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  1. Honestly, it's a fucking embarrassment. I can only apologise to all world leaders (except Trump) when they have to deal with him. I am still hoping for a story to come out about how he killed a homeless person while he was at Eton, but no such luck so far. I'm even beginning to think Jeremy Hunt wouldn't be a bad option even though he single handedly ruined the NHS.
  2. A very (belated) Happy New Year to everyone. My resolution for 2019 is to come here more often. I've been very rubbish
  3. Honestly, Don Jr is even dumber than his father. And that's no mean feat.
  4. A belated Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone
  5. Hope you managed to get out of Hamburg safely, Moo.
  6. Piers Morgan can go die in a fire, quite frankly. Hopkins was spouting off on Fox News about how scared Londoners are. As if. We've been through worse and got through that fine, so we'll be ok thanks very much
  7. Eleven years? Not bad going for 5 chatty women
  8. I watched until about 3:30am when they announced Ohio for that trashbag. So depressing. I've already offered my hand in marriage to 2 of my LGBT friends if they want it.
  9. Dog farts would make an excellent weapon of mass destruction
  10. Funny how he didn't say that last year when he hosted it
  11. He's already said he's going to whine even more if he loses. That's if he accepts the result The only decent thing to come out of the entire thing is Alec Baldwin's Trump impressions on Saturday Night Live.
  12. They've done Celeb Bake Off on the BBC for Sport Relief which have actually been quite good. They mix it up between good bakers and those who don't know what flour is
  13. The BBC didn't drop the ball, Goli , the production company wanted 3 times more money per year than before and the BBC couldn't afford it. I think Paul & Mary will leave the show as well, so they've basically paid £75m for a tent and some cakes Interestingly enough, the company who makes the show is 70% owned by Rupert Murdoch, who passionately hates the BBC, so I guess there was never a hope it was staying with the BBC.
  14. Blousey is most miffed when if I go home smelling of another dog or cat.
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