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:crit: and Dr Who isn't up for any BAFTAs this year..... weird.


list is as follows (I don't believe how mucho f this stuff I haven't seen!):

British Academy Television Awards 2007 Nominees



JIM BROADBENT - Longford (Channel 4)

ANDY SERKIS - Longford (Channel 4)

MICHAEL SHEEN - Kenneth Williams: Fantabulosa! (BBC4)

JOHN SIMM - Life On Mars (BBC1)



ANNE-MARIE DUFF - The Virgin Queen (BBC1)

SAMANTHA MORTON - Longford (Channel 4)

RUTH WILSON - Jane Eyre (BBC1)

VICTORIA WOOD - Housewife 49 (ITV1)


Entertainment Performance

ANT & DEC - Saturday Night Takeaway (ITV1)


PAUL MERTON - Have I Got News For You (BBC1)

JONATHAN ROSS - Friday Night With Jonathan Ross (BBC1)


Comedy Performance

DAWN FRENCH - The Vicar Of Dibley (BBC1)



LIZ SMITH - The Royle Family: Queen Of Sheba (BBC1)


Single Drama

HOUSEWIFE 49 - Victoria Wood, Piers Wenger, Gavin Millar, David Threlfall (ITV1/ITV Productions)

KENNETH WILLIAMS: FANTABULOSA! - Andy de Emmony, Ben Evans, Martyn Hesford (BBC4/BBC Drama)

LONGFORD - Peter Morgan, Tom Hooper, Helen Flint, Andy Harries (C4/A Granada Production for C4 in assoc. with HBO)

ROAD TO GUANTANAMO - Michael Winterbottom, Mat Whitecross (C4/Revolution Films)


Drama Series

LIFE ON MARS - Production Team (BBC1/Kudos Film & Television)

SHAMELESS - Production Team (C4/Company Pictures)

SUGAR RUSH - Production Team (C4/Shine Productions)

THE STREET - Jimmy McGovern, Sita Williams, David Blair, Ken Horn (BBC1/Granada Television Ltd)


Drama Serial

LOW WINTER SUN - Greg Brenman, Adrian Shergold, Simon Donald, Rhonda Smith (C4/Tiger Aspect Productions)

PRIME SUSPECT: THE FINAL ACT - Andrew Benson, Philip Martin, Frank Deasy, Andy Harries (ITV1/ITV Productions)

SEE NO EVIL: THE MOORS MURDERS - Lisa Gilchrist, Neil McKay, Jeff Pope, Chris Menaul (ITV1/ITV Productions)

THE VIRGIN QUEEN - Coky Giedroyc, Paula Milne, Paul Rutman (BBC1/A BBC Drama/Power co-production)


Continuing Drama

CASUALTY - The Production Team (BBC1/BBC)

CORONATION STREET - Stephen Russell, Tim O'Mara, Steve Frost, Kieran Roberts (ITV1/ITV Productions)

EASTENDERS - The Production Team (BBC1/BBC Drama Production Studios)

EMMERDALE - Keith Richardson, Kathleen Beedles, Lindsay Williams, Piotr Szkopiak (ITV1/ITV Productions)


Factual Series

ROSS KEMP ON GANGS - Clive Tulloh, Amelia Hann, Ross Kemp (Sky One/Tiger Aspect Productions)

STEPHEN FRY - THE SECRET LIFE OF A MANIC DEPRESSIVE - Production Team (BBC2/IWC Media, part of the RDF Media Group)

TRIBE - James Smith, Steve Robinson, Bruce Parry, Sam Organ (BBC2/BBC)

WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? - Alex Graham, Lucy Carter (BBC2/Wall To Wall)


Specialist Factual

MUNICH: MOSSAD'S REVENGE - Anthony Geffen, Tom Whitter, Peter Miller, Calum Walker (C4/Atlantic Productions Ltd)

NUREMBERG: GOERING'S LAST STAND - Peter Nicholson, Simon Berthon, Dan Korn, Piers Vellacott (C4/3BM Television)

PLANET EARTH - Alistair Fothergill, Mark Linfield (BBC1/BBC)

SIMON SCHAMA'S POWER OF ART - Clare Beavan, Simon Schama, Basil Comely, Mark Harrison (BBC2/BBC London Arts)


Single Documentary

BREAKING UP WITH THE JONESES - Ursula Macfarlane, Saskia Wilson, Dave Nath, Gregor Lyon (C4/Betty TV)

EVICTED - Brian Woods, Deborah Shipley, Jeremy Wales, Katy Sheppard (BBC1/True Vision)

9/11: THE FALLING MAN - Henry Singer, John Smithson, Sue Bourne, Julian Ware (C4/Darlow Smithson Productions)




THE APPRENTICE - Dan Adamson, Sanjay Singhal, Martyn Smith, Sir Alan Sugar (BBC2/TalkbackThames/Mark Burnett Productions)

THE CHOIR - Jamie Isaacs, Ludo Graham, Drew Hill, Sam Grace (BBC2/Twenty Twenty)

DRAGONS' DEN - Helen Bullough, Dominic Bird, Paul Mackay (BBC2/BBC Entertainment)

THE F WORD - Ben Adler, Jon Swain, Pat Llewellyn, Eileen Herlihy (C4/Optomen Television)



THE BOAT RACE - John Watts, Tony Pastor, John McKenna, Phil Heslop (ITV1/ITV Sport)

F1: HUNGARIAN GRAND PRIX - JENSON BUTTON'S FIRST WIN - Neil Duncanson, Gerard Lane (ITV1/North One Television)

CRICKET ON FIVE - Jeff Foulser, Gary Franses, Dylan Jane, Diana Keen (Five/Sunset and Vine Productions)

WINTER OLYMPICS - BBC Sport Production Team (BBC2/BBC Sport)


News Coverage


CHANNEL 4 NEWS - NEWS FROM IRAN - Jon Snow, Deborah Rayner, Ben Monro-Davies, Martin Collett (C4/ITN)


ITV EVENING NEWS - THE ISRAEL/LEBANON CRISIS - Julian Manyon, Mark Austin, Geoff Hill, Rob Bowles (ITV1/ITN)



DISPATCHES - WAR TORN: STORIES OF SEPARATION - David Modell, Cassian Harrison, Oliver Doward (Channel4.com/Dispatches)

MELTDOWN AND THE BIG CLIMATE CHANGE EXPERIMENT - Frances McNamara, Jonathan Renouf, Paul Bradshaw, Tolu Aina (Supporting BBC4)

THE SECRET POLICEMAN'S BALL - Clive Tulloh, Lisle Turner, Mike Agnew, Adil Abrar (C4/Tiger Aspect Productions)

TERRY PRATCHETT'S HOGFATHER - Aidan Conway, Giles Pooley, Rod Brown, Ian Sharples (Sky One Networked Media)



ENTOURAGE - Doug Ellin, Mark Wahlberg, Steve Levinson (ITV2/HBO)

HOUSE - David Shore (Five/Heal and Toe Films/Shore Z Productions/Bad Hat Harry Productions in assoc with NBC Universal Television Studio)

LOST - JJ Abrams, Carlton Cuse, Damon Lindelof, Jack Bender (Sky One/Buena Vista International Television)

MY NAME IS EARL - Greg Garcia, Marc Buckland, Bobby Bowman (C4/Twentieth Century Fox)


Entertainment Programme

DANCING ON ICE - Will Smith, Katie Rawcliffe, Jayne Torville, Christopher Dean (ITV1/ITV Productions)

DERREN BROWN: THE HEIST - Derren Brown, Simon Mills, Andrew O'Connor, Anthony Owen (C4/Objective Productions)

HOW DO YOU SOLVE A PROBLEM LIKE MARIA? - Production Team (BBC1/BBC Entertainment)

THE X FACTOR - Richard Holloway, Claire Horton, Andrew Llinares, Siobhan Greene (ITV1/TalkbackThames in association with SYCO TV)


Situation Comedy

GREEN WING - Victoria Pile, Dominic Brigstocke, Tristram Shapeero, Rob Harley (C4/TalkbackThames)

THE IT CROWD - Ash Atalla, Graham Linehan, Derrin Schlesinger, Lorraine Heggessey (C4/TalkbackThames)

PULLING - Sharon Horgan, Dennis Kelly, Phil Bowker, Tristram Shapeero (BBC3/Silver River)

THE ROYLE FAMILY: QUEEN OF SHEBA - Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash, John Rushton, Phil Mealey (BBC1/Granada Productions)


Comedy Programme

THE CATHERINE TATE SHOW - Gordon Anderson, Aschlin Ditta, Geoffrey Perkins, Catherine Tate (BBC2/Tiger Aspect Productions)

LITTLE BRITAIN ABROAD - Matt Lucas, David Walliams, Matt Lipsey, Geoff Posner (BBC1/BBC Comedy)

LITTLE MISS JOCELYN - Gary Reich, Jemma Rogers, Gareth Carrivick, Jocelyn Jee Esien (BBC3/Brown Eyed Boy Productions)

THAT MITCHELL & WEBB LOOK - David Kerr, Gareth Edwards, Robert Webb, David Mitchell (BBC2/BBC Comedy)


Pioneer Audience Award







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I hope you guys get to see the Dr. Who sooner rather than later.


Is that The Royale Family the one with the family who sit around watching tv and eating sweets, ands periodically sending "our Anthony" out to get more candy?

I LOVe that! We got 1 season of that a couple of years ago. I was glad to see Mrs. Cropley from the Vicar of Dibley reincarnated as the Grandma....but a bit of a bitch. :roflmao:


I like The F Word too. Why no mention of The Worst Week of My Kife? That series is so funny....pants wettingly funny. :roflmao:

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Royle Family is that one, Jude - a one-off show with the exit of Liz Smith's character (Gran).


There's a whole heap of stuff that doesn't seem to have made it into the lists....

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I never thought I'd say this, but :smooch: to Man Utd for winning :yes: Maybe the players are Dr Who nuts :roll:


mad, for a mo I thought you last post was DURING Dr Who! :shock: I won't even answer the phone if it rings while the Doc is on :no: Occasionally Ma tests me, but I ignore her :lol:


So, just what does The Face of Boe (RIP) mean by 'You are not alone'? :huh: All the Time Lords are dead :yes: Maybe the Master is back :yes: That would make sense, I guess.


I loved the scene at the end with Martha with Abide With Me playing in the background :sigh:


But YAY! The Daleks are back next week :joy::joy::joy:

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:joy: we need a :dalek: emoticon...... there's a good pic here, if a bit large :joy:new-series-dalek-3d.jpg


mad, for a mo I thought you last post was DURING Dr Who!


poor old Face of Boe.... sniff. i think it's the Master, too....



i wanted to hear more about Gallifrey... poor Doc. (hug). quite a moving scene, with the singing.

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:joy: we need a :dalek: emoticon...



:salute: yes ma'am, sir!



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i wait for the judgment of the specialists before i get too proud of myself :neutral: (i just searched for dalek.gif with the google picture search :p)

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So cute! I always thought Daleks were just really silly looking and not at all scarey until I saw an episode with them in the Chris Ecleston season of Dr. Who.

There was just 1 but it was terrifying . And then very sad.




Later in an epidosde with alot of them I was properly scared. :roflmao:

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Jude, are you talking about the episode when the Dalek wants to 'see the sunlight'? :mood: Mad me MAD, that did :yes: Anyone who knows the history of Dr Who knows that Daleks are evil personified and have no feelings whatsoever :no: I'm glad the Doc at least stuck to his feelings about them :yes: Love Christopher's performance in that one.


Will be interesting to see the Doc's reaction to them next week. After all, they were pretty much the reason he lost Rose :yes:


Mad, they could of course be talking about the Doc's family. They must be out there somewhere :yes: His granddaughter was his first companion, wasn't she? I did read somewhere that the Doc's son was going to be mentioned somewhere in this series :yes:


It's a shame they trailed off his story at the end. We don't really know what happened, do we? Just that there was a kick-ass war. So many unanswered questions: How did they destroy Gallifrey? Why didn't more Time Lords escape? etc. etc.

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Moi has just had a brainwave :smart:


In the last episode of Torchwood, we heard the TARDIS. As far as we know it wasn't the Doc as Captain Jack's nowhere to be seen at the moment. Could it have been the Master? His TARDIS would sound the same AND he could make it look like a police box as the chameleon circuit works :yes: Plus Captain Jack has no idea what the Doctor looks like now :no:


It would tie in nicely with the 'You are not alone' prophecy. Which would explain the bit in Dr Who Confidential when David Tennant said that 'the Face of Boe is not wrong. But he's not right.' :roll:

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David Tennant said that 'the Face of Boo is not wrong.' :roll:

:shock: of course it is not! how dare he? :db:




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Umm.. Cap'n Jack comes back this series (around ep 11)and i think it links with the TARDIS noise heard off stage....the timeline's different. (Timeline, Who don't need no steenkin timeline!)


i felt very uncomfortable in that episode, feeling sorry for a :dalek: IT JUST AIN'T NATCHEREL! (and Moo - :smooch: for :dalek:) My bet's still on the Master. Didn't the Doc say a bit more about the Time War in that episode at the end of series one - why do i have the feeling that he was something to do with the end of the Time War?


(just made a typo - Tome War - isn't that the 4-word story!!??)



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