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  1. And here's how it came to be Idea, first paper laydown, first glued version, final glued version.
  2. I think I will need to send it to you as an email and then ask invision what's to do in the long run. I made a small (13x18) collage for my sil's b-day. (her name's Ingrid)
  3. Hmph! I'll try and think of how to repair that.
  4. Of course I can. Probably leading the Scottish Nationalist Party … From over here, Canada always looks so levelheaded and polite.
  5. I made the popup-page for the 30 days challenge and it is boring. I was so hung up on the engineering that I forgot to make it interesting. I guess I will add to it with time. Here's the pop. IMG_1856.MOV
  6. yep, I guess so To be fair, he has a mother who is home decoration crazy, so I guess it's a case of better nothing than too much.
  7. I bet he did NOT complain! Always nice to have someone like that being faster than expected, isn't it ... And with the cookies you both were happy.
  8. Just be careful nobody sneezes on you for the next week.
  9. they are always on the lookout for affordable art, or I guess she is. Her husband probably would live with naked walls without finding anything amiss ... except for bookcases. But even a huge library looks rather small in these rooms.
  10. Test was negative. yay about the appointment, bess!
  11. Yep. got an appointment for tomorrow. Hmph.
  12. Hmph. My brother the doctor tells me to go and get tested for Covid tomorrow.
  13. There is a bit of greek in there; some of the political posters hereabouts come in many languages. One of my nieces considers to have this blown up to 90x90 to hang in her home (they have a HUGE apartment in Berlin, the walls are 4 m 50 high (that's 15 ft). "Normal" pictures look tiny on these walls.
  14. thank you I am happy with it, too
  15. yes, Piers Morgan is a louse.
  16. I try to use letters in these collage like I would use Asian letters or runes or some signs from outer space, as if they have no meaning I can understand. I use mostly old posters, and peeling them apart (they mostly come in layers) is like archeology. I love them most when the colors are breaking up and the texst is barely legible.
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