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  2. That is wonderful. Such a good place to have within reach.
  3. There are so many plants in so many places, that, honestly, there's something either newly blooming, or that i didn't notice almost every DAY.
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  5. yes, it's lovely Five times a week! That is fantastic. Walking in that environment must be so beautiful; you get to witness all the seasonal changes.
  6. Here's one i took earlier in the year, back when it had just re-opened for the year, before too much had started growing again - the staff had done a lot of cutting back during winter:
  7. The pic is from a newly opened up section of Heronswood, part Renaissance stump garden, and part tribute to the history of logging camps like Port Gamble. With this section added, i can get in a pretty good exercise walk, and i've been going there up to five times a week, as Heronswood also opened up to five instead of three days a week - Wednesday through Sunday. Er, there are a LOT of pics, but i haven't gotten around to editing them and posting anything since the current version of Microsoft software i have to use now is, er, a pain. Heronswood is moi version of mental health therapy.
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  9. that is wonderful! (as is your photo )
  10. That is fantastic and your photo in tribute is
  11. Oh, and i just checked my email, and Heronswood raised over $16,000 for Lytton. Not bad for a fundraiser that was put together in just a few days.
  12. It would have been better had we started earlier, but the baby steps we DID start taking are starting to take off - more electric vehicles, wind and solar power creeping in - lots of new houses are fitted with solar panels. Way more in the way of recycling instead of dumping. And the best way for the new generation to rebel against their elders is . . . that they become really good at it.
  13. Yep. Here there is s video clip circulating with a German scientist talking about climate change and predicting quite precisely what’s happening now. The video is from 1976. That scientifist has been maligned and laughed at by conservatives until his death (of old age) a few years ago. And here we are … we could have seen this coming and could have done something about it for more than 40 years instead of waking up with the time already run out.
  14. The climate issue has become way too obvious to continue ignoring. It says a lot that all of the auto manufacturers are actually starting to seriously go electric or hybrid, i think.
  15. New sketchbook page. I got a few acrylic inks and played with them yesterday, and then I used one of the papers as a background for collage.
  16. Dear Jude We have been exceptionally lucky up here, the flooding is in the West and the East and it’s terrible. We all seem to need crossed fingers these days, don’t we … if it’s not one thing, it’s another. We have a general election in September, and all of a sudden even the conservative parties talk about climate crisis (after denying it right up to the floodings). I don’t trust them to remember after the election, though. They’re way too entwined with the automobile and other industries …
  17. Aww nice. Oddly enough she’s been on my mind lately. Totally yes
  18. i just had a phone call from Jude - she was concerned about us - the various fires and so on in the Northwest, and the terrible flooding in Germany. i told her we were all okay, and we did some reminiscing. Her son is a paramedic, so of course that has had its own concerns. But, this time, they are nowhere near the fires in Oregon
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