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  1. That’s so good to know ❤️ Thank you!
  2. Oh, I didn't know that understood the 45 but not 86. Where does that come from?
  3. I need to hold a tape measure to Goli, if I hadn't so many way at hand to get rid of stuff, I wouldn't get it done. Aside from a free-for-all on our mail boxes in the hall I have a place where Ican drop clothes and shoes, books and entertainment media usually are picked up if Iput them in front of the door and those that bring a few cents I sell at momox. I have an app to scan the bar code, it tells me if they buy it and at which price, I add enough to habe a 10 EUR sale (minimum), they send a pdf of a label and i can send it with no cost. I was rather amazed to see that
  4. "LXXXVI XLV" What's the 86 for? at least you're well prepared
  5. I have been looking for a pattern for a dog jacket that fits a rather long doggy, and it's really hard. I seem to be unable to make a pattern myself; tried twice - once it was too roomy and too long and the second time it was too tight. Oh yes Found a few art books I had no idea I possessed and quite a few I realized I do not want anymore. Especially older ones - when you look at them these days, it's jarring to see that most of the images are black and white. Found a lovely old one my parents bought some time in the sixties, though, with colour prints carefully glued into a mono
  6. oh, and hi I am a bit caught up in - tadaaa!! uncluttering. Not sure if I told that I want a craft space under my bed? (It's a loft bed. so breathe ... ). So now I am sorting through the books on the shelves there, all of them art books (coffee table books) and cook books. I have to get rid of some because I have to reorganize the shelves so I can put a table next to them without having books where I cannot reach them anymore.. I think I got rid of about 4 ft of books so far; some I gave away, some I threw away and some I am selling. Also other things ... Everything in the bedr
  7. Has anyone heard or seen anything from Jude and family at all? She hasn't posted on Facebook in ages and I am really worried. I sent Kate a friend request on FB, but I'm not sure she'd have a cue who that is, so she might ignore me.
  8. Yes, Stech-Apfel in German, Stinging Apple.
  9. yes, it is, even though the frogs might now agree … I didn't know the Naked Ladies ( ) are poisonous! Good to know. I found a weird plant growing in one corner of the fish market - it was jimson weed (datura). Also really poisonous. I wonder how it got there.
  10. Lots of stuff happening, but right now I'm too sleepy to tell. All good though, so no worries!!
  11. And it's a gorgeous dog, too I love the small green persons on the waterlilies,too Such a beautiful place, Goli. I don't know what the croci-like flowers are called in English, they are Herbstzeitlosen (something like "autumnal timeless ones) in German, and they're so beautiful. In these weeks, knowing that it's only a short time before all this green is gone, it's even more precious to enjoy a garden, isn't it.
  12. May he enjoy his retirement
  13. Goli, your new avatar looks really good on the forum index page
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