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  1. Goli


    Yup, and they are right near the little pond.
  2. Goli

    snap! seasons

    Ooh! OOH! Wish i was there And a gorgeous pic in its own right
  3. Goli


    And fooling around with plant-color:
  4. Goli


    And a couple of other spots in the garden:
  5. Goli


    Here's his home, as of last week:
  6. Goli


    That was the first frog i have seen this year at the little pond outside the house. It was quite cooperative for its photo-op, as it didn't decide to get mad and jump in the water.
  7. Goli

    i *SEE* you

    Peonies are gorgeous Lots of stuff around the house is full of and it's wonderful to see and hear them, also some lovely yellow butterflies.