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  1. Our Elk are Roosevelt and they don't seem to leave. They are of course not ' our' beasts. everyone's lol But it is exciting to see them hang around a while . Ben got one to bugle at him back. Probably not a good idea much. There are about 20 or 30 and 3 or 4 bulls. Ben has pictures of them and if you like he should be able to show some. Those guys are pretty wyly. they go up to the cameras and snort at them. lol Goli, marigolds always make me think of my Grandma, she had me put some in the garden in a ring, for some reason. I didn't like the smell of the flowers but I loved my Gran so always did it for her. When she got her pension once a month she and I had fresh oysters at the local tiny restaurant. Worth it all around! Do any of you know anything about Grafting apples?
  2. Goli, that is a smashing jacket. color and style! I love our weather here, rain and so early for here. The trees are just stunning. I'll have to get Matt to help me get the Twittter figure out when he has time, I'm taking baby steps. There is sooo many things I I don't know , sooo many damn icons. Phhh! I'll get it evidentially. We have a bunch of Elk hanging around our orchard. They love apples!
  3. Mackie, my twitter handle thing is Judith Yost1@FopdoodL ( I think)
  4. Some of our neighbors up the hill have culled a bunch of trees and it is so weird to see the naked parts. lol They took the ones right by the road ( not really legal, not sure how they got away with that) Going up we see fields we haven't seen for ages and coming down we have huge old trees drupe over the road. The gorgeous drooping ones belong to the church so it's not going anywhere. I've started reading a book that has a few dogs in it. One is a wire heard Dachshund. The dogs talk! lol Kind of odd book but it's growing on me. Author is Rita Mae Brown. Sometimes I wish Spike could talk but others, not so much.
  5. Yes, Mackie, Terry Pratchett. I have seen a few podcasts , I like a lot of them, used to listen usually when getting to sleep. LOL Kate had one with a friend about knitting and beer. Never missed those.
  6. Matt and I often read the same books, but he uses audible , and he has been trying me to read Thief of Time. I just did and it is amazing, so multi layered. I should have read it sooner.
  7. Mackie, it's so cool that you and Migi can share an office, lots of perks in general,. I love the pic of Jette and her adorable bottom ! Also that Pineapple pillow is wonderful, I wish Spike would fit in one. lol Yes, Bess, we also call it Labor Day and Goli told it perfectly. I should look up Arbor Day, I think we are supposed to put trees in the ground . The trees around here are every were and just so prolific. Goli, I was going to ask why they would cut down the other trees but It makes sense. We have had several trees over the years that fell in awkward places. One year we had a 10 day outage because of a walnut tree pulled all the power lines to you house. The beautiful bastard! We have a huge old beloved oak tree that I hope lives forever. Bess, the best combo is books and yarn! lol I get a lot of them from the Net. I'm greedy, I want them now and a lot of them lol
  8. Yes, Bess, the purple ones have grey tones that make them see kind of body-ish. ?
  9. judith

    Arts & Crafts

    This is gorgeous! lovely work. Mackie! Not sure how I got the picture, but it worked. lol
  10. I found a couple of large print books , some of my favorite ones from Terry Pratchett . Yay! Those are hard to find. Thief of Time and The Truth.
  11. That is a shame about Sil's delayed surgery. I hope things go better for her soon. So frustrating for her. We have an plethora of damn zucchinis but happily Ben and the boys love it. I like the tomatoes most, we have several kinds. The tiny golden ones are awesome but the odd purple ones are just sitting there. And sitting. Our weather here is quite temperate at the moment, Mid 70's and a bit of 80's. However people keep saying, Oh! It's so humid! Take some clothes off!
  12. The Beatles are my jam, for ever! Favorite song....Hey Jude! lol We are up to our feet in veggies, I love it, our garden did better than we expected. ete. I had a try at Twitter a day a go. It told me I had the wrong name and then some other nonsense. Screw them! I can barely get through Facebook stuff. Oh, good news, Kate and Alex are moving closer to Salem, in next month. Did I already mention that? Any way, not much new here.
  13. Thank you, Mackie, for the nice cry! But a happy one.
  14. They are burning fields today. It's nicely normal . Lots of smoke and men on little scooters and big ass machines and yelling. Summer Time, Summer Time, Summertime! (smoke).
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