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  1. countdown! i can tell you I wouldn't want to go back to the other
  2. (I'm not doing much and time is racing by )
  3. In the village a small foodie shop has a clove and tea tree oil spray they made for us to use as we leave the store. No like I don't go there much now.
  4. i wore my mask to do some shopping...my last stop on some errands yesterday. it was ok without mask at the open air market, lots of space another time i'll have more masks with me. i did put mine right away into a pocket to wash when i got home, i didn't like the air in the store, even though we were 3 customers at a time only, the staff use a lot of spritzy sanitizer
  5. ...whilst hiding wrinkles I read the hygiene protocol about masks for non-medical use. I shall have to make more :sew:
  6. Moi also . I put a wire also
  7. about the masks on speedy delivery i made one from a pattern online, sewn in two pieces to curve over the nose. It has a definite ninja effect handy to have extra to change as necessary. or for when the others are in the wash.
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