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Arts&Crafts - the worx

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detail of same







allow for overlap... it's a tourist guide!

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Actually, I did a Supernatural drawing recently that I don't hate. It's kind of a cartoon. Someone had done a black and white sketch that I likes some elements of online and i wanted to print it off and colour it in, but I didn't like some elements of their pic. I was going to change some bits out collage style, but eventually ended up redrawing from scratch. The crow was already on the paper so I just drew around it. I made the mistake of drawing a lot of it in ink so the bits I don't like I couldn't change. Dean's a bit hammerhead shark and I wish I'd lined the graveyard and the freeway up instead of being so freeform with the composition. But I'm a horrible drawer so all in all pleased with how it turned out.



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a few things from pumpkinning:


the dragon



the carousel



the wild hunt






the state of Tats dining room....



just hoping Num has better pics somewhere!

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mad's painting needs to go here, too :yes:



Most of you will have seen this already, but here goes anyway - Tolkien inspired anniversary cake.




It started off as a much grander idea - a tiered cake with the hobbit house built into the side of one tier, and Aragorn and Arwen on the bridge at Rivendell on the top tier. Unfortunately the sponge cake I baked was too light to be weight-bearing. One of the sponge tiers was trimmed to act as the hobbit hole and set on a denser chocolate mud cake as the main body of the cake. I did still intend to have the figures on a bridge but that made them too high and they looked odd peeking over the top of the hobbit house so I ended up with the ivy bower instead.

As I made the hobbit door and window from polymer clay instead of sugar paste they can be attached to a skirting board in our house once the cake is eaten.

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Another photo I found on photobucket of a craft project that I don't think I have shared yet. We did a Secret Santa at work last year and I made little felt ornaments of a colleague's cats from a photo she had on her desk. Here they are with the real thing -



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did i tell about the milking stools i was "improving"?


actually they are just three legged stools, but they are called milking stools (which are one legged, actually … :p ). I found them a while ago in a carpenter's shop window, and a few weeks ago i went and got three of them.


gave them a light grey glaze, varnish, white "socks", and printed a "lace doily" on. (first i thought i'd cut a stencil, but that would have been too accurate, i wanted it to be a little more like the ghost of a doily.)


this is how they came out:



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until someone posts a real pic of the Supernatural b'day cake, here is one i stole from twitter.... :goodbad:


Rain's cake:



(the tombstones are white chocolate..)

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So, the birthday cake - based on the Supernatural episode Changing Channels, which ends with the Trickster being revealed as an archangel while surrounded by a circle of holy fire....


The episode has the characters imprisoned in other TV shows, including CSI, which is why I used POLICE LINE DO NOT CROSS tape for the ribbon. This has a clear view of the fondant icing flames -




But as birthday cakes have candles, we decided to get some pics with Gabriel surrounded by real flame -









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a couple of collaborative pieces - ie i did the design, Tats and sundry allies did the work!!


pebble mosaic panels - fish and plants - a garden in Nottingham




and a 'well-dressing' design, made up by the folks at Tats' community allotment



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my friend Janet, retired head teacher, has spent the time since she retired writing a book about our local long-distance footpath, once the railway line. i did an illustrated map to go inside the book, which has just been published and is selling really well. we're both doing a signing in August (she's doing lots! but i said i'd go along as moral support and it seemes like a good idea...)

Anyway, this is the map, if the Pinterest link works...




a few of the details..


Strichen stone circle



Lychgate at local kirk




linesman's hut




steam drifter




smallest platform on the line...




and while we're here, a couple of the paintings i've done for some interpretation at work.. (there are 4 more, but no photos yet)






blue tit




did i ever post this chap? he'll be back soon....be vey afraid.....



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