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  1. Mackie, I like you saying ( the nice niece ) lol. Goli, that lunch sounds delish! We don.t get enough seafood out here, about 100 miles too far.
  2. Gep, Goli, we should have all got shots. I think I will the next time. O, Bess, I think I saw you had another outage, good grief! Will you be given some kind of reparation for no power etc. I know we never had but we don't have it off so long. Right now we have lots of snow bunnies up on the top of Snow Peek. They seem to just have fun, drink for quite some time and sleep it off.
  3. It's all a snow wonderland! Until you are all really sick of it. lol The photos from Goli, Bess and all are gorgeous! Mackie, I hope you get your paper work and etc et-era . Kate and Alex are home from Hawaii, they had fun but missed Ellie, I think, Ellie is Kate's cat! lol. Us at home here are still recuperate from our vary and sundry fluz. need a potion.
  4. This sounds like a wonderful restorative. .
  5. That is a gorgeous photo, Mackie , it looks hopeful! . Right after Christmas day, we had a batch of flu. Joe got sick first and got it the worst. Then me and Ben latest. I've never had such a miserable thing. . Beginning to feel human . I hope all of you here have a good year....from now lol
  6. judith

    Arts & Crafts

    Oh, I love your clock and 1000 men thing, Bess! The thing. the big crotchet fluffy thing is .... I have no words. I almost like the colors? I love purple...usually.
  7. Bess, thanks for good Samaritans! As for mice, we have a plethora of the little bastards. And spiders, Love the rural life. We got a nice bunch of rain. It is alternating rain and fog. The power went off today, twice . No idea why. .
  8. Well, better late than never! We had a fun family get to gather, Every one there hate Trump, so all are amicable to each other. LOL
  9. Happy Birthday, Mackie!! Belated but the second one....I think I sent it to your FB place....or possibly to Migi's FB. Goli, your plan for shopping seemed to turn out perfect, make for more room in the fridge. Bess, so glad your Fellow is seeing better!!
  10. Already Friday again! For us to get all our kids together for Thanksgiving we will need to have it on December Ist at a local Chinese restaurant.
  11. Ok, the thing is actually the Leonid Meteor Show. I hope some of the mist and that will let people see some of the shooting stars.
  12. Fog and mist and rain, Oh My! Tea and coffee time. Actually It is clear at the moment , first time in a while . I will send you some sun, Bess. (can,t find a sun ). There is going to be a big sky event tonight , Persiade thingy. ??
  13. Bess, thanks yet again! I will go to let you know that I git in. Damn, just a stupid dot.
  14. judith

    Arts & Crafts

    I first had ones with all metal but Kate gave me some with metal tops and the bottoms are hardish plastic . I really like this kind, I think they are pretty common here. I started crochet about 4 or 5 years and most of my work is afghans, a lot of afghans, lol.
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