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  1. It is When I saw a starry sky and the Milky Way properly for the first time I didn't realize what it was
  2. oooh see some for me, please
  3. :thonkdot: and ya, :barfsoncarpet: preferably while you are eating...
  4. Anytime We sorted out the portal In other news, fog and mist. And rain
  5. Ooh come home or else But it is good to be with your sister safe and sound
  6. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    disappointing no use fighting the materials, the project gets bad vibes worked in
  7. The mist cleared to sunshine this afternoon out up the road along the sea side. The road is called Seaside I haven't been that way in a while, but how much the trees have grown where we used to have views over the water on our walks. and yet so windy A new house being built towards the ocean, two chaps were sitting in their work truck, rolled down a window to say hello. My Dear recognized the business name, moi waited the duration of the chit-chat One guy said they were waiting out of the sun in case it rained (being funny of course) I think they were only eating their lunch
  8. Yes the driver found us. The usual chap. All the groceries accounted for We give him a tip of whatever home baking on hand
  9. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    There's that Both examples are loud, yes the crochet has the edge I made an afghan from a kit last year the best part being acquiring new crochet hooks with ergonomic handles But the pattern could not be changed else I'd have to buy more yarns. They were a cotton blend and would split and while crochet stitches themselves are easy the overall construction was fiddly. I finished it, rolled it up and packed it in the kit box out of sight.
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