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  1. bess

    i *SEE* you

    Hee hee, sweet!
  2. bess


    that’s rich! and I love the greenery too
  3. bess

    i *SEE* you

    how cool is that! a place for everything and everyone
  4. bess

    i *SEE* you

    I still have some rhododendrons in bloom which the butterflies visit. together they look like hats in the garden
  5. bess

    i *SEE* you

    Ah nice! i had peonies, lovely and heady while they lasted sound effects in the shrubbery are tops
  6. bess


    Oh all so interesting and lovely. Words can’t express enough the
  7. bess

    i *SEE* you

    oh wow! a beautiful retreat i'm imagining the rose scent too it is so hot today (how hot is it...?) it is so hot today i'm hiding indoors
  8. bess

    At the movies

    many thumbs up erm, want to see this where you goin' A-SAP...
  9. bess

    At the movies

    Black panther hope you liked it.