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  1. amazing, Goli! Such a wonderful garden. It must be such a joy to walk there. Are you taking a book? It looks like the perfect place for some reading. Our backyard garden ist all green, too, bess. There will be hydrangeae in bloom soon, but since they all caught some blight some of them are already looking sad and will have to be cut down all the way. I hope I can save the other half …
  2. Such a gorgeous rose, Goli! Such an abundance of blooms. And such a pretty guest! They are really the most graceful animals. it's going to be another really hot day here today - Jette and i were up early to catch some fresh air. She wasn't too amused, though - not an early riser. We will have a siesta in the middle of the day.
  3. She is ALWAYS hoping for a treats dispenser. everywhere. The wood is beautiful, but in my mossy, shady backyard garden it's looking like an alien Once it has weathered down a bit it will blend in better. But it is a joy to step out without shoes again, and not having to take care where I'm going. We had a really lazy sunday today, mostly naps and reading and food Yesterday we were in Ratzeburg and walked around the Küchensee (kitchen mere, whyever … ) and we had 14 km (8.7 miles) and were really, really tired when we came home. I went to bed before midnight, which is practically unheard of. And the doggie stepped on a stinging insect and had a sore paw for the second half (well, for a while - eventually she forgot about it) and had to be carried partways … The very last part we almost ran to catch the train back, which was a bit much. We caught it, though.
  4. Them spotsesss, preciousssss ... sitting on the new deck It needs a bit of patina so it won’t stand out so much in the shady green garden ...
  5. Must have been a weird day indeed, Jude. Without creepy slug things disappearing into the sink, I hope …
  6. Meanwhile in the UK … Boris fucking Johnson for Prime Minister? Honestly?
  7. After more than two ears it still baffles me how little self-awareness Trump has. None, actually. Part of it, I think, is that he is simply dumb, but even not so clever people usually understand not to constantly lie, for instance, and so transparently, too. He is a really disturbed individual. In addition to being a disgusting human being.
  8. yep. Midden. But the nasty kind. The kind every self-respecting pig would turn its back on in disgust.
  9. yes, I think that is the attraction of Facebook for most people.
  10. Some people got weird messages from „me“ and friendship requests ... Seems the account in question was deleted now.
  11. Yes, Facebook says they have deleted it now.
  12. (bess, I had to look that up )
  13. Goli!! Mitch McConnell is
  14. haha, sick leave. That was the word I couldn't remember
  15. Politics can be so terribly frustrating.
  16. you are enjoying the emos, Jude yes, there definitely will be pics
  17. no, I didn't. But it is lovely to find a string of books by an author you enjoy, isn't it?
  18. We have hot and damp weather, a thunderstorm downpour followed by more sun and heat. And since my deck was rotting and falling apart we demolished it last friday so the young man who is building me a new one can see how to construct it - which leaves me with a patch of dirt and a few cement flagstones as a sitting place in the garden Jette isn't impressed, either. Normally she hops on the deck and then drinks from a watering pot standing next to it, but now she is too small to reach into it and has to drink from the bird bath (because her water dish in the kitchen is only for emergency drinking … ). But we already bought the wood for the new deck (resp. Migi did, a gift from him ) and next Wednesday the wood will be delivered and at the end of the week I should have a new deck without wobbles or broken planks. I am nursing my slightly sore leg after yesterday's operation (which was weird and undramatic at the same time ), the best thing about it is that I have sick certificate for the whole of next week, which means I get paid without working. Oh the joy … That is something you don't know when you're working freelance.
  19. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    It arrived and she is happy with it I usually send self-made stuff in an insured package so it doesn’t get lost; unfortunately the ATM ate my card (broken machine) and I only had the cash left for a simple package - so I was a bit on the edge of my chair until she said it arrived. And the new card is on the way, too.
  20. Mackie

    Arts & Crafts

    I hope so I tried to take a picture of the whole of it (with my phone ) to show the gradient; it's running from a slightly purple blue over light and dark turquoise to slate grey.
  21. So impressed with Jon Stewart standing up for the first responders of 9/11 before Congress.
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