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  1. I read the grocery flyers the postie brings and I scan a national news brief. It has "this Day in History" in case I've missed something important from the 1600's.
  2. Amazing, both cause and effect
  3. I am going just reading about the sub museum :p
  4. Have to say the Oscars came and went this time without my noticing I did not know about the best bad timing flub. Dah.
  5. örgs that is high water Not a good swimming place
  6. That is stormy! We have a semi-sunny quiet day after a LOT of rain Still winter For something to do we changed the handles on the kitchen cupboards. New plain blackened brass are good, the old filigree handles had evil tendencies. Clothing would catch, fingers twisted or nails broken.
  7. The agony "but it looks so useful"
  8. What if the week after I get rid, I want the thing after all ? Then you say aw darn, gone. (I try to take my own advice.... )
  9. I love that And I know, we have to let some things go. It is maddening on the conscience...do this or that
  10. Ain't it the truth Is it possible to take the old cameras to a metal recycling place? Or put in a box marked free? We have sold some on eBay (cheap) too.
  11. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    I have a few web places that are for looking only too Rowan in the UK is one. Artful blanket but I like your way of construction better! Turning corners of each bit would drive me batty but lovely to see!
  12. Cats... The wearable art with friend at fave eatery = posh outing Classy Goli I am wondering the wisdom of even living where I am The positives outweigh the negatives...so far. Perfect away time Mackie
  13. oh I love that emo-movie mountain snow does that yeh, outages ... confusing what day it is and what i'm supposed to be doing next they don't give us anything but they don't charge for the outage time, like 0 kilowatt hours being used. well i guess that's good. mine and 454 other households are in the same grid area that gets attacked by hapless trees
  14. Get well soon Jude. Those hangers-on bugs are no fun Excellent that K and A were in Hawaii and home again ❤️ ! I hear the pitter-patter of rain-rain-rain. Tomorrow we should be able to walk around outside on bare ground. That dump of snow we had was treacherous
  15. I know. And yes! including jalapeños Ok. Now I'm hungry
  16. maybe like ollebolle, those round doughnuts from Holland or Aebelskiver (a Danish friend makes those)...? (from the Bureau of Useless Information, ere I ) The power came back after lunch today. 26 hours out and weather was snowy awful, plus the internet coonection went for 12 of those hours But the grocery delivery van was early, in daylight. He did not want to get stuck in our snowy driveway, carried two bins with our order up the hill. we met him halfway and we have a varied diet again. I do like your long and windy sentence
  17. Those ~ ~ ~ ~ are cool aren't they! No wood stove, but we can start the generator and run a small ceramic heater to keep the chill off. I like the kitchen set-up with the generator, a one-burner hotplate with cast iron cookware, there is radiant heat. When we used a campstove with propane fuel we would have to have a window open. Electric off the grid is better. Thank you - Power is holding, for now. We are wearing woolies !
  18. Yerss... and about March On Vancouver Island We are really snowed on today Stay home, they say. I can't even see my car
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