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  1. It's raining here, too - washing away the last of our Er, i still recommend as a potion. i'm not sorry i broke down and got the flu shot for the first time late last year. No side effects, and i spent the UnitedHealthcare gift certificate already.
  2. Good that the groceries got there, then. that the power behaves.
  3. Yup - that is serious snow - MUCH better to stay home. We got some more last night, but not too much. However, there's another storm coming in
  4. He's the North Wind - I've had Him for years and years, but this was the first time i could get a decent pic of Him - it had to be His weather, since He hangs in front of the window facing north. Usually there is way too much light behind to get much more than glare. The tile used to hang on a side of a wood arbor in the back yard, but most of that has been reclaimed by nature, so i moved the tile to the deck, where it is much safer (and where i can see it from inside the house). I think it's a leopard or cheetah (?)
  5. A better view of the second art object - it's an Italian tile, purchased years ago from a garden shop.
  6. And took a couple of pics of art objects in this weather, one inside and one outside.
  7. i went out to check if the mail had come - it hadn't. But i took the camera with me.
  8. Aaack of aaacks about power outages, even THINKING about driving in winter weather. about the crappy OS. The rhodie is We have had snow here - it was supposed to be light, starting Sunday night - we got about fivish inches, I think - enough to paralyze the neighborhood. But pretty, IF you didn't have to drive in it, which i won't. We weren't supposed to get more last night, but we did - an inch or so. So now i'm not really trusting the forecasts
  9. Last evening, coming back from the lodge meeting across the border in B.C. There was a 70 minute wait at one of the border crossings, and a 90 minute wait at the other. The normal wait at that time is maybe 5 -10 minutes or so. Fortunately, for once EVERYONE in the car had their NEXUS pass, which gets your vehicle into the fast pre-approved lane. If even one person in the vehicle doesn't have the pass, you have to wait in one of the regular lanes. We sailed through in about 2 minutes. With only two questions, one of which was "Did anyone in the vehicle come off a flight into Canada?" So, I am guessing that there may be someone they are trying to catch coming into the US through Canada from abroad, probably to do with our illustrious latest strike on Iran. Sigh.
  10. Goli

    Arts & Crafts

    Yup - and out here in the hinterlands, the UPS people run out of their own trucks during the holiday delivery season, and have to RENT U-Haul trucks to pick up the slack. i was a little worried at one point that a nice person in the neighborhood might be moving out since that's usually what a U-Haul in the driveway means. Then i saw it was one of the UPS guys driving it
  11. Definitely. The flu season is already bad up here, too, particularly nasty. This fall was the first time i actually got a flu shot, and i have to say i am glad i did. Mind you, i ONLY did it because United HealthCare, the insurance company i switched to last year, gives you a $5 gift certificate for getting one, and a $15 one for doing the stupid "Medicare Wellness" exam, so i got the shot when i got the exam so i could get the whole $20.
  12. Goli

    Arts & Crafts

    Our ace mail carriers were too busy running around with Amazon Prime holiday deliveries to take care of REAL business. However, it couldn't have worked out better. It arrived on a dreary dismal day, so the colors were just perfect to brighten moi mood. AND yesterday was lodge day in Burnaby, so i wore it up there. The lodge person who does the driving (and who confessed that she wanted to own a loom, but the one she wanted was way to expensive) admired it so much that she asked if she could take pictures of it, complete with making me untie it and lay it out so she could get all of the edge etc. i did NOT let her include me in the pics, so i told her to feel free to share it with whomever. Eventually, i will manage to take a pic of moi wearing it, which will be shared only HERE. Oh, and i should feel sorry for the person who thought it was way to colorful but all i feel is for ME
  13. Goli

    Arts & Crafts

    The pic IS lovely, but the original is Thank you so much
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