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  1. Bess (or Goli), if you see the martini, can you drag it to your desktop and send it to me? then I can try and restore it ...
  2. Boah, I forgot how many emoticons we have. I cannot find the broken martini one; can you still see it, Goli?
  3. Did you stop liking tea? Or doesn't it agree with you? I used to drink lots of black tea - I still have a pot of it for breakfast. In the evening it's some fruit tea or other. Lots of rose hip, but sometimes more daring concoctions: I really liked one a friend gave tome, it was rosemary and mango Also something called mountain tea, a neighbor brings it twice the year when he returns from a month on Crete (I am looking after his mail). I also like coffee - a couple of years ago we had a few glorious months with a café right next door, they made the best coffee. Sadly it didn'
  4. Okay, then I‘ll have to look for the Martini I mostly drink water or tea - one glass of wine or beer with dinner, occasionally. And last sunday two cocktails in the middle of the day Afterwards I was basically drunk
  5. I just saw Goli's interesting warning count. Interesting things happen, when you drag the mouse over profile pic or name. We had several updates over the past two weeks and I keep finding new stuff.
  6. Did anyone notice my new avatar pic, perhaps? We also can have pictures on top of the profile page now and I put my jungle garden there … Just thought I should mention it.
  7. I see there was a party while the management was asleep. I'm shocked! Shocked, I say!
  8. goli, what's the emo in the middle? I only see the question mark of death …
  9. bess, your money is already here now, too I can totally understand about better being able to send smaller sums, same here, after all. so for the time being, we seem to be fantastically safe.
  10. oh sorry, the new plan is "only" $ 30, not 40. (It is called 45, hence the confusion inmy little cluttered mind). All the better for us ...
  11. Yes, I am going to do that now. 40 is still better than 45. We take that for as long as it stands and then we look at things again. And wow, Goli I was at a Mexican restaurant just now with Migi, he had very good day job-wise and felt like celebrating a little by having beer and fabulous Mexican food, and while he was out in front to have a little session with his e-cigarette, I checked my emails. There was one from paypal, and I said something very unladylike out loud. You are such a . For all your broadswords and ... I will respond to Rhett now; he had said earli
  12. I would be happy to keep it for a little longer if we can. I haven't heard back from him yet about how long we have to think this over. Let's wait for goli to drop in …
  13. Of course we can, if we want to. It’s rather sad, having to let go.
  14. my dears, unfortunately the day started with an email fron invision … not a good one. I am posting it here, with the back and forth between Rhett from invision and me so you can read for yourself. ... he did not yet respond to that last question. Since I am by now living on a really tight budget, this is a real problem. Fuck. Sorry.
  15. I want a fresh 2020, please, this one is broken. Ruth Bader Ginsburg died. A woman of brains and courage.
  16. Someone asked "Why do some British people not like Donald Trump?" Nate White, an articulate and witty writer from England, wrote this magnificent response: I hve laughed so much at this just now.
  17. oh dear. Yes, I hope they found their way and stayed out of harm's way, too.
  18. thank you for the update, Goli … yes, that is good news. I hope they can breathe, the air seems to be really bad.
  19. The huge smoke field drifting out over the sea as seen from space is really frightening.
  20. oh dear. Yes, I keep my fingers crossed.
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