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  1. Oooh, oooh! They look surreal
  2. Sometimes the unplanned ones ARE the best
  3. i didn't know they were edible either, and, yes, the pictures are choice as well
  4. Only in the mountains and the eastern part of the state, nowhere near here
  5. Yup, Kyoto envy quite understandable. We have been getting close to frost, too, way early. AND very early in Eastern Washington and in the passes
  6. The fall colors here are pretty enough in many places, but the most spectacular fall colors i have ever seen were in Nova Scotia, in 1996. Drop dead gorgeous,
  7. Very much permission. And to paid sick leave, too. i had been wondering, too, what was up And, yes, it IS sluggish rainy unambitious season.
  8. Goli

    Arts & Crafts

    Keep it and enjoy it
  9. Goli

    Arts & Crafts

    Also with a dark red and the right shade of purple - it is drop-dead gorgeous
  10. What Bess just said. Also a pic of the apple big enough for
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