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  1. happy November the dark days are here... Moo did trick&treating catch on there then? Feel like there was a few years when you saw a couple of them, but not lately. We carved a pumpkin, had chili and ate too much candy, .our usual halloween routine... well, Chris took a walk in the cemetery with all the candles but it's a bit creepy there at night for my taste
  2. Um have they heard of portable loos?
  3. Wow this is so cool Mackie! God those dolls are awful in their original versions, but yours are lovely!
  4. :hi: I'll happily send you some rain too! though my vacation is already over so I guess it's okay. last week was hot as hell! as some of you may have spotted on FB, I've been on a bit of a crusade of northern Europe... long story short, Chris's family (mom, sister and 2 nephews) came over to visit for the first time and being somewhat insane, they wanted to see a LOT on the same trip so we did 2 cruises (baltic sea and norwegian fjords with a Disney boat - dear lord!) before hanging around Sweden for a while and then go by train throughout Europe (by themselves, thank god - those kids can be a menace and I'll be surprised if everyone makes it alive). Now they've left and work seems very relaxing Cruises were pretty fun though, nothing I'd ever choose to do myself, but when it's paid for...
  5. Wow, a bishop without a penis! How can that be!?
  6. it's been really hot hasn't it... too hot to work, but alas... the best tavernas will definitely be sought.. real greek salad, i could eat that every day.
  7. Jude Mad - sounds like fun, I like the thought of you mocking the narrowboaters. But makes me think of a hotel website I saw the other day which had the quote: "No man needs vacation so much as the person who has hust had one" - not how I'd market my hotel but ok If course that's the one I booked though we're going to Thessaloniki on Tuesday, visiting Chris's Macedonian friend living there - exploring a bit and then onto Macedonia for a few days. It will be sweaty but interesting!
  8. if we have the same weather it's totally schizophrenic - not good for heads
  9. been home over a week but working like a mad woman at the moment. hope you all are doing well
  10. Happy birthday Hobbie!! Hope you've had a wonderful day!
  11. hobbie! love the Jette-movie lovely springy pics! really nice here too today and yesterday. Going to get colder again, but not for me think i'm all packed, see you from the equator
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