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The Hidden Fortress
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Not really much in the way of house rules, but i think a few things need to be said. :wink:


for more than a year now, this place has been growing and changing with the input from everybody who is active here. :flower:


The few rules there are, are very basic - respect each other's opinions and interests, and do not hurt somebody else's feelings if you can help it.


Discussions that are expected to be heated, controversial topics, including everything political, goes into the Steam Bath. Feel free to be outspoken, but remember ... others can be outspoken, too and we are not planning to babysit any discussions. Staying open to rethinking your positions can lead to better discussions in the long run.


The Boulevard is supposed to stay as peaceful and playful as possible. If you prefer not to have your feathers ruffled, you can stay there, away from the controversial stuff, and be happy. :joy:


The Secret Garden is for more personal stuff, and is a private forum not visible for guests. It's become a place to come to for sharing and support in bad times as well as good times.


The Fortress is going to stay a small place, but we want it to stay alive and we want to maintain the level of trust we have developed here, and so membership requires an appropriate level of activity. Nobody is expected to give up real life for it, but we expect a level of participation that is in proportion to the overall time that each member is spending here.


As a guideline, if a member is here a couple of times a week, we expect at least about one post per week from that member. If a member is here more often, more posts are expected. Being online on a daily basis reading the forum without posting is not considered adequate participation in relation to forum time.


If you are normally here often, but you are going on holidays, or if you are sick or have other responsibilities - no problem; but we expect you to stay in touch so we won't worry about you :heart: . If you cannot be here often, that is fine as long as you post when you are here.


If a member's level of activity is not consistent with what is expected, we may transfer that member into the travellers group, where they can still access the board, and can read and post in all forums except the Secret Garden. If an (unexplained) absence is longer than three months, we might delete the account without notice - we will not be issuing warnings or chasing people down.

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an "update" on Fort essentials:

we have a lot of picture nuts , a diploducus, a mango expert from India, and several comparatively normal members. we have a clan tartan* (designed by Mad), a rope skipping sheep, our very own patron "saint" in the person of a roving Norse trickster, and our very own google bot, Barney.



so consider yourself warned. :manic:




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ladies and gentlemen, please raise your glasses for the anthem:







On a dark cyber-highway, cool beer :beer: in a can

Warm smell of fresh pizza :pizza:, coming up from the pan

:wow: But displayed upon Google, I saw a shimmering light :star:

My eyes grew heavy and my mind grew dim, :sleepy: I had to log-in for the night :idea:


There they were at the forum, those I knew very well;

And I was thinking to myself, ’this could be heaven or this could be hell’ :goodbad:

Then they lit up a candle :light: and they showed me the way

There were voices on the boulevard, I thought I heard them say...


Welcome to the hotel Hidden Fortress :drink:

Such a lovely place

Such a looney case :roll:

Plenty of room at the hotel Hidden Fortress

Any time of year, you can find us here


Their minds are toadly twisted, gone clean round the bends :silly2:

They got a couple of nutty boys, that they call friends :frog::robot:

How they laugh :lol: in the garden, what you see’s what you get

Some laugh to remember, some laugh to forget :huh:


So I called up the madmin,:whitie: ’please let me join in,

It’s warm :fire: and it’s crazy, and to pslut ain’t a sin’ :manic:

And still those voices are calling from far away,

Stay on-line in the middle of the night just to hear them say...:sing:


Welcome to the hotel Hidden Fortress

Staying nice and warm :zzz:

Staying sane and calm :omm:

We’re covered in quilts at the hotel Hidden Fortress

Scream a little bit, :wail: have a HissyFit… :mood::mad:


Mirrors show our :photo: pictures, we cook up good advice,:dinner:

They said ’we are all :nuts: quote pervers here, it’s such a grand device’

And in the Mackster’s chambers, you hear a sudden ‘clonk’ :hat:

They wield a lot of steely knives, :budo: but they just can’t beat the thonk! :thonk:


Last thing I remember, I had scribed another four

Words to make a story like I’d never seen before :shock:

’Relax,’ said the madmin, :jack:‘Think what havoc we can weave;

You can checkout :splat: any time you like, but you can never leave!’


Welcome to the hotel Hidden Fortress

Have a lovely time :cig:

Have another wine :glass:

We’re livin’ it up at the hotel Hidden Fortress :joy::rainbow:

Settle back and watch :pop2:, have another scotch….., :scotch::scotch::scotch:






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another good one by the Bard of the Bored, in celebration of 80,000 posts:


well, there had to be bardic recognition, anyway.......


Charge of the Fort Brigade.


One more page, one more post

One more emoticon

All in the Hidden Fort

Wrote eighty thousand.

‘Merely a paltry few,

Not much that they can do’

But yet the silent few

Built up eighty thousand.


Renga to right of them

Lifelines to left of them

Snapshot in front of them

Camera’d and posted,

Storm’d at with jibe and jeer

Boldly they built it here

Into the Fort they came

In where they know no fear

Posts eighty thousand.


When can their glory fade?

O the wild charge they made!

All the net wonder’d.

Honour the posts they made

Honour the Fort Brigade

Bloody hell! Eighty thousand!!!




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the latest festivities brought on a new one:



This story :write: shall the post-slut :manic: hold as writ;

And February Eight shall ne'er go by,

From this day to the ending of the Web, :poof:

But we in it shall be :idea: remember'd;

We few, we :joy: happy few, we band of nutters; :roll:

For she to-day that shares her scotch :scotch: with me

Shall be my sister; be she near or far,

This day shall draw us :hepp: close together:

And idle folk :zzz: on forums now gone quiet

Shall thonk :thonk: themselves, accursed they were not here,

And hold their pinkness cheap :gaah: whiles any speaks

That drank :drink: with us upon this Fortress Day.


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