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  1. Ok, the thing is actually the Leonid Meteor Show. I hope some of the mist and that will let people see some of the shooting stars.
  2. Fog and mist and rain, Oh My! Tea and coffee time. Actually It is clear at the moment , first time in a while . I will send you some sun, Bess. (can,t find a sun ). There is going to be a big sky event tonight , Persiade thingy. ??
  3. Bess, thanks yet again! I will go to let you know that I git in. Damn, just a stupid dot.
  4. judith

    Arts & Crafts

    I first had ones with all metal but Kate gave me some with metal tops and the bottoms are hardish plastic . I really like this kind, I think they are pretty common here. I started crochet about 4 or 5 years and most of my work is afghans, a lot of afghans, lol.
  5. One of the most puzzling things about the last two and a half years, to me, is the family dynamic of the Conmay,s , how do they not kill each other . ? . He has a soul, not sure about Kelly Ann. Their kids are adorable, though.
  6. It,s pretty misty out here and has been for several days. Personally I love it but even I am a little tired of it. And things are getting soggy. I actually still love it! I just don,t tell the others. lol
  7. judith

    Arts & Crafts

    My hands are more gentile to crochet. Kate has as meany crochet people as yarn ones.
  8. Hmmm. Somehow , except when I was in high school working in a canary in summer. Actually I did ( work ) but rarely got money. lol I I volunteered helping at schools, a library, food bank, church stuff, etc. In hinesite I would have been paid a bit, lol For a few years I did get paid by the school , that was cool! lol
  9. judith

    Arts & Crafts

    Oh! The red shawl is gorgeous! Love the fade! Perfect, Mackie! Bev, the hats are perfect! I want the one at the top right! The colors sing.
  10. The California fires are just dreadful, Like hell!
  11. Bev, thanks for helping me get my password sorted and Mackie, for doing it. I have now put my password in 4 or 5 places LOL. Frazzled at the moment. I woke up at about 8 this morning and it smelled like smoke . I dashed around checking all the rooms up stares and then I noticed there was pale smoke to the east. There are 2 fires near the Dam . It seems to be control. Evidently it's from a dry Fall and low humidity. This is weird weather this year. Lots of rain, when we expected a lovely Autumn it goes right into Winter....
  12. Our Elk are Roosevelt and they don't seem to leave. They are of course not ' our' beasts. everyone's lol But it is exciting to see them hang around a while . Ben got one to bugle at him back. Probably not a good idea much. There are about 20 or 30 and 3 or 4 bulls. Ben has pictures of them and if you like he should be able to show some. Those guys are pretty wyly. they go up to the cameras and snort at them. lol Goli, marigolds always make me think of my Grandma, she had me put some in the garden in a ring, for some reason. I didn't like the smell of the flowers but I loved my Gran so always did it for her. When she got her pension once a month she and I had fresh oysters at the local tiny restaurant. Worth it all around! Do any of you know anything about Grafting apples?
  13. Goli, that is a smashing jacket. color and style! I love our weather here, rain and so early for here. The trees are just stunning. I'll have to get Matt to help me get the Twittter figure out when he has time, I'm taking baby steps. There is sooo many things I I don't know , sooo many damn icons. Phhh! I'll get it evidentially. We have a bunch of Elk hanging around our orchard. They love apples!
  14. Mackie, my twitter handle thing is Judith Yost1@FopdoodL ( I think)
  15. Some of our neighbors up the hill have culled a bunch of trees and it is so weird to see the naked parts. lol They took the ones right by the road ( not really legal, not sure how they got away with that) Going up we see fields we haven't seen for ages and coming down we have huge old trees drupe over the road. The gorgeous drooping ones belong to the church so it's not going anywhere. I've started reading a book that has a few dogs in it. One is a wire heard Dachshund. The dogs talk! lol Kind of odd book but it's growing on me. Author is Rita Mae Brown. Sometimes I wish Spike could talk but others, not so much.
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