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  1. i *SEE* you

    bit windy the other night, but Ophelia headed up the West Coast, my friend Vicky took two and a half days to get home to Lewis! now we have Storm Brian ... heading across the south and west... Nothing significant hitting the east side. Red skies from dust the other day though. for decent weather this weekend, driving north on Saturday, up early Sunday for
  2. i *SEE* you

    Most definitely! ...and our tickets last 12 months, and they do walking frames and wheelchairs etc. Very well thought out.
  3. i *SEE* you

    had a lovely day out at The Deep on Friday. Lots of fishies, penguins, and unexpected Ian MacKellern voice-overs!
  4. i *SEE* you

    that is the weirdness of it. well, here we are south again. Off on an adventure this afternoon, MadBro has the day off and we're all off to The Deep, the big aquarium in Hull. Will try and take pics...or steal his!
  5. i *SEE* you

    that sounds just Goli! a small shining light.
  6. i *SEE* you

    yackety-yak...we ALL talk back! cue yackety Sax music.....
  7. i *SEE* you

    good team you have! and for Ben!
  8. i *SEE* you

    happy thanksgiving, bess! ( didn't we use to have a Canadian flag emo?)
  9. i *SEE* you

    lovely description of today, drozzly and drench, with bursts of suncloudy (edited because i didn't notice damnspellchecker changed drozzly to drizzly)
  10. The Daily Bugle

    what a shitstorm.
  11. The DUMP Trump Dump

    he really is unspeakable.
  12. i *SEE* you

    oh dear. safely home, not bad apart from heavy rain from Edinburgh to north of Dundee. got here about 11 pm. eight and a half hours,better than most trips recently.
  13. look!

  14. i *SEE* you

    off north again this afternoon... waiting for the washing to finish. looks A nice day anyway.