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  1. If you like it, there are two more books in the trilogy, plus a gorgeous book he did with a photographer that documents the real settings in the fictional books.
  2. i finished "The Singer's Gun" the other day - and have had to order another one of Ms. Mandel's books - "The Lola Quartet" - from the only library in this county that has a copy. I really, REALLY like her stuff.
  3. Exactly - and that the hospitals seem to all be the same in terms of sending people home with no way to get there
  4. i tried Twitter very briefly - they thought i might be a so i deleted the account if i were there Best use for zucchini i can think of
  5. And the areas look so different at different times of the season.
  6. Moving on -one of the outstanding features of this plant-lovers' garden is that they let the plants bud, mature, and go to seed in all but a few of the more formal areas. Sometimes you get to see stuff in several stages at once (i have no idea what these guys are):
  7. Here is what you see when you first get into the parking area - the plantings near the totem pole have filled out, and the potted plant thingee along the road is taller than moi. This is way before you pay to get in - you can actually see some nice stuff now without going into the garden proper;
  8. So, i just checked out another book by Emily St. John Mandel - "The SInger's Gun". It's really good, too. i am going to look at another library for another one of her books, since this one isn't going to last long. It's been so long since i found a new to me author i really, really like. to Moo for the original recommendation, since i never would have picked up "Station Eleven" without it.
  9. that the banana peels work. By the way, i got to see the Beatles at the Cow Palace in San Francisco during their first American tour, courtesy of my friend's indulgent parents. She was the biggest fan imaginable, and her parents got tickets for her and several of her friends, including me. i say SEE, not hear, since the minute the guys came onstage, there was so much high pitched shrieking that nothing was really audible. They were cute, though. i went through a period of liking the Stones a lot. THEN Rudolf Nureyev defected from the Kirov Ballet. As my father put it when Rudi appeared on the Ed Sullivan show wearing transparent tights over flesh colored ones, making it look like a LOT was showing, "That God damned guy is WORSE than Mick Jagger." It was the year that the SFPD arrested Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn (wearing a white mink) in the Haight Ashbury at some pot party.
  10. It's funny - i spent so much of my life obsessed with classical music that a lot of the old songs didn't really register all that much. Oddly enough, some of the songs that haven't aged all that well for me are Beatles stuff - clever at the time, now
  11. The darkness starts to dissipate the minute the car turns into the driveway. They are now open Fridays, Saturdays AND Sundays, too, from March through October, with a few events, like a winter solstice walk during off-season.
  12. Yes, she did - there were some lovely personalized pillows set out with stuff like "LOVE" and the date, and strings of family photographs in the shaded areas (it would have been way too intrusive to take pics there). The bridal party uses the house to get ready, so also stayed out of their way. More stuff from the non-party areas:
  13. And, from wandering around:
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