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  1. Goli

    i *SEE* you

    i think urban disasters can be worse because in many cases there isn't the sense of community. It's looking much,much better than what i had been concerned about - the stuff seems to be melting slowly and nothing is coming up into the driveway. It's probable that i over-reacted, but better to be safe than sorry, and even if i don't need the barrier bags this time, i will have them for next time. Because, unfortunately, if you do gamble in these situations and it all turns out okay, so much of the time you do NOT do the preparation for the next time once the "this time" is over. i know i wouldn't have, and next time, if we have a heavy snowfall and then a fast warm-up, well . . . The crisis of this morning was discovering that the pussy willow tree had wedged some of its branches in between the hogwire and under the railings on the deck. So, when the weight of the snow is all gone, and the tree branches try to bend back up Needless to say, i was out like a shot, with clippers, loppers, and a little saw. i got everything disengaged from where it didn't belong. Sadly, that meant chopping off some of the rose canes, but better the pretty roses, than the tree. Or the deck. Hopefully the tree will be okay - problem is there was a bunch of ivy growing up the back - it was the snow on the ivy that caused some of the bending way too low. Anyway, for now i have done what i could. Since the emergency work interfered with the breakfast schedule, Kristi helped out by barfing her wet food :thonkcat:
  2. Goli

    i *SEE* you

    At one point, i DID feel like crying - i cannot describe how stressed out i had gotten, so whether or not it turns out i needed the gravel bags, it was well worth the $50 or so i spent on them, and since my neighbor will stack them in the garage for me once the snow crisis is over, i will have them for next time. i'm afraid we are going to see more and more of these weather events. i will be VERY interested to see how the generator works out, and which one you choose, because i am thinking i should consider getting one myself.
  3. Goli

    i *SEE* you

    Western WA is woefully unprepared for So far, the power has stayed on at my house - the power has been out at my friend's house since yesterday morning. Last night, i took a look at the front of the house, and the amount of snow and the lack of real drainage except for one grate at the far end of the yard. i SHOULD have realized there might be a problem earlier, but was more worried about the power while it was so i got out the shovel and dug a trench from the driveway to the grate and shoveled what i could away from the garage door. Depending on how fast the stuff melts, and which direction it winds up going, there was a good possibility of water getting under the garage door and into the garage, which means also into the first floor of the house as well. Damage would be considered "flood" and NOT covered by insurance. This morning, my solution didn't look all that great, and there were some small trees down across the entire width of the road (hidden under the snow). Fortunately for me, a neighbor up the road was willing to take me to Home Depot for a solution, and, as he is a great snow driver, get us out of the development in his Subaru. Driving it past someone in a Jeep who was calling for a tow truck to get him up our hill. We got to Home Depot, and they were already sold out of all of the stuff you could use to make a barrier against the melting snow. One salesgirl suggested stuffing plastic bags under the door. A salesman came up with a better solution - a plastic doohickey to stick under the door. As we were going to pay for that, we ran into a third salesperson. HE told us they HAD some bags of road gravel that would do the trick, that they hadn't sold ONLY because they were stacked in an area of their lot that their forklift couldn't get to. My neighbor offered to try his luck with the Subaru. The salesman wouldn't let him do it, and instead took his own Forerunner and got enough bags of the stuff to stretch across the door. My nice neighbor wanted to buy some firesticks, but Home Depot was sold out of those as well. He decided to try the Walmart, also sold out. Fortunately, the Walmart was teeming with toys and candy and stuff for Valentine's Day. So i bought a stuffed toy for each of my neighbor's kids, a couple of little hearts full of candy, and some better, i.e. adult worthy candy- Ferrero Rocher, Dove, and Ghirardelli. i knew he wouldn't take any $$$s for helping me out, but the kids are, of course, a soft spot. He also put the bags, too heavy for me, up against the door.
  4. Goli

    i *SEE* you

    with a forecast including snow and wind for yesterday, and a low of 17 (F) for early this morning, i had taken the precaution of getting out a bunch of clothes i could layer in case the power went out, and piling it all in one easily accessible place. The power stayed on, so perhaps i could have put the stuff back in the various closets and drawers, except the pile acquired a squatter:
  5. Goli

    i *SEE* you

    My back deck this morning:
  6. Goli

    i *SEE* you

    Guess i might have to DO something