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  1. Mum loved those, I read them too and enjoyed them, but yes, the kid is a proper wee knowitall!
  2. Which means all of us are vulnerable to the same thing.
  3. Definitely not Moo!!! Am unfriending (sorry!) and blocking, looks like a scam and hacking.
  4. Moo, is that actually you on FB? Only it doesn’t sound like you in the messages....
  5. i LOVED Good Omens. OK, there are a few things missing, but i guess that was inevitable. Pretty much all the best bits are there, there is a clever further resolution at the end and David Tennant and Michael Sheen are BRILLIANT.
  6. mad

    Arts & Crafts

    Three socks? Sounds like Morticia Addams’ knitting!!! I love that shaded wool. Keep getting enticed by similar but it usually seems to knit up in stripes which I don’t want so that’s saved my wallet!!! Actually, I could use tentacles... always seem to need a third hand, or more...
  7. asked her for her latest email addy.
  8. i am waiting til MadBro has both of the latter Avengers movies on dvd, then we can watch back to back and pause for loo breaks!
  9. a bit frayed around the edges, but hanging on!
  10. Happy Belated Birthday bess! glad it was a good one!
  11. i am getting very excited - Good Omens starts tomorrow on Amazon!
  12. mad

    Arts & Crafts

    lovely! back on the knitting, MadBro wanted a loose light sweater for summer, ‘oh and if it could look like chain mail that would be good’ .... the things i do! grey wool does knit up like chain mail, though. did one for myself in dark blue in the end, tweaked the pattern to make it a little less in need of adjustment for over long/wide sleeves... Aran grade wool on size 9 needles, lots of big holes,knits up really quickly. now i’m on to a cotton DK boxy sweater for me on size 3.5 needles, a nice mid green. definitely need a project on the go when i’m down at Mum’s, otherwise i’d go stir crazy.....
  13. to doing more and better with less. Works for me too!!
  14. so true.. i do not want a repeat of january’s plague. down at mum’s again, it’s her birthday on Friday so we’re planning a long afternoon out. as long as she’s ok, has had a few wobbly times recently. seems reasonable at the moment.
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