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  1. Hmph Can I foodfax some ginger tea
  2. to our secret agent for the blooms
  3. Some have already finished A lot of the trees hovering near the lines are on Crown land which nobody seems to want to disturb least of all itself I think Germany manages very well which I can say not having lived there
  4. Underground had been tried, even where I live, seems not to work Too much distance between everything probably. And the trees that were tiny outside the powerline corridor 40 years on are tall. Alder especially at the end of their growth. When it's just where I live, not out for long but if town is affected the crews fix that first. In other excitement my rhododendrons are a-bloom
  5. I use my iPod like a phone only with email and I have an old smartphone I use for its very good camera and email on account of there is no cellular coverage out in Shirley BC If out and about in the real world I use the iPod or smartphone at hot spots through the internet provider. which I'm paying for anyway. The power has been out since 2pm, should be back soon. A crew is onsite. I could look that up, cable backup is still working Tree fell over a powerline. Same old, same old But this time I have a generator which we used to power a coffeemaker to heat a pot of water
  6. I am using my iPod more than my computer now. apps are us
  7. New cars all have global positioning systems ... I don't have a clue how to use one But I think people might become dependent on
  8. my pc setup refers to apps, what I knew as programs. like my publishing program. app. i had to learn that
  9. yummy! And totally thoughtful early yet at my place
  10. not going to argue i did some baking for the local Hi Neighbour charity, hosting an event tomorrow. 4 dozen cupcakes , some vanilla with cocoa dust on them, some ginger molasses with sugar dust on them. two per small baggie, needed to have ingredients list for which I typed and printed labels this morning just now packed the lot into a cardboard box that i rigged in two tiers, taped shut with a big label to explain the contents, to deliver before the event starts . I could simply give them some money, but what would be the fun of that?
  11. another smart move. There might have been a stampede I dare not think who would win, or
  12. you ol' chatterbox you on my little handheld I don't see the stats and other fun details... hmph. So and the drivers of big rigs in small places most often manage good idea to retreat out of the way all the same !
  13. that is a good workout for ladies of a certain age. of any age! Well done ! Errands completed :ennui: though there was a highlight in traffic at a construction zone a freight truck with 3 trailers loaded with big cement barrier thingies, was as long as a train had to turn across my lane, for which we obligingly stopped , amazed by its big-ness as it rumbled by, neatly joining traffic where it was supposed to the driver gave us a wave
  14. welcome spring! What a good use of the day I am off soon to errands in the next town in a better mood for having read your post
  15. The good reviews are true then
  16. catching up with work after a time away is a drag but sounds good if the day after is better
  17. :angeldackel: I love it!
  18. That will be nice. Jette can help . posing ❤️
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