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  1. I hope you can see it now, Goli
  2. I am going to put them on youtube
  3. yes, Migi came over and she was very indignant about him going straight to the window instead of saying hi to her fist
  4. He is, isn't he? He was "peeling" the old house's wall from the wall of a new house standing literally cheek to cheek with it, carefully inserting the top prong of the "hand" into the very small space between the two and then slowly tearing the old wall away. They also had waterhoses on the action all the time to avoid dust as good as possible. It was really interesting to watch.
  5. (never mind the chatter in the first one )
  6. two videos (if I manage to attach them ...) The early and then the late state of things today. IMG_9097.mov E8223C53-2CE1-4EC7-8A65-713F3957C827.mov
  7. a gothic murder mystery, for sure! We are lucky, the new building will not be as close to the property line as the old one was (which was standing ON the property line), and the part coming close to us will be much lower, a two storey building I think. So even though there won't be an unobstructed view (luckily, as it would mean we're in everybody's sight ), there will be a lot more light and air. I am very much looking forward to having flowers again! Inspite of all the dust and noise and the aftermath, which will take some months, it was rather interesting to be able and
  8. it looks like the attempt do decorate for a Gothic theme and th result has gotten much too cheerful The house is gone now:
  9. awwww, you guys thank you for the lovely roses.Goli Is that moss on the tree, bess? that looks otherworldly. I had a nice day and even nice weather - it had rained during the night, so the garden looked not too bad, and today they worked on the other side of the house, so no new dust. I bet it will happen tomorrow
  10. This week they were tearing the house next door down; most of it is gone, I guess the last "slice" will go down tomorrow. Most of the week it was okay - not too loud, and until Friday it wasn't very dirty, but on Friday it got really dusty. They are as careful as one can probably be, taking down an old house - they're using one single machine. I thought it was called bagger in english, too, but it seems it's an excavator with grab It's rather fascinating to watch - I have spent some time with a mug of tea in the beach chair, watching. but that's when it wasn't so dusty yet. The dust fro
  11. well, here is back. Weird thing: There is about a dozen emojis missing - and they're all food related Is invision trying to starve us?? I'll try to find them again, no idea if I still have any related files. We might do without :milk: I guess, but :pizza:? :hotdog:? :cake:???
  12. yes, that would be a very user friendly change The purple thingies are amazing.
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