around, too.
  8. Yes, a pity This part of Hamburg always had floodings, so yes, everybody is used to it. And we have huge flood walls all around, too.
  9. Excellent!! Goli, I found watching the news too depressing lately, too. I have gone in a diet - no Facebook, no Twitter, news mostly in written firm. Works for me.
  10. ... and the path between the storehouse and the river, only little earlier in the rising tide.
  11. I dug up some pics from last year … A water spewing gully ...
  12. She barked at him in vociferous indignation When the flooding begins on Fishmarket, it starts with water coming out of the gullies. The area is cobblestoned and very uneven, so there first are big puddles which grow into small lakes, with the water gushing through the rainwater drains, only backwards, making bubble fountains until the water is so high that it meets the rising river and it is one big lake. There still are several buildings under flood level - the old fishmongers' hall, several old storehouses, converted into office and store space, and a row of houses on the waterfront, also a new building housing the shop and ticket counter for the submarine museum. Said submarine (fixed permanently to the riverbank) sometimes sits very high & dry, but was "sub" for the first time in years yesterday The buildings all have waterproof ground floors and the office buildings have bridges on the upper floor crossing the flooded street to higher ground so nobody is stuck inside. Tourists are always puzzled about the huge steel shutters in front of doors and windows and go when you explain what they are there for.
  13. whoa, what an embarrassment. We wanted to see Parasite in December but the date fell through on three occasions. It was very successful here. What I saw about the Oscars was in the news or from Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert. These days the comedy shows are where I can bear the news best …
  14. good idea It can be such a constant nagging annoyance if a handle is snaggy like that.
  15. The very first time we found high water in our way, Jette was off the leash and delighted to find a chance for a swim It was in the place where the flooding comes first (I didn't know that back then), a narrow path between an old storehouse and the river that ends in a flight of stairs. There were people around so I couldn't see ahead far enough to realize the foot of the stairway was already in water. Jette charged happily ahead and into the water, which was rather turbulent, with waves and an outward current Luckily for me and Jette, a young man in wellies had the presence of mind to grab her by the scruff of her neck and put her in a window embrasure. She was not amused, but I was so glad ... walked into the water (almost up to my knees, with NO wellies) and picked up my little seal (the German word for seal is Seehund = sea dog. That's exactly what she is.) So yes, by now I know enough to keep her on a leash near interesting swimming locations
  16. our fishmarket walk was flooded yesterday. Jette wanted to swim, I was glad I had kept her on the leash ...
  17. Stormy weather ... no trains, schools closed. We had a very blustery walk today - Jette's ears were almost upright most of the time
  18. since we share our garbage bins with 18 neighbors, i would never go and take something out again. But yes, the fear of needing a particular thing a week after I dumped it is familiar. happened a couple of times, too. But then think of all the times (hundreds, surely) when it did not happen. I imagine the inner monologues we have when deciding what to dump must be really similar
  19. yep. Always a bit of happening.
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