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  1. Last week
  2. and so it goes today, the google doodle brought a smile. https://g.co/doodle/ajfkya8
  3. Yup. And the "remedies" for livestock
  4. Heh. Heh. If one of OUR politicians had made the same remark, there would have been an uproar about whether or not the remark was racist, no matter which race the idiot was, and then there would have been another uproar about wearing masks at barbecues Catching COVID w/o mask vs catching fire with mask . . .
  5. Oh yes. I suspect you had to be ready tough to survive those “remedies” …
  6. Ah well, your country is still ok. In Quebec the Bloc Québecois leader said there were no winners and no losers … just a bunch of people whose barbecues were interrupted ....idiot, but funny
  7. Dry reading about with interesting bits surely. Erm, ya about the old custom treatments
  8. Better than we can manage, down here
  9. On the other hand, in some areas we HAVE learned a lot Just finished "Bluenose Magic" - very interesting, but some of the fold remedies for illnesses, etc. Am back safely reading the shipbuilding history, bit by bit.
  10. Goli

    Arts & Crafts

    Ahem, i swear i see a rabbit in the lovely fix it wasn't visible in the original
  11. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    We would love the other but the fix is awesome
  12. Printed tissue, watercolour and acrylic ink on watercolour paper. (Hiding an ugly experiment … ) The second image is what it looked like before gluing. Always interesting to see the changes when the glue makes the tissue transparent.
  13. Phew. Could be better, could be worse, right?
  14. I peeked It is ok Hello from Canada. We are exactly the same today as we were yesterday and will be tomorrow.
  15. i have a self-imposed embargo on the news, i might keep it that way. for a while
  16. Covering all the bases, so to speak
  17. Oh yes, I saw that in the papers. we do on Sunday, too.
  18. We have a federal election in Canada today. Good luck to us
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