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  1. Just hopping in for a moment, here - when i got back from grocery shopping, there was a message from Jude, i called her back, and it seems that they are fine, now, after a lot of bad/anxious moments. Some of their friends/acquaintances weren't so fortunate, and like so many wildfires. there wasn't a lot of rhyme or reason to which places burned and which didn't. They did not have to evacuate, and didn't panic and leave anyway - which i gathered a few people did. Kate and her husband are fine, but taking precautions to stay away from people who are being stupid. Jude has been making afghans
  2. Had to look that up moiself - it was some old soda fountain slang for being "out" of something, and morphed into being kicked out of a restaurant/place, etc. Oh, and the tshirts arrived today. The 86 one is a little too tight, but i can probably stretch it out, and the nasty women vote is a little "distressed" on the lettering, but both will do for what i wanted them for.
  3. So, i ordered two tshirts from an Amazon seller "Impeach Trump" or so on.' One grey, with red white and blue (i think) saying "Nasty Women Vote" and one in cranberry, saying " LXXXVI XLV" in white UPS tried to deliver them yesterday, according to Amazon, but "ran into an issue" and will try again
  4. Trying to declutter isn't going too well here. i was trying to get rid of books, until i decided just to start cataloging again and keep them someplace other than in piles on the floor for now. It's such a hassle to get to GoodWill to get rid of anything now, that i stuck a heavy-ass candelabra in the back of the hall closet for now. My project trying to trace genealogy has resulted in box (down from two of them) on the floor in the downstairs bedroom aka catch-all area. Sigh. The dog coats sound lovely
  5. i just called the number i have again and got voicemail again; so i left a message saying basically that i, aka Goli, was trying to reach Judith aka Jude, to let them know that we at the Fort, in England, Germany, British Columbia, and Washington, are thinking about them and hoping they are well, etc.
  6. Also used in some forms of witchcraft and magic Definitely NOT nice.
  7. Every time i go, i try to count the but they are hard to spot, and tend to jump in the water - i did count up to 13 or 14. The garden has acquired a river otter, which has been spotted at night by the security cameras, and which will eventually get the frogs. i was told they are bullfrogs, and NOT native to the Northwest, so just nature balancing itself.
  8. Lots of GOOD stuff happening is
  9. There is such a mixture of native plants, normal plants, and VERY rare plants, collected from all over the world. Plus what happened with some non-native plants that ran wild in the Northwest during the dark years the place was left to its own devices. It's unique. One of the joys is that the do allow dogs to visit along with humans. This particular one was VERY observant and was watching me before i ever aimed the camera i didn't worry about invading its human's privacy, since it was such a long shot and the human was turned the other way.
  10. Heading into autumn, but still lovely
  11. Methought a few things needed to be changed It was past time to retire Twang.
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