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  1. Am I the last person here to discover Galavant (thanks to Boo and Rain, naturally)? (Sorry, I didn't scroll back to see if we've chatted about this.) IT'S SO MUCH FUN! I've just binge-watched the WHOLE of the first season. In a few hours. Thank you god for the internet.
  2. terribly late (as usual), but deeply and totally heartfelt. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GOLI!
  3. I've always felt birthdays should stretch. So cheers, Goli.
  4. And the branches that appear like veins as though the fog is delicate skin. So beautiful.
  5. Crab Puffs! :cheers: Jude, it sounds like birthday was rather contented. Eggsellent, I say.
  6. Mad, that's hilarious! Thank you my lovelies. A few friends and threw a surprise party for me on Saturday and Sunday, I had no internet. Which is not a good portent for the year ahead. I'm choosing to look at it as the universe packing 2015's quota of internet-fail into one day. But other than offline issue, it was a decent enough day. There was food, laughter and no tears — can only be thankful for such things.
  7. And how cool are those mushrooms.
  8. What a great idea. I can think of a thousand combinations just off the top of my hat.
  9. This. Is. Hilarious. The honest movie trailer for Transformers 4. Actually, I'm not sure if it's 4 or 3. It doesn't really matter. Just watch and enjoy.
  10. the first has earned me a hilarious set of troll responses. thank you mad and mackie, for putting up the links.
  11. Yeah, the dogs are just like, "We're here. They insist on singing. Whatever." Glad you guys liked.
  12. The man is incredible. I don't know if I'm imagining it but it really feels to me like his voice has become even deeper. For those who like crooning music and mandolins, here's a new Bengali band. You might like the melodies. Very mellow.
  13. I love my dad's comment to the yeti story: "The yeti is a bit like me, but I cannot skate for dear life."
  14. You know, that is so, so true. Like I'm pretty sure that having email on my phone has destroyed the few emailing skills I had. Everything is now a rushed, urgent, one-liner that tells you next to nothing. That. Is. Hilarious.
  15. goli, definitely DVD material. in india, they're only showing the 3D version, which i hate with a passion because of those wretched glasses. i think my favourite film in a while was the grand budapest hotel. it's utterly gorgeous and a DVD that i will buy the moment it's out. a wonderful little gem.
  16. ok, can i recommend guardians of the galaxy, please? so. much. fun. utterly nonsense story, but just great fun. one of those simple, feelgood films with some lovely little moments. vin diesel as groot is excellent and i've finally found a way that i can totally appreciate bradley cooper: when his body is replaced by that of a CGI racoon. also, chris pratt without shirt for a brief moment.
  17. mad, if i could, i would shower you with cupcakes and gold coins, i really truly would. thank you for keeping an eye out for all the rubbish that i've been writing of late, and bringing it here. one of these days, i will write something i like. the last time i wrote something decent was for grand budapest hotel, i think. but on a different note, can i just say that this on-camera business is just bollocks? we recorded two today (one of the panelists is going to be off for a couple of weeks, so we were recording in advance) and they were ghastly, i think. i shudder to think how they'll come out. ugh.
  18. i see moo and me online. and this is a very good feeling. :manic:
  19. that glass crashing was very bizarre. i'm still not sure why it happened. the alyssa pheobus mumtaz show — what a GREAT name for an artist — i loved. it's also been a while since i wrote about art and i'm very, very rusty. anyone who's read sirius duck, are you enjoying it? or is it too mumbai-centric to hold your attention?
  20. Mad, do you like the new template? I thought it was better because you can see a little bit of what all is in there. The background is a cute wallpaper I found. I'll send it to you.
  21. That's a darn sight more than most "smartphones" do. Instagram is a photo app, yes. It crops a photo to a square frame and gives you the option of (very pretty) filters. Then you put it up online. It's like Facebook for photos, I guess. Fittingly, Facebook bought Instagram last year. Notegraphy basically has templates for quotes, which you can put up online. It's far less intensive than keeping a book journal.
  22. mad, nothing is going on. it's an iphone app called notegraphy, which is basically like an instagram for words. someone suggested it to me and it seemed like a good way to keep track of the books i've read so far. so that's what's going on.
  23. thank you, jude and mackie. that was such a sad, sad day. sigh. mad, yet again, you are a rockstar. i can never thank you enough for your all-seeing eye.
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