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  1. i *SEE* you

    whew, scary, that is right... if toting groc., even worse. didn't need the hail putting off going to the shops, lunch soon and out of bread. doing a rapid mix bread-roll thing
  2. i *SEE* you

    goli, there's that mad, pretty does help i am back just now from mailing a letter darkish out, no precip... then it hailed i did get some fresh air
  3. i *SEE* you

    moi on the other hand hid and was grumpy all day today i will not hide
  4. i *SEE* you

    örgs..... wind and rain though i went for a decent walk the other day not needing a winter coat
  5. The DUMP Trump Dump

    must add the pop-ups ARE brilliant
  6. The DUMP Trump Dump

    if the self-described 'very stable genius' doofus even gets that
  7. Arts & Crafts

    it is shown tiny
  8. Arts & Crafts

    there are two little flags at the top of the home page, German and British
  9. Arts & Crafts

    they have it in English and yes the shipping is prohibitive... but that is ok. surely i can find good marzipan locally :sleuth:
  10. Arts & Crafts

    they have an English option
  11. Arts & Crafts

    ps - willing to be educated
  12. Arts & Crafts

    if you can recommend a brand that exports or if you have a recipe... or just let us know what it should be