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    AND something that looks like hands holding onto bars
  2. Goli

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    This one is science fiction - a couple of reptiles - one alive, one balancing on an examination table, and someone with a sniper rifle standing guard at the bottom
  3. Goli

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    Yup. Just for their shining potential to be realized
  4. Regrettably, very much an "American" style crime. Sigh.
  5. Yes, it does. When i used to go up to Burnaby for lodge meetings, the SECOND we crossed the border into Canada, everything felt much calmer and much more civil. And vice versa, returning home.
  6. We've done so badly in this country, all things considered, with the COVID crisis - the decision to make a frickin political issue about protecting ourselves and others from a virus that doesn't differentiate between political parties was the quintessence of stupidity. Now that we have THREE very good vaccines - since i opted for Pfyzer, i was able to get my booster shot a week ago - and still have millions of idiots who won't take any of them, i am leaning toward shipping what they refuse to take overseas, where people are smarter. Among the worst of it, is the number of police, firefighters, school teachers and HEALTH care workers in this country who are now bitching about losing their jobs because they value "freedom" of choice over protecting those they are supposed to be serving. Most sadly of all, i have come to the conclusion that Darwin had a point, and a certain amount of the fallout will be nature strengthening the species. Sigh.
  7. Goli

    Arts & Crafts

    Perhaps the key is to the writing on the modern pyramid?
  8. And the young people here taking to the streets to protest. Hopefully, voting as well Voting may actually pick up among the young now that one of our parties is trying to make it so much more difficult. Oldfarts forget the youngsters LIKE certain kinds of challenges. At least, the ones THAT party is trying to discourage.
  9. Goli

    Arts & Crafts

    There's a multi-paned window lurking - again, incredibly urban, as if there are layers of posters over an abandoned building
  10. No, it's definitely NOT just a US problem - the younger generations are going to have to step up, since so much of what is going on, especially with the climate, is going to affect THEM down the road. Sigh.
  11. Ahem. old Goli of FOP style rant Er, toned down, but not too much. What we need here in the US, to deal with this is to get a whole lot of the old farts the HELL out of Congress, and get some of the newer, tech aware younger people the hell INTO Congress, and turn THEM loose on Shitterburg et al. People who know what questions to ask and have some ideas about how to reign in the platforms And the stuff Jim Wright had to say reinforces my opinion that the outage was deliberate, timed to show how much people depend on Facebook RIGHT when the abuses were coming to light. Come on, such a never before seen outage for so long, and then a little oopsie techbabble non-explanation for it, with almost NO concern that it could happen again. Plays like something i would have written as Olly Wood.
  12. Took a fair amount of attention away from the Congressional investigation, though. The stock dive is temporary, but the regulation that BOTH parties in our dysfunctional Congress are looking at would be permanent.
  13. Strange that it coincides with the whistle blower heading toward Congress after her interview on 60 minutes. One almost wonders if Facebook did it deliberately, to show how many are depending on them. Nasssssssssssty mind moi hasssssssssssssssss.
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