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  1. Allo peeps! yes, still alive. Frayed around the edges, still not got home (over a year now 🥲) But sad for other reasons at the moment. ...wondered if anyone else had seen that Sue’s husband died in the early hours of Saturday after a fight against a brain tumour ? doesn’t seem that long they got hitched. know things weren’t good with her when she left here/the other place but a kind thought wouldn’t go amiss, mayhap.
  2. internet over there is likely to be focussed on the important stuff.
  3. And not wearing glasses so spelling lousy!
  4. Likewise worried about Jude and family. No sign on FB recently as far as I could see, and so far no reply to message. Dropped in to see if she’d been in here... 😥 same old same old here. Looks like I won’t get back into our office until March next year. Can’t set up approved workspace at home but can here. So may never get home at this rate. Roof leaking, mouse problem (likely worse by now), insurance invalid as been away too long..... dint even think I have a home to go back to. sugh.
  5. gorgeous flowers, and LOVE the guardian!
  6. lovely flowers, cute kitty! just dropping in to say nothing’s changed here. i’m still on furlough at Mums, going slowly nuts, still just me and her, may get to see Andy in July, we’ve hit the ‘fuck this shielding, it’s doing more mental damage than the ever so small risk if he comes over’ point...
  7. that’s a nice pattern, bess... i’ve got several patterns but haven’t started making - got some great fat quarters to do them from though. and ordered some pipe cleaners to make removable nose wires when washing. just got to find some round tuit time and inclination to do them.....
  8. glorious! the wildflowers have been good here (of course the Councils are not doing as much mowing!) and the blossom on the may trees like foam...
  9. Late as usual.... here’s to 2020, may it be a good and positive year despite the adversity all around.
  10. Sounds perfectly reasonable to me!
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