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  1. if it is thriller genre though i will probably pass
  2. between sci-fi novellas, i read Convenience Store Woman (translated from Japanese. It is odd I liked it
  3. oh no, such a change of plans for sil and family sweet cake, putting shredded/grated zucchini in helps keep the cake moist without adding flavour - and uses up some zucchini (like grated raw carrot for carrot cake) often used with chocolate so that there is some flavour the pineapple and walnut cover that, on account of i didn't have choc. on hand
  4. You did mention but we ( speaking for myself entirely) like hearing good news again Orph course Hey Jude is your song And it *has* been a bumper year for plants Even at myfog bound bit of coast! So a neighbour drops by, hands us four big zucchini, saying if we weren't home he would have given us more Charity baking for Sunday, Shirley Community Day. It will have to be a zucchini cake
  5. and awww erm, the banana peels... the heat dehydrated them and as I was plucking damaged buds and flowers to make way for healthy ones, I picked a slug as well so peels don't work
  6. Yes! i am reading Martha Wells’s novella series The Murderbot Diaries (sci-fi).
  7. overplayed maybe? their output over such a short period of time is mind-boggling though another search, best drum or best guitar - some i thought were meh as songs were redeemed if just listening to the drummer or guitar ... more soothing though, search best cello so in other excitement i'm making banana cake because i needed the peels to try a garden experiment. the conversationi went - my zinnias have been eaten by slugs , Reply: peels deter aphids, they should work against slugs? and so far i'm ahead one cake, and the peels beside the flowers have a slug beside them. if not stunned, then it likes them (diversions due to doing back-up ad nauseum these days )
  8. it is Arrrghust days of dolorous torpor so i googled "worst songs ever" and got some that I'd forgotten about from the 80's and i like them now back then i didn't have access to music videos. new ear worm too. how are you, everyone
  9. ditto to the solstice walk the place is life-affirming
  10. for sure the news has been And here a respite, a delightful walk in the park. thank you
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