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  1. That’s so good to know ❤️ Thank you!
  2. Oh, I didn't know that understood the 45 but not 86. Where does that come from?
  3. I need to hold a tape measure to Goli, if I hadn't so many way at hand to get rid of stuff, I wouldn't get it done. Aside from a free-for-all on our mail boxes in the hall I have a place where Ican drop clothes and shoes, books and entertainment media usually are picked up if Iput them in front of the door and those that bring a few cents I sell at momox. I have an app to scan the bar code, it tells me if they buy it and at which price, I add enough to habe a 10 EUR sale (minimum), they send a pdf of a label and i can send it with no cost. I was rather amazed to see that
  4. "LXXXVI XLV" What's the 86 for? at least you're well prepared
  5. I have been looking for a pattern for a dog jacket that fits a rather long doggy, and it's really hard. I seem to be unable to make a pattern myself; tried twice - once it was too roomy and too long and the second time it was too tight. Oh yes Found a few art books I had no idea I possessed and quite a few I realized I do not want anymore. Especially older ones - when you look at them these days, it's jarring to see that most of the images are black and white. Found a lovely old one my parents bought some time in the sixties, though, with colour prints carefully glued into a mono
  6. oh, and hi I am a bit caught up in - tadaaa!! uncluttering. Not sure if I told that I want a craft space under my bed? (It's a loft bed. so breathe ... ). So now I am sorting through the books on the shelves there, all of them art books (coffee table books) and cook books. I have to get rid of some because I have to reorganize the shelves so I can put a table next to them without having books where I cannot reach them anymore.. I think I got rid of about 4 ft of books so far; some I gave away, some I threw away and some I am selling. Also other things ... Everything in the bedr
  7. Has anyone heard or seen anything from Jude and family at all? She hasn't posted on Facebook in ages and I am really worried. I sent Kate a friend request on FB, but I'm not sure she'd have a cue who that is, so she might ignore me.
  8. Yes, Stech-Apfel in German, Stinging Apple.
  9. yes, it is, even though the frogs might now agree … I didn't know the Naked Ladies ( ) are poisonous! Good to know. I found a weird plant growing in one corner of the fish market - it was jimson weed (datura). Also really poisonous. I wonder how it got there.
  10. Lots of stuff happening, but right now I'm too sleepy to tell. All good though, so no worries!!
  11. And it's a gorgeous dog, too I love the small green persons on the waterlilies,too Such a beautiful place, Goli. I don't know what the croci-like flowers are called in English, they are Herbstzeitlosen (something like "autumnal timeless ones) in German, and they're so beautiful. In these weeks, knowing that it's only a short time before all this green is gone, it's even more precious to enjoy a garden, isn't it.
  12. May he enjoy his retirement
  13. Goli, your new avatar looks really good on the forum index page
  14. they are, aren't they ... in a way.
  15. it arrived safely, bess I am going to wade in later tonight, I guess there are more empty spaces in the emo department, but it is rather hard to see because it's small and all bunched together.
  16. Bess (or Goli), if you see the martini, can you drag it to your desktop and send it to me? then I can try and restore it ...
  17. Boah, I forgot how many emoticons we have. I cannot find the broken martini one; can you still see it, Goli?
  18. Did you stop liking tea? Or doesn't it agree with you? I used to drink lots of black tea - I still have a pot of it for breakfast. In the evening it's some fruit tea or other. Lots of rose hip, but sometimes more daring concoctions: I really liked one a friend gave tome, it was rosemary and mango Also something called mountain tea, a neighbor brings it twice the year when he returns from a month on Crete (I am looking after his mail). I also like coffee - a couple of years ago we had a few glorious months with a café right next door, they made the best coffee. Sadly it didn'
  19. Okay, then I‘ll have to look for the Martini I mostly drink water or tea - one glass of wine or beer with dinner, occasionally. And last sunday two cocktails in the middle of the day Afterwards I was basically drunk
  20. I just saw Goli's interesting warning count. Interesting things happen, when you drag the mouse over profile pic or name. We had several updates over the past two weeks and I keep finding new stuff.
  21. Did anyone notice my new avatar pic, perhaps? We also can have pictures on top of the profile page now and I put my jungle garden there … Just thought I should mention it.
  22. I see there was a party while the management was asleep. I'm shocked! Shocked, I say!
  23. goli, what's the emo in the middle? I only see the question mark of death …
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