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  1. At the movies

    Not to mention the first Oscar for a black writer for "Original Screenplay" - that was the reason i went out and got it (er, from Ebay, used) in the first place. i had sort of gotten "off" horror movies since so many of them are I'm VERY glad i didn't miss this one, although i got to it very late.
  2. At the movies

    I just caught up with "Get Out" on blu ray - it is SCARY and brilliant.
  3. look!

    What Bess said
  4. look!

    Well, THAT is certainly not pedestrian, either. It's subtle and lovely, and a perfect use for what was no doubt a very attractive bobble of yarn to start with.
  5. i *SEE* you

    Er, and see if you can find a clip of the Loki "death" scene from Thor2 somewhere on youtube or whatever - you will definitely appreciate the revised version even more
  6. look!

    and Gorgeous and VERY impressive - and not something that i would ever have thought of with crochet.
  7. i *SEE* you

    Night Manager was one i missed - Moo, just go straight to Thor 3 - the beauty of Ragnarok is that you can enjoy it just fine without having seen either of the first two. Although the bit with the second Hemsworth is funnier if you've seen Thor 2 - it's a straight-up parody of one of the more dramatic moments in Thor 2. I was pretty impressed that they got away with it. Er, March is certainly trying in terms of weather :thonkmarch: Yesterday was beautiful but today is looking grey and dismal. Oh, and another bird incident - i heard the craziest metallic noise earlier this morning and wondered for a moment if the refrigerator was blowing up. When i went upstairs to investigate, i realized it was coming from outside, so i went out on the deck. :rofmlao: there was a magnificent Northern flicker up banging away on the metal chimney cover - he flew off as soon as he saw me. So it is DEFINITELY spring. Being guys, the flickers think that making the biggest, baddest noise possible and being the loudest woodpecker in the wood will attract admiring females. I suspect the females actually cross those ones OFF their list - "big, dumb, and i want one who knows you can't get food out of metal, except if it's in an opened can"
  8. i *SEE* you

    It was gorgeous yesterday, so a friend and i went walking on the beach at Point No Point and then at another little park called Norwegian somethingee - we saw a dozen or so duckish looking birds that my friend looked up later in her bird book - they were brants (?) It sounds like all went well with the appointment, AND the shopping i loved Thor Ragnarok - Thor is such an over-the-top character, and this last adventure let them have fun with that, amid the action and drama. It looked like all of the cast were having fun doing it too.
  9. The Daily Bugle

    the BEST stuff!!!
  10. i *SEE* you

    about the appointment we HATESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS ssssssssssssssssssssssssssstinking time changessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  11. i *SEE* you

    The fog is gorgeous Unlike the prospect of hauling uncooperative pets for walks Kristi has the irritating habit of periodically running and hiding when it's time for her walk. Then, when i have gotten royally pissed at her and hauled her out, she happily races down the front stairs as fast as she can :thonkkitty: Er, "equipment failure"?!? Sounds like a Conway-Sanders bimbosplaination. i have a battery operated clock in the kitchen that is a pain in the to reach to re-set - so it stays on daylight savings time year round. If the power is out in winter, i just allow for the hour difference.
  12. The DUMP Trump Dump

    Yup - as they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day
  13. The DUMP Trump Dump

    Numbnutberg also called Slanders a "fat slob". His words.
  14. The DUMP Trump Dump

    And i wonder what the hell she thinks she has/is to be condescending about - she is an idiot, can't even lie well - and will probably be unemployable once she screws up badly enough for Dumboldt to fire her.
  15. The DUMP Trump Dump

    It looks like F--kabee Slanders has stepped in the Seems the Fakepotus isn't too happy with her statement that the pornstargate thingee was "won in arbitration" My first thought after she made that statement was, "Gee - that was kinda sorta an ADMISSION - non-disclosure agreements are usually NOT an issue unless there is something to disclose Seems Fakepotus is now aware of that If ever there was a S--tholeWhiteHouse employee i would love to see and hear the LAST of, it's F--kabee Slanders.