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  1. Thank you both for being my sounding board
  2. Thank you yes, it’s pretty rather than, I don’t know, artsy the little bits of orange were a must
  3. I will be making a flip-through video tomorrow. On Saturday I’ll be leaving for my sis. (Not done yet. )
  4. not done yet, but at least not a disaster anymore.
  5. Just now I am in that phase where a page can go to hell and back within ten minutes I just killed a page and then saved it. I hope. I had already had several misjudged elememts here, and then mde it all worse with putting this leaf cut-out in. Bad idea. Then I stuck some white over it; and then I added a letter and two little things that are almost letters , too, if not quite. Now I think I can work with it. (the last pic is before I glued the little things down.)
  6. The book has been sewn (not completely happy with it and I have put background papers on all pages. I did quite some marking and already added some prints of leaves and feathers. some of the empty spreads with just backgrounds:
  7. I printed blue papers and tissues today, here two favourites: the turquoise one was a delightful accident, the darker one was planned. More or less.
  8. Yes, I am so happy with how they turned out! And I really love to try stuff I’ve never done before
  9. Life interfered a bit with fun, but this morning on our walkies I picked a bunch of leaves and went to print them right away. They're for the blue book, of course. Small prints, the size of a leaf I used my small gel plate and had lots of fun.
  10. For me, too. I am new to most of these things, so it is quite an adventure.
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