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  1. i *SEE* you

    oooh the colours on the heather at that point so the weather went at least you were sort of prepared
  2. i *SEE* you

    oh my, that sudden change of weather was not a fun surprise nor ineffective rainwear
  3. i *SEE* you

    well done mad mackie,
  4. Reading Frenzy

    i'm next, i'm next < ------------ there are *3* copies.....
  5. Reading Frenzy

    three-tto the long-time indies are still ok
  6. i *SEE* you

    they work fine what i saw earlier in my gmail inbox headlines was The Hidden Fortress, now it is noreply of a message. but no matter. (oh, but the return addy of noreply-at was the same then as now. i hadn't read it before )
  7. i *SEE* you

    uh-oh... erm, I wondered why my notification e-mails are now do-not-reply-to at-invision-etc. so that must be it beautiful late afternoon sun back from village at the so-so garden centre rescued two pansy sets, one yellow blotch, and one scarlet which isn't scarlet, just dark and reddish they survive transplanting...
  8. i *SEE* you

    what mackie said perfect timing! i am back from a meeting in town in humid weather feels good being home
  9. i *SEE* you

    for a good day um, i might ought to do something ambitious today too...
  10. i *SEE* you

    oh my... with that weather change, brilliant choices (the dollies will be happy) rain predicted here, cloudy and meh after yesterday's day -
  11. Reading Frenzy

    but about Peter May. I looked him up, good stuff about the Lewis trilogy including pix of the setting here