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  1. yes, they are like little treasures, popping up like they do. I've never seen blue ones
  2. Also, you cannot mistake them for other, less edible ones, which is a big plus, in my eyes
  3. oh, the pics are stolen on Wiki My dad taught me to eat them. That was way before the times of the interwebnet, and we (my mom and all the children) were very suspicious of the ink caps (what a perfect name! German name is Schopftintling - tufted inkling). We didn't want him to eat them. Nobody had much of an idea about mushrooms because aside from champignons on the horse pastures, there weren't many edibles around in the marshes ... So eventually Dad, frustrated with his arguing family in front of a pile of fresh-cut mushrooms, just stuffed one into his mouth and swallowed. When he was still alive after half an hour, we let him eat the rest and tried them, too. They really are delicious.
  4. Oh yes, I've already seen amazing mushrooms. I really like touching them - a big, healthy mushroom has such an amazing texture. Sadly most of them are immediately destroyed (by children or idiots ) Last year I picked and ate some mushrooms; I do not know the english name. when they are really fresh and do not start the dissolving, they are wonderful. You cannot buy them because they're too easily damaged and soon start their rather icky dissolving process, but picked and eaten fresh within a couple of hours …
  5. so pretty and how convenient you wore neon green mittens … nice contrast!
  6. phew. We have weird warm, wet weather. Rather fall-y, but too warm for the season. Nice for walking, though, as it's only raining in showers, so I am not really complaining.
  7. bess, I had that the other day, too. Goli, snow?? Today I am sleepy from doing nothing, basically.
  8. we were close to frost two nights ago rather early. Migi says, the best fall colours he has seen so far were in Kyoto. I envy him Kyoto even without fall colours
  9. we are getting fall colours too, not as spectacular as in the country, but pretty enough.
  10. I am very lazy at the moment, I feel like I have permission
  11. sorry to be so invisible - Migi came home from Brasil a week ago yesterday and was not feeling too good. On Tuesday he had a big fat flu, and Friday I had caught it, too … Was sick all weekend and I'm still not really on my feet. Went to the doctor in the morning and have sick leave for the whole week. Yay! Pure luxury. So I guess I will be here a bit more frequently for the rest of the week. Planning on sleeping a lot, walking and some too. The one perfect thing about not being freelance anymore - paid sick leave. Halleluja.
  12. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    nope, not really. It was supposed to be for somebody who loves rainbow colours, but we both decided it would be better on a younger person I am sure it will find a good home sooner or later. The good thing with this kind of stuff, it keeps ...
  13. That sounds delightful I guess acoustically out of my league, though, and only half the fun with subtitles.
  14. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    I am still not sure if I keep it
  15. what's QI? hey mad long time no see
  16. since I haven't had a garden that would support an apple tree, no, I have no clue. My brothers both could tell you a lot about it, Jude. The older went and grafted twigs from all our old apple trees in the orchard of the place we grew up in and grafted them on three little trees in his gardens. There were so many old varieties in that orchard … I would love to see some of Ben's photos of the elk you know me - always one for piccies
  17. I checked out Roosevelt elk on Google Wapiti. Impressive animals, I can see why you didn't try to argue, Goli Concerning the - we have been lucky these past two years; it was too dry for them. I find one now and then when it has been raining, but nothing compared to the amount from the years before. The year before I thought they had eaten a normally very lush campanula down to the last stem; and then I watched one of the culprits at work and it was a mouse
  18. when I was house sitting in July, a deer came up close to the house to look for good things to eat. My host is a hunter, and he said, "Deer are gourmets, they do not eat just anything."
  19. that's a very familiar feeling, too I 'm having fun with it, and it's nice to sit and reflect for a moment in the evening (or following morning, depends). Yes, re-reading might be interesting
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