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  1. i am planning to go to the movies, so at least it will be cool there Er, and totally agree with about early rising
  2. Someday i will take a book, but usually i am just too busy checking out everything that's newly blooming - there is such an amazing variety of plants that there is ALWAYS something new, each and every week. for the hydrangeas
  3. Back at Heronswood this year.
  4. And my climbing rose was back - every year i worry that it won't come back after the winter when i have to cut some stuff back.
  5. A recent visitor to the road outside (and the back yard - she came back there later in the early evening, when i was walking the cat and didn't have the camera)
  6. The Sunday sounds wonderful - except for pesssssssssssky ssssssssstinging thingees - and it's always VERY good, after the fact, to barely catch the vehicle back. In moi case, it's one or the other of the Washington State Ferries - and it's an uphill ramp to get on them The alienness of the deck will wear off before you know it
  7. VERY nice appears to be wondering why it isn't equipped with a treat dispenser. Sunspots and full moons
  8. Also, any pig is smarter than that particular human. And knows it.
  9. About as bad as it gets
  10. Why i am not on Facebook. Sigh.
  11. Good Kitchen Latin, and yes, McConnell is Such a poor grade of it that it can't even fertilize anything.
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