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  1. so true.. i do not want a repeat of january’s plague. down at mum’s again, it’s her birthday on Friday so we’re planning a long afternoon out. as long as she’s ok, has had a few wobbly times recently. seems reasonable at the moment.
  2. lovely! so much weather crud.... we’ve been lucky so far but it’s damn cold at times. Got the bed piled up with blankets and spare clothes Nothing like Bess and Goli’s endeavours! down at Mums in the warm for this week, hoorah!
  3. You couldn’t make him up, could you... would be dismissed as an unbelievable character in a book. Sigh. World is going to hell in a handcart.
  4. home safe in t’frozen north ..... winter is coming.....
  5. Hello 2019! Be nice to everyone, please......
  6. mad

    Arts & Crafts

    A veritable hive of activity!! almost finished a sweater for MadBro, had to get stripe-y creative when I ran out of wool!! So green with red-brown now, instead of green. It has cuffs that turn down to cover hands as far as middle knuckles, with holes to put thumbs through and a removable hood, which needs finessing!! Got lots of drawing stuff for Xmas
  7. I am sooooo behind!! First off, hope everyone had a merry Xmas and whatever despite the vagaries of weather and power and whatnot!! Ours was quiet and, thankfully, mostly vertical! MadBro did most of the catering which was wonderful (and as he actually likes doing it.... ) Went to see Tats, they’re all ok on the whole, whole tribe home for Xmas, and we had the traditional Finishing The Turkey curry. Staying here until 6 Jan, then back to the frozen north.
  8. Nice to see the number of women/minorities elected (Democrats, obvs) though I worry about the safety of the Muslim reps.
  9. in other wildlife news, we are elbow deep in geese again! they’re back! i love autumn....
  10. Bear!! Must try to get a photo of the Big Fungus by our car park.....
  11. wyverbird.blogspot.com I think!! Id lost it myself and had to go digging, and then fight my way through the seven hells of computer security Google layered over it!!
  12. Nice!! Sad about the earring, Moo. I find it’s always the ones you like that vanish; the ok ones stick around forever. Back down at Mums for two weeks; work has been chaos computer-wise. Firstly my PC suicided (fatal error) and it took them over a week to send a new one and reinstall most of my software. Then - ta-dash - Two lightning strikes in 6 weeks, we’d only just got everything almost back up when the second one hit and took us out again. Nobody willing to do anything for several days as we were getting a whole new bunch of hardware, which has arrived and is all in and looking pretty, but we can’t use it as we still have no internet (tech support from the I-net provider is pants) which means we can’t even log onto a computer because they need the internet to authenticate our log in credentials!! All at the point where we have a month to do our annual reserve reports! Ok if you can go out and build a fence instead, but all of my job needs the computer! How long it will all take to reach an operational condition when the internet is back us anyone’s guess! So sort of happy to be out of it! meanwhile I’ve decided to resurrect my blog.
  13. definitely. he was no angel, but had more integrity in his finger that the orange cockwomble has in his body and his entire family.
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