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  1. for nassssty sssspring coldssssessss, which moi hassss sssssomehow acquire one of.
  2. Yes, it is - and Hillary Clinton was one of the people who called their GoFundMe thingee to our attention.
  3. for blooms and for local spies
  4. Yes, and they have already been promised an amazing amount of money. Er, even when the OA is trying to be helpful
  5. And they are gorgeous. Trees and power lines, not so much They do a pretty good job of clearing out the alders over here, it's usually the older, bigger trees that drop branches and so forth. The last leg of my power line IS underground, but that doesn't help when the lines are down further up the road.
  6. Yes, it was. Sad and somehow surreal,
  7. Er, over here there's a little glitch in some of the GPS directions. They show one of the state highways connecting Edmonds with Kingston without indicating that Puget Sound is in the way, and one stage of the state highway is the car deck of the ferry. They drive right down to the ferry dock, and are shocked that a) there is a boat, and b) there is a looooooooooooong line to get on it. i asked one of the deckhands, and they said that on weekends, they have to wise up 30 or 40 drivers. Sigh.
  8. So many people have become addicted to their phones - not watching where they are walking, not paying attention to what's going on around them. Sigh. And walking/running with headphones - some places are relatively safe, but some aren't.
  9. i still have an antiquated flip-phone, so the whole app thingee is something i don't deal with
  10. Possssssssssssssstcount SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSStill lousssssssssssssssssssssssy
  11. Yumyumyum at both places- and NOTHING is better than homemade - some Hi Neighbors are going to be very fortunate indeed. Er, we HATESSSS apps
  12. Moi post count is pathetic
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