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  1. lovely flowers, cute kitty! just dropping in to say nothing’s changed here. i’m still on furlough at Mums, going slowly nuts, still just me and her, may get to see Andy in July, we’ve hit the ‘fuck this shielding, it’s doing more mental damage than the ever so small risk if he comes over’ point...
  2. that’s a nice pattern, bess... i’ve got several patterns but haven’t started making - got some great fat quarters to do them from though. and ordered some pipe cleaners to make removable nose wires when washing. just got to find some round tuit time and inclination to do them.....
  3. glorious! the wildflowers have been good here (of course the Councils are not doing as much mowing!) and the blossom on the may trees like foam...
  4. Hope it was happy as could be Goli!!
  5. Late as usual.... here’s to 2020, may it be a good and positive year despite the adversity all around.
  6. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me!
  7. mad

    Arts & Crafts

    It’s gorgeous!!!
  8. Boring would be nice for a while. and independence. and no Hard Brexshit
  9. Harrumphfff!!! and this place needs to include Bin Boris as well as Dump Trump. (BoJo? More BloJob if you ask me...)
  10. Like walking out of the house in the morning straight into a web!!!
  11. QI is very educational comedy quiz, originally hosted by Stephen Fry and now by Sandy Toksvig, on BBC2 and also endlessly on Dave. it has an utterly mysterious scoring system where you gain points for saying something interesting but lose them for the screamingly obvious and usually wrong... they’re working through topics based on the alphabet, currently on series Q.... recommended. very silly at times.
  12. That is a glorious apple !! Just put QI on tv, to find one Anuvab Pal as one of the panel... that was a surprise, I am assuming it’s him !
  13. mad

    Arts & Crafts

    Will look fab with black!
  14. mad

    Arts & Crafts

    turned out lovely! bess, i don’t think i’d have the patience! though i’d enjoy the sorting side of it....... i gave in and and got some DK wool in shades from dark teal to purplish with a shiny thread running through... well it was in the sale after all! - to make a summer wrap. still need to finish the emerald green cotton sloppy sweater first. while there is still summer.....
  15. the world really is going to hell in a handcart, isn’t it! climate change, plastic everywhere, Trump and Boris, fracking, BREXIT...... some days i just want to dig a big hole, jump in and backfill it to avoid it all. But there are still nice things, like Tats came to visit at madsMum’s yesterday, so we had a whole day of catching up. and i got some new brush pens and a load of Lego-adjacent dinosaurs from MadBro and Mum. we’re going to have to make the most of the small nice stuff because the big ugly stuff is only getting worse.
  16. Mum loved those, I read them too and enjoyed them, but yes, the kid is a proper wee knowitall!
  17. Which means all of us are vulnerable to the same thing.
  18. Definitely not Moo!!! Am unfriending (sorry!) and blocking, looks like a scam and hacking.
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