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  1. I've enjoyed you 3 figuring when and were you'll enjoy your book! lol
  2. Happy Birthday, Mad! And I believe the world with get un toppy turvy soon. Well, hope springs eternal. Bess., your tooth went well, right? I think you are setting the big thing for your power outages in your area. You showed take notes on them . Wow, Goli, that,s a lot of Eagles! Gorgeous and also scary. (well, those aren't. lol) Mackie, hope you have a great time in the country, are you there now? I'm a bit out of it.
  3. Oh, I missed those gorgeous roses, Goli!
  4. Our deer are getting pretty brave lately, braver that we knew. Ben has cameras all over in the fields and in the woods, but he recently put in a device that beeps inside the living room if someone comes in the drive way...in and out. We have heard a lot of beeping , especially at dusk and morning. We are getting a lot of deer, and other critters if we go to the window and check . They go right up the drive way. Oh...and innumerable birds! I don't think we will have of a garden much this year, but all the animals are fun watching. and we have some local good Summer veg people.
  5. Yes definitely is waiting for something. lol. That wood for the deck is really handsome.
  6. Bess, I often try to find myself on FB also! lol Other than chatting on FB I have 2 groups, Maine Coon Cats and Supernatural. lol We had a weird couple of days. Father's Day was ok but everyone was on edge. We realized later that it was the full moon and also half of us was getting sick. It was kind of like being in the Up Side Down in Stranger Things.
  7. Because I've been reading them as I find them I have seen about 5 or 6 all in hibbldy pigilddy order, One which is when their son is 20 somthing and one where he is 10 and one where he is 5. I'd like to see the early ones, the son Ramses can be quite annoying, as is a real child. lol I guess I'll have to find some of her books not from Amazon...my main go to for books. lol And, yes, I love the gif and pix, some times my hands fail me.
  8. Has any one of you read the Elzabeth Peters books about Amelia Peabody? I finally got some in large print so I can read them finally. It really is fascinating and I'm engulfed in Egypt. Also, if anyone knows a good large print book course , let me know. lol
  9. We are trying to get our people to listen to our Oregon politicians to move it! We get a lot of " oh, it wont matter".
  10. something found on a deck!
  11. Mackie, your deck-in-the-making sounds really cool! Lovely gift from Migi also, and really excellent that the timing works with your leg stuff! Will we get some pix?
  12. The show was only on our west coast feed but Kate did some fiddling and using some cords etc so we could see it on east feed. She had to work today so she was being clever ! I liked it a lot, lots of music, laughter. crying and surprises.
  13. This is for tv right? Sort of? Is anyone watching the Tony's Sunday? Kate is coming out so we can watch together. I think I like them better than any other shoes like them.
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