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  1. they emitted weird don't-touchj vibes when i got close to take the picture
  2. I put a picture at Nature Nerds
  3. my blue mushrooms not seen again since i took the picture in 2013
  4. yes! and my mom had a sense about edible mushrooms, would bring some home from a walk and . i do not have that talent. or taste for them (a pity because i love hunting for them in the fall to take pictures one season, along a walking path in the swirling mist there were some eerie blue ones i wonder if i can find that file (or maybe i'll find them on the webnet to pinch )
  5. Inky Caps I think. They do not look edible after those first hours I did not know they are edible and choice PS Your photo-show is perfect!
  6. Thank you! Yes and totally unplanned
  7. Good weather for mushrooms walking!
  8. We have Autumn in hand Red leafs are rare in my woods. This blew in from the neighbour's garden. Thus the
  9. um, ya... (this was stuck in Save since 20 hours )
  10. you were there! there is a lone deciduous shrub across the street that right now glows even on dull days. there are maples here and there too that turn yellow then brown. no flaming tones of orange and red in between. a pity knitting a hat today there was frost this morning
  11. when not obscured by meh weather there are pretty fall colours In the small city. it is like a beehive, cars instead of I am not used to this ! is good
  12. oh yes (to paid leave) oh no to the flu but do take all the time you need to recover this week have been thinking of you, so now we know fine here, though feeling sluggish since the latest rainy season started and
  13. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    That is true. The right person comes along and .
  14. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    I detect hesitation...evidently not your colour-set
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