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  1. Hope it was happy as could be Goli!!
  2. Late as usual.... here’s to 2020, may it be a good and positive year despite the adversity all around.
  3. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me!
  4. mad

    Arts & Crafts

    It’s gorgeous!!!
  5. Boring would be nice for a while. and independence. and no Hard Brexshit
  6. Harrumphfff!!! and this place needs to include Bin Boris as well as Dump Trump. (BoJo? More BloJob if you ask me...)
  7. Like walking out of the house in the morning straight into a web!!!
  8. QI is very educational comedy quiz, originally hosted by Stephen Fry and now by Sandy Toksvig, on BBC2 and also endlessly on Dave. it has an utterly mysterious scoring system where you gain points for saying something interesting but lose them for the screamingly obvious and usually wrong... they’re working through topics based on the alphabet, currently on series Q.... recommended. very silly at times.
  9. That is a glorious apple !! Just put QI on tv, to find one Anuvab Pal as one of the panel... that was a surprise, I am assuming it’s him !
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