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  1. Nor it has The pattern I have fits a back length of about 30 cm. and about 37 cm. around at widest if that helps any. Happy
  2. örgs to weirdness needing figuring out - very glad that has been resolved and about the decluttering space renewal project I read a good phrase for these interesting times: "Find forgotten things that make us happy!" I have been doing a lot of that lately As well was sidelined to knit a doggy jacket for the niece's French bull terrier/Boston terrier (both the same? I don't know) Daisy does not like the rain, maybe a layer of wool will help. Have not seen anything from Jude. There was something at Matt's page in August for his birthday though not directly from Jude,
  3. To be treated with respect
  4. i have heard this name, but never seen the plant. it doesn't look 'nice' (later...) Also called Thorn-apple, in my plant book
  5. That is a good thing.
  6. Autumn crocus, here also known as Colchicum species. Another common name is Naked Ladies on account of their leaves showing up in spring, and the flowers in the autumn. So pretty, and yet deadly. I pulled out and burned a cluster that was getting invasive at the expense of a special rhododendron. Nothing has grown back in the soil where the bulbs were Fascinating, that big barb-leafed plant with red buds; and I went to find the
  7. It really, really is lovely Some plants I know, some I have never seen before A change of scene around every corner. The doggy visitor notices !
  8. Indeed-y, happy retirement Twang
  9. i am inspired to do some (thinking about) housecleaning too
  10. good and not so good mackie. let us know if we can help with the gaps most important, the emos
  11. PS... now that's what I call raising the bar (oxymoronic pun) excellent array goli!
  12. I just sent an e-mail with the image can send from file if that doesn't work (if you don't see it)
  13. let me try, typing colon-mart-colon ... it is there or here. interesting it is back in goli's message.
  14. (was I there? did I have fun? ) ( )
  15. i can relate, we acquired an elaborate coffee grinder and a Melitta filter system with a sweet little glass pot (actually for even) and tinkered quite a while with varied results to before we found the ideal there is something wrong with my taste buds and tea these days but i think that will correct itself. rosemary and mango! and to the resident Barista
  16. i lied about only water. ..... gone off tea booze makes me sick
  17. Someone's been having fun hmm, there was a martini in goli's message when I last saw it. oh and I only drink
  18. it's all good (for now) then I just sent my little portion I can try to set aside for a lump sum, but something every month or every two months would work better at my end.
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