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  1. I read the grocery flyers the postie brings and I scan a national news brief. It has "this Day in History" in case I've missed something important from the 1600's.
  2. Amazing, both cause and effect
  3. I am going just reading about the sub museum :p
  4. Have to say the Oscars came and went this time without my noticing I did not know about the best bad timing flub. Dah.
  5. örgs that is high water Not a good swimming place
  6. That is stormy! We have a semi-sunny quiet day after a LOT of rain Still winter For something to do we changed the handles on the kitchen cupboards. New plain blackened brass are good, the old filigree handles had evil tendencies. Clothing would catch, fingers twisted or nails broken.
  7. The agony "but it looks so useful"
  8. What if the week after I get rid, I want the thing after all ? Then you say aw darn, gone. (I try to take my own advice.... )
  9. I love that And I know, we have to let some things go. It is maddening on the conscience...do this or that
  10. Ain't it the truth Is it possible to take the old cameras to a metal recycling place? Or put in a box marked free? We have sold some on eBay (cheap) too.
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