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  1. Your latest post in Soulfood, Mackie
  2. Mackie yes! it's all good
  3. to yay the beans are ok in the pots! we call them Scarlet Runners and I put some in pots, too. but a bug was in the soil, the new leafs look too lace-y . i'm that as the plants grow, erm, *if* the plants grow, they will outgrow whatever is eating them. wishful thinking
  4. Yerss mad what the hey... and so good to see you here! I just had a thought to throw a retirement party for Mackie Or...er...we already did in conversation that's what the flowers were all about. Memory has gone as with the days of the week.
  5. Our down time has been good for Nature When Parks BC closed the campgrounds, the one near us had a cougar family move in well it made sense to them
  6. awww, that's lovely! the flowers, and the special send-off. well-deserved about the migraine, though maybe that's it for them, stress-be-gone enjoy that there are no work deadlines now happy b.d. to DSis
  7. yerss... to the solution, goli
  8. for all things positive to continue
  9. countdown! i can tell you I wouldn't want to go back to the other
  10. (I'm not doing much and time is racing by )
  11. In the village a small foodie shop has a clove and tea tree oil spray they made for us to use as we leave the store. No like I don't go there much now.
  12. i wore my mask to do some shopping...my last stop on some errands yesterday. it was ok without mask at the open air market, lots of space another time i'll have more masks with me. i did put mine right away into a pocket to wash when i got home, i didn't like the air in the store, even though we were 3 customers at a time only, the staff use a lot of spritzy sanitizer
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