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  1. So sad about Hannibal. And now the BBC have said that the next series of Sherlock won't be on until 2017! Not a good time for my TV shows right now
  2. Don't apologise for beiing late - that's ridiculous, considering how overdue my checking in is!!! Thank you lovelies!
  3. I am in SUCH awe of this project. When I shared the original lady's video on FB I was so in awe of what she had done to these dolls that I wouldn't have even dreamed of attempting something similar. I still think I would really struggle with the face but I love the idea of trying to make the little outfits. Such a beautiful, beautiful project. Bravo, seriously. I amazed.
  4. Thanks for this Maike. Amnesty really are the voice of compassion and reason in so many cases,
  5. That made me cry. So, so beautiful.
  6. The situation in Paris is so awful. I have seen photos today of ordinary shopping streets with soldiers keeping guard. There are armed guards at Disneyland Paris, for god's sake - it's insane. I keep thinking of Théoden "What can men do against such reckless hate?"
  7. Rain


    That wreath is just incredible. It really shouldn't be as beautiful as it is.
  8. So many lovely links - clearly I need to make a pot of tea and while away some hours on these.
  9. Like the white rabbit, I seem ever destined to be late for a very important date!!! Hope you had a wonderul day xxx
  10. Jude, was that the UK Saindbury's ad? So touching.
  11. Jared had to have an op for a dislocated shoulder and torn rotator cuff. He and Osric were play wrestling in the green room at JIBCon in Rome and when Osric threw him down Jared fell into a table and got badly hurt. Osric is small but strong. He's a martial arts nut.
  12. The part when they sang that was so beautiful - such lovely voices, and the reaction shots of the boys were perfect. I was so happy to finally have the song appear in an episode, rather than just in the "The Road So Far" recap. That song is such a part of the fandom that it's always going to be precious to me, but even more so at the moment after 600 fans sang it at karaoke for our own 200th episode party. I loved the Rent reference - I'm a huge fan of that show. I was so thrilled for the fandom that it was Dean who got to say all that stuff about "subtext" and "stand as close as you want". When the rabid Cas/Dean fans led an attack on the show to try and get Destiel made canon, it was Jensen who bore the brunt of the abuse. He made a statement at a convention saying that Destiel shipping had gotten out of hand, and because he has a reputation as being conservative and a little religious, the rabid Destielers assumed that it was Jensen who put a stop to the epic gay love story (despite the writers categorically stating that it would never happen). Dean's acceptance felt like an olive branch to those fans and I think that was a huge thing for the show, and especially Jensen, to put out there. My non-stan Destiel friends were over the moon at that, and the scene where the actresses playing Cas and Dean hug too. Fanfic authors have also felt disrespected by the show in the past. In Season Seven Time for a Wedding, having Becky the superfan and Wincest author force Sam into marriage and then keep him tied to her bed was seen by some as a comment on fanfic authors putting the characters into sexual situations for their own gratification, so to have Dean say to a fanfic author "This is YOUR Supernatural" was a vindication for another section of the SPNFamily. Jared's first paying job was actually as a theatre tech for school productions, so that was another nice little reference. In my personal head-canon, Sammy fished that Samulet out of the trash at the end of Dark Side of the Moon, but having Dean accept the replica from Marie and hang it from the rearview mirror will do for me. I was so excited when I saw that girl dressed as Adam - I recognised him even if the boys didn't. Such a fix-it episode - so many little things that fans have griped about put right, and with such respect and affection for the fans themselves. Not seen the preview for next weeks episode yet, but that sounds fun. I loved the scene with Sam and Dean and the Impala, with that lovely echo of the show's beginning "We've got work to do". So funny that the excitement generated in fandom at seeing the boys in t-shirts is like other fandom seeing their lead actors shirtless - we are so used to them being shrouded in layer upon layer. I miss Sam's season eight hair - it looks great really long. Good to see Jared out of the sling finally - he obviously really did a number on that shoulder to have to be in that thing for so long. Poor Osric must have felt terrible. I am ALL over Marie's uniform - literally the first thing I said when I saw her was I need that uniform to meet Jensen in. I was so happy to see that the guest cast was almost entirely female - for once the cast of the show reflected the make-up of the fandom. The actresses were so well cast, too. Loved Marie so much - hope to see her at a con someday. I had serious reservations about the episode when I first saw the outline - I thought it looked like a really bad idea with the potential to alienate a large section of the fandom. I am so glad I was wrong. For some reason, as soon as I saw the "Then" clip, I thought that Chuck would feature somehow, and when the boys asked why there wasn't an actress portraying Chuck, I pretty much knew. I still held my breath though, when they first showed that shot of the publicist from the back. I was thinking "Please be Rob, please be Rob". To see him back on the show, looking great, a year after we almost lost him had me sobbing. Rich spoke about Rob (or "Robbie", as he calls him) in his Saturday panel at A13 and it was obvious what a huge emotional impact that event had on him. Sometimes at con you get fans standing up in panels to tell the actors what they and the show mean to them and it's not unusual to hear the phrase "You saved my life". I wonder if Rob ever listens to those fans and thinks "Bitch, please..." because Rich and Misha really DID save his life. I can't wait to see Rob in February - he is going to get so many hugs from me and the girls.
  13. Maike, I was sitting there feeling stupid about my reaction when my phone buzzed and my friend Jo sent a photo of herself in tears! It was so emotional, especially coming off the back of the last convention. Can't wait to hear what Jude thought.
  14. Still can't bring myself to watch the new Who. I think my love affair with the show is finally over. Jude! We need to discuss the 200th episode of Supernatural. Not ashamed to admit that I ugly cried.
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