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  1. i *SEE* you

    we had a bit of silly fun today at work.. our nice interns’ last day so we had a wee bird-race.. an hour and a half, four teams of two, who can find the most species. good fun even in sleet, and useful info for our records! will be sad to see James and Sarah go, they’ve been a real pleasure to work with. now we have to recruit another two for next year, while these go on to more things, having had a year with us doing all sorts of stuff.
  2. i *SEE* you

    that’s the truth! my thumbs are giving me hell!
  3. The DUMP Trump Dump

    well done! OHAZ is probably thinking it’s all fake news....
  4. i *SEE* you

    serendipitous discoveries.
  5. i *SEE* you

    for Migi! excellent news! Aawww... confuzzled
  6. i *SEE* you

    my teenage years were a minefield of small Lego pieces underfoot... One of the reasons MadBro thought his name was ThatBloodyBoy! But it's fun stuff. We built a Lego butler with a tray who we fixed onto a Scalectrix car on the circuit built round the house and sent it with requests for food or drinks to madsMum in the kitchen. It wasn't strong enough to bring them back though... it's bloody snowing!!! May stop outing this afternoon...
  7. i *SEE* you

    Happy Birthday Mackie! Hope you have a lovely day with and and lots of snuggling!
  8. i *SEE* you

    (why does my last post come up again when i go to reply?) what’s been fascinating is the number of (a) utterly crap pictures kept, and (b) pictures of the same thing except (for eg) the pony has blinked.... WHY KEEP THEM ALL?????? weird!
  9. i *SEE* you

    cripes! i have to avoid coconut (makes me heave) and some types of mayo set off an unfortunate effect in my insides.. i can just about get a half hour before i am headed bathroom-wards! milk is usually ok, but once in a while not. everyone’s been very busy. today i have been trying to reduce the size of our image library at work.. an ongoing project before we are migrated to the cloud (sounds ominous)...in practical terms, i have been (literally) deleting pictures of horses arses......
  10. The DUMP Trump Dump

    yersss, saw that ..most unfair.
  11. i *SEE* you

    all safe! 9 and a half long hours. It used to take less than 8. Now all roadworks and improved roads... but everyone fine here, madsMum getting to grips with new microwave...
  12. i *SEE* you

    south again. Weary.
  13. The DUMP Trump Dump

    does he actually know who is in which party?