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  1. That is so cool! Jette , Spikey, Spike LOL. You guys are all set for food! I especially like the foods you get while walking ! lol.
  2. Checking in, seems you are ook....ok, not the Terry Pratchett one, lol. Al tho I have gotten an adorable stuffed orangutan named Ook. We are well. I am in place except to get flowers, help do dinners, sit on the porch with Spike and seeing more of the boys. They work 4 days a week . I' m not happy about that, Matt wont wear a mask but at least Joe will. Ben is good, just goes in to town for groceries and medicines. Kate works in a yarn shop, she is staying in place at her home , people really want , need , yarn. lol! We had Easter calling people back and forth. It was raucous but fun. I hope you all are doing well,
  3. This makes me so happy, I think people are awesome!
  4. Those things are important! At the moment I have no marshmallows, no chocolate , no crackers, But I just remembered I got some See's chocolate from Ben for our anniversary!! That will due lol! Whoop! I guess a Easter Bunny will do this year .....our church is shooting down Easter this year. The Archbishop has said. I hope you are all well and safe.
  5. Tofu hmmm? I that was marshmallows. lol
  6. Mackie, those photos you did recently are stunning! My Joe was really in love with the crow! lol I love all of them. . I hope you are all well . Yes, weird times. Oregon is closing the schools for at least 2 weeks. I guess we wait and see what happens. , Our President is acting like a big jackass, as usual, nothing is his fault. Evidently some fools are hording some stuff, the classic toilet paper, sanitizer, potato chips ( ??) . A nice thing this morning, the UPS guy brought us some pasta ( shells, wheat, dark) He was very nice and really HOT! A silver fox kind of guy. Anyway, he gave me the box and when I said , Bless You!. I never do that , Any way he turned back and gave me a High Five and smile. ( he was really gorgeous) . .
  7. Yes, Spike is getting older, about 13 this year, and he wants to know where we are at all times. We have 3 blankets in the living room, kitchen and bedroom for him. He sleeps with us now. They have those fluffy dog beds I see on tv, they are so adorable, we don.t Need one but I Want one. lol
  8. Weird....I just looked here after a too long time and Spike was sitting beside me. When the dog was on the screen Spike jumped up and made noises at that other dog. I guess I need to catch up.
  9. Mackie, I like you saying ( the nice niece ) lol. Goli, that lunch sounds delish! We don.t get enough seafood out here, about 100 miles too far.
  10. Gep, Goli, we should have all got shots. I think I will the next time. O, Bess, I think I saw you had another outage, good grief! Will you be given some kind of reparation for no power etc. I know we never had but we don't have it off so long. Right now we have lots of snow bunnies up on the top of Snow Peek. They seem to just have fun, drink for quite some time and sleep it off.
  11. It's all a snow wonderland! Until you are all really sick of it. lol The photos from Goli, Bess and all are gorgeous! Mackie, I hope you get your paper work and etc et-era . Kate and Alex are home from Hawaii, they had fun but missed Ellie, I think, Ellie is Kate's cat! lol. Us at home here are still recuperate from our vary and sundry fluz. need a potion.
  12. This sounds like a wonderful restorative. .
  13. That is a gorgeous photo, Mackie , it looks hopeful! . Right after Christmas day, we had a batch of flu. Joe got sick first and got it the worst. Then me and Ben latest. I've never had such a miserable thing. . Beginning to feel human . I hope all of you here have a good year....from now lol
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