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  1. Oh yes. I suspect you had to be ready tough to survive those “remedies” …
  2. Printed tissue, watercolour and acrylic ink on watercolour paper. (Hiding an ugly experiment … ) The second image is what it looked like before gluing. Always interesting to see the changes when the glue makes the tissue transparent.
  3. Phew. Could be better, could be worse, right?
  4. Oh yes, I saw that in the papers. we do on Sunday, too.
  5. making paper is fascinating
  6. Sigh indeed. So depressing to watch this happening in the 21st century.
  7. Yes, the horizon-ness only came to me when it was done
  8. Slightly autumnal collage in my new sketchbook. Printed tissue on watercolour paper.
  9. Oh, I did finish it. I had to do two knots, but that couldn’t be helped But it was SO annoying at the moment …
  10. I made a new sketchbook with watercolour paper (an old pad I had lying around literally for decades). The covers are prettified with printed tissue I liked too much to cut it up Sewing it, the thread ran out literally before the very last stitch.
  11. very true I think some of the leaves are going to be cards. They just make gorgeous cards, and if they are too pretty I don#t want to cut them up Funny: the prettiest leaves were those of the beans especially the outer leaves, they are asymmetrical nd look cool. Also very nice: columbines. The black nightshade, which I had high hopes for, looks rather brutal when printed.
  12. yes, an okay k.o. yes, I’m much in love with the lizard skin paper … very much in danger of overdosing on it. It’s a page from a book with road maps printed black with a piece of tulle over the gel plate. I was very surprised with the effect … I‘m experimenting a lot with tulle and all kind of netting at the moment. Yesterday I was printing leaves, though …
  13. I am spamming a little I pulled a print to clean my small plate after doing a session of leaf printing and liked the distressed grey so much I had to use it in my small sketchbook.
  14. Nope. We seem to traipse the same stupid paths over and over again.
  15. Thank you I really like working in that format. I’m making a slightly bigger book now, though 16x16 cm. We’ll see how that goes …
  16. The aura is the narrow edge of unprinted tissue
  17. Small sketchbook; leaf printed tissue, printed book pages, printed tissue, writing on tissue.
  18. Oh thank you 😊 I love that idea.
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