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  1. This is one of the officers who got away on the steps of the Capitol. I particularly like the last sentence.
  2. oh, that does look good! And I saw that Lady Gaga is going to sing the National Anthem on the 20th.
  3. yes, a lot of stuff is really disgusting. They know now who the man was who was beating the police officer with the flag on the steps. He says, "Death is the only remedy." I really have to mentally take a step not to say, "For you, too."
  4. yep. Seems like everybody seems to believe they'll be the one exception ...
  5. wow! yes, life isn't going to be that rosy for some people in the future, I guess. Boo-flipping-hoo. They should have thought about that, shouldn't they? I laughed a lot about this piece in the WaPo:
  6. yep. It really is high time to be rid of him.
  7. Yes, that's a good place. I think the law enforcement is getting disenchanted with the pro-Trump protesters and vice versa. Quite a few people in the Capitol crowd were wearing some kind of Blue Lives Matter signs - rather ironic when you think how the treated the officers. I read that police in many states are checking if officers took part in the storming of the Capitol. If this leads to clearing the force from those elements, it is a good thing. The Capitol police, too, had several officers removed or suspended while allegations of their assistance to the mob are being investigate
  8. I think it is really encouraging to see so many companies and people waking up - better late than never. Trump, of course, cannot understand what people are so riled up about: he claims that "many people" say that he did and said nothing wrong.
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