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  1. Goli

    Arts & Crafts

    THAT is way You could actually do a print with all four versions and frame it.
  2. Someone, though, really SHOULD let them know about the horrid possigolity
  3. Goli

    Arts & Crafts

    For some reason i.e, Error code: 2C171/1 i can't see it
  4. Er, it occurs to moi that it's a damned good thing certain people from the aulde pinke place aren't around here.
  5. Leading the Scottish Nationalist Party with sounds like a plan. But it would mean either also abolishing the monarchy, or suborning fake DNA evidence proving Harry's real father to be a Stuart and NOT a Mountbatten-Windsor or whatever, and crowning Harry as King of Scotland. Then the heirs to the Scottish throne would be Stuart-Markles. Aye, THERE's a REAL PLAN
  6. In moi opinion, both your country and your government are much more civilized than ours. Perhaps things run there in spite of the government, here lately we've been trying to run things TO spite the government, depending on which party one belongs to and which party is in relative power. So, if ANYTHING gets done, it's because the spite on one side out-spites the other, sort of like trial by combat in which neither combatant has his or her brain engaged. What is very funny, in a strange way, is that if i wanted UK citizenship, i would automatically qualify by right of descent, since my
  7. Now, if only the lice WOULD regard Morgan as one of their own, and move in
  8. Goli

    Arts & Crafts

    Either that, or he's afraid to make the decisions himself - crazed home decoradictatoresses can be VERY picky and nitpicky about what goes up on walls, when it comes down, what is replaced, added, moved, seasonally recycled and/or upgraded . . .
  9. Goli

    Arts & Crafts

    NAKED WALLS Even CAVE MEN painted their caves Probably at the stern orders of cave women
  10. In other news, i have a brand new electrical meter. They were supposed to be out to replace the old one, the guy was supposed to knock on the door and warn you, and it was supposed to be maybe six minutes without power, They WERE out. The guy didn't knock because i saw the truck pull up and told him to go ahead. AND the power was only out for about half a minute. So i gave him a box of cookies. Meyer Lemon from Trader Joe's, since that was all i had in the house.
  11. Very good about the test - no more fraternal nagging for a while, eh? And definitely NO sneezers allowed
  12. Shame on you for defaming lice.
  13. on the test - with no fever, though, not likely. for the shot, and yes, best to take the first available.
  14. Goli

    Arts & Crafts

    Your niece has excellent taste
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