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  1. yerss to on a long hot day
  2. Beautiful goli The rose is a survivor Lovely guest too. I like your itinerary today Mackie! Keep cool everyone
  3. a new one around every corner absolutely beautiful! I am looking at a lot of green, since the rhodos have all finished
  4. This is a deck. But where is the deck very nice! It has a new shine. Looks good and ready for relaxing
  5. Sun spots. They do that to us I'm sure that's it...
  6. It happens and is fixed. I don't do much on f/b but handy sometimes ( like finding Jude!). I have a group from high school arranging a reunion which I can't attend in person, has been lovely to meet many again online.
  7. i’m there and had not noticed anything
  8. mackie and not even real latin
  9. good thing you are not going to be discouraged nil bastardo carbarundum whatsis
  10. but you explained perfectly
  11. To all Emo muvee and good things happening. that the op. is over with. to paid sick leave
  12. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    Wh-oh, bad luck good luck And yay! that it is a success
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