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  1. Just when it didn't seem this year could get much worse. the Best Stuff, to RBG, may her incomparable legacy continue to inspire future generations of young women.
  2. Obviously, the poor Brit hasn't heard of the upcoming Net series "Don Twat of MarLago" - accompanied by two squires, Mite Mc ConAss and LieSay Gram'sAss, the Don sets out to drain the MarLago swamp of its alligators and snakes, sure that the Lagovirus, which attacks only the already brain-dead, is a myth. Since all three are cowards as well as idiots, on each episode, they send one of their BasementDwellingFollowers in to do the job, secure in their belief in their own immunity. Each meets a grim fate. There are enough of the BDF (referred to by Don Twat's many enemies as "BraidDeadFarts
  3. Yes, the other, innocent species are suffering too. Sigh. On a brighter note, the evacuation map now shows Jude's immediate area okay - no evacuation level.
  4. Couldn't have put it better moiself. In fact, i plan to steal it and USE it
  5. It's horrible, there and in California. Here it's a little better, and we got a tiny bit of rain during the night as well.
  6. It looks like they downgraded the evacuation level in Jude's area to the lower level of be prepared instead of be ready at a moment's notice that things continue to improve there.
  7. I tried her phone number and got voicemail. I did NOT leave a message, as i thought, although SHE is high priority to us, in terms of worry, we would not be high priority for her now, and i shouldn't be clogging up a working mailbox. Then i thought about checking the evacuation map by address and her address is at level 2 - be ready to leave at a moment's notice. Sigh. There's nothing we can really do, except hope for the best.
  8. These are just NOT good times. for Mad for Jude. Not going to complain about air quality here - it's bad, but things would have been a LOT worse if it had hit earlier in hot weather. At least it is cool. My next door neighbors have to be out by Wednesday, so they are having to move during all of this. Am just SO glad to have gotten that fence replaced when i did.
  9. It sounds like the best of causes
  10. It was more than fair - the contractor who replaced my deck had given me an estimate about TWICE as much - his version would have been much fancier, i think, since that contractor's business was custom houses. But all i needed was a plain, decent fence - FAST. The neighborhood guy didn't even charge extra for working outside normal business hours - at one point, he sneaked over around six a.m. and dug holes for the posts (i only knew that because i had gotten up to go to the bathroom and happened to see the truck in the road - he was so quite you couldn't even hear him).
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