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  1. Yesterday
  2. PS... now that's what I call raising the bar (oxymoronic pun) excellent array goli!
  3. I just sent an e-mail with the image can send from file if that doesn't work (if you don't see it)
  4. Bess (or Goli), if you see the martini, can you drag it to your desktop and send it to me? then I can try and restore it ...
  5. A broken one? Can't find a broken one, only the one. Did find a
  6. let me try, typing colon-mart-colon ... it is there or here. interesting it is back in goli's message.
  7. (was I there? did I have fun? ) ( )
  8. Boah, I forgot how many emoticons we have. I cannot find the broken martini one; can you still see it, Goli?
  9. Er, some of us have been REALLY busy. is : mart: w/o the space, obviously. LOVE the new avatar Just added a Heronswood pic to moi profile pagee Er, guess when they up the rates after forgetting about a lot of us, they'd BETTER have addedd interesting new stuff. for and especially when made at home just as good as the professionals. Tea, not so much, except for some herbals - ginger and lemon and so on. Oh, and i realized my e-mail has been out of date for YEARS, and finally figured out how to fix it. The beastly warnings number has, er, also been there fo
  10. i can relate, we acquired an elaborate coffee grinder and a Melitta filter system with a sweet little glass pot (actually for even) and tinkered quite a while with varied results to before we found the ideal there is something wrong with my taste buds and tea these days but i think that will correct itself. rosemary and mango! and to the resident Barista
  11. Did you stop liking tea? Or doesn't it agree with you? I used to drink lots of black tea - I still have a pot of it for breakfast. In the evening it's some fruit tea or other. Lots of rose hip, but sometimes more daring concoctions: I really liked one a friend gave tome, it was rosemary and mango Also something called mountain tea, a neighbor brings it twice the year when he returns from a month on Crete (I am looking after his mail). I also like coffee - a couple of years ago we had a few glorious months with a café right next door, they made the best coffee. Sadly it didn'
  12. i lied about only water. ..... gone off tea booze makes me sick
  13. Okay, then I‘ll have to look for the Martini I mostly drink water or tea - one glass of wine or beer with dinner, occasionally. And last sunday two cocktails in the middle of the day Afterwards I was basically drunk
  14. Someone's been having fun hmm, there was a martini in goli's message when I last saw it. oh and I only drink
  15. I just saw Goli's interesting warning count. Interesting things happen, when you drag the mouse over profile pic or name. We had several updates over the past two weeks and I keep finding new stuff.
  16. Did anyone notice my new avatar pic, perhaps? We also can have pictures on top of the profile page now and I put my jungle garden there … Just thought I should mention it.
  17. I see there was a party while the management was asleep. I'm shocked! Shocked, I say!
  18. goli, what's the emo in the middle? I only see the question mark of death …
  19. Last week
  20. bess, your money is already here now, too I can totally understand about better being able to send smaller sums, same here, after all. so for the time being, we seem to be fantastically safe.
  21. it's all good (for now) then I just sent my little portion I can try to set aside for a lump sum, but something every month or every two months would work better at my end.
  22. oh sorry, the new plan is "only" $ 30, not 40. (It is called 45, hence the confusion inmy little cluttered mind). All the better for us ...
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