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  1. Bess, you are very organized, we Yost are a hot mess, the most amazing things pop up when we vacuum...animal, vegetable and mineral.
  2. Oh good, I am glad she is getting support. Her bosses must be kind of asses, free speak is something we need to support and defend evidently.
  3. We aren,t big Logo people I think Matt has a few things. I'm kind of afraid of stepping on them. Legophobia
  4. Maybe, but Al Franken was a brilliant comedian and writer and he is a US senator in his second term (Minnesota) and he is doing a lot of good for the country, even in the poisoness atmosphere at the moment. I recommend his book , Al Franken, Giant of the Senate, It's informative and hilarious in parts. He does seem to be aging as people do who put their all into their job, no maybe Eddie should reconsider.
  5. I loved Eddie's bio, Matt got it on audible which I kind of envy as I love his voice. I think I've listened to his shows he's done about 20 times each. I read somewhere he was going to do less shows and enter politics instead.
  6. Oh, very cool pix from your outing, Mad. I love the turtle! Are any of you in the path of Ophelia! It sounds pretty bad. Ben's good, thanks for asking. He had a carotid calcium clean out. He is recovering beautifully and has some interesting looking stitches.
  7. Mackie, I had the same fear for his Mom as you before reading further . I've started reading a mystery by Graham Norton, the tv host and actor. It's charming and quirky like him. It's title is Holding and it's set in Ireland.
  8. Oh, that all looks yummy. We seem to be obsessed with food here at the moment. Ben , who is the grocery shopper , just had an op and isn't supposed to lift things or drive for a while and the boys are shopping for us. Matt is ok but a little slap dash and Joe is the opposite. He spent about 2 hours in the market last night and called me for instructions about 9 times. lol He was a champ though, he got everything on the list. Huzzah!
  9. Goli, what a shame about the art reception. Bess, I hope you can show a pic of your orange-hemp-sparkly project. We still can't use chainsaws yet. The weather is supposed to be i the low 80's and into the 70's with as low as 49 at night. Damn time!
  10. Bess, I hope the worst part of the neighbor house project is over soon. I'm not sure we have "fall" yet but a bit of rain , less smoke , which makes me anyway feel more human. Our power went out this morning, for no obvious reason. Probably a car hitting a power line by the patter.....power off...on...off...on but brown....several more blips and OFF for several hours. Ben has become a wizard with making dinner on the BBQ. Tonight we had beef stroganov ! over the hot summer to avoid heating up the kitchen he has made lasagna, chicken dishes, fish stuff, soups, bisquits and a couple of pies. All on a tiny Weber grill. I have entered a new era in my crocheting adventures. Glitter...sparkles...and shine! Huzzah! It's just such fun and a nice change of pace. It's really freeing me up too, I'm not so anal about being perfect.
  11. Bess, I had to look twice to see the roses too, I was looking down They are gorgeous! Goli, your deck is immaculate! And I thought the black cat was real at first too. Ohh, I like how the new setup skips a line in our posts...on my setting anyway. Way more readable for me.
  12. Well, I go and play with the sun for a while and sleep for a few days and you all have been very busy! I like the more accessible emos. The eclipse was lovely, better than I expected, eerie, in a good way.
  13. What a bunch of ass hats! Some people just seem to go out of there way to make trouble and act like little tin pot busybodies. It sounds like they need a bit of a truth jolt.
  14. Yes, part of the joy of her books is all the stuff I learn, The Egyptology of course but also thinks about Scotland, King Arthur ( if he existed?) , British cathedrals, art and jewelry, and different books staged in American Western dessert, Italy, Sweden, London, Egypt ( tons) , etc and I always learn stuff. I'm still pissed of that she died. But like with Terry Pratchett, the books are so good I can read them again and again.
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