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  1. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    Truly a gift . It is really really good, lovingly made (I can tell, it is kinder gentler than the assignment one ) No pressure, even though there wasn’t much time Thankyou *thankyou* for the journey in blue and cheeky bits of orange. Love that Travel safe and happy birthday to dear sis
  2. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    Ah, yes, good save, comparing before to after .
  3. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    Oooh, developments! <——- blue thumb
  4. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    Pleasant surprises! The papers have a cheerful vibe to them
  5. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    Raw materials become your collage palette ( something like that), NEAT a reward for putting up with Other Stuff i like that, a foray with Aren’t the printed shapes intriguing!
  6. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    Thank you for this lesson
  7. Dah.... . Sure hope the one who would like to, is able to
  8. bess

    Arts & Crafts

    Say! Words cannot express... (that is a little pun ) ...my amazement and delight! I wonder where this is meant to go/will go! Cool to see before and after
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