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  1. Here is the best description of of all, and from a Republican: Trump Defined.pdf
  2. The old roses are still the best Er, like some of US
  3. The newer hybrids look so glorious, but no, they do NOT smell so wonderful. Sigh.
  4. The sight has always been wonderful - this year so many are blooming so close to the deck and house that the scent is just as lovely.'
  5. Every year i wonder if the pink climbing roses will come back. They do - this is what they looked like a few weeks ago when they were just starting to bloom:
  6. Yup - little series of black holes On the other hand, Heronswood just opened up again, yesterday, for members and volunteers and tribal members only. It was gorgeous, and I did NOT take the camera, because they wanted us to stick to certain laid out paths, and a limited time, and both of THOSE vanish instantly when the camera is involved. Everyone was very good, and wearing their masks and it was not at all crowded. Next time, iWILL take the camera.
  7. Of course it made sense - cougars are cats, and cats are always opportunists.
  8. that the migraine was the farewell one indeed. A certain animal was always spoiled but has become ridiculously so during the stay-at-home weeks. Fortunately for her, she IS pretty cute:
  9. Yup. A lot of people and organizations are finding out the hard way that this isn't "business as usual" and these protests aren't going away. Not until some meaningful, fundamental changes are made.
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