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  1. i hope not crowded partying is not on and really We are indeed lucky this virus isn't a lot worse and it is bad enough i have been watching a 2017 foodie/travel show where the presenter visits regional markets in different countries. even if still up-to-date as of December 2019, I remind myself this is the way it was
  2. oh my... do please share all the dahlia places
  3. i hope you do with please your latest Heronswood photos are so good. i keep going back to look at them and many before
  4. poor 2020. we did finally have a very hot day andnight but foggy beginning and ending most days. like fall the plants say it is summer or so i have to remind myself
  5. I thought of that too hope the PR ppl can improve on that Bozettes...
  6. Yes. Heavy (Brookheimer = producer of Pirates o.t. Caribbean I should have explained )
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