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a mermaid gone missing … (mixed bags of news)


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kia ora darlings.. :smooch: sorry to have been gone missing for so long.. it has been a mixed year.. Brenty, Kahu and now my mum's passing which was devastating.. it is hard to deal with because I couldn't cope with the demands of being a daughter and studying teaching.. she got put on hold until after the studies that were very challenging.. I promised and promised her that "we'd have all the time in the world after.. " but she just couldn't stay.. now I feel orphaned at 52 years old :light: .. I miss her the way she missed me not coming to see her.. all I want to do is see her and hold her again.. and look after her the way only I could have and should have but didn't..


Mackie my love my condolences on the loss of your mum :kind: what a year!!

Jude sweetness wish Joe a happy one for me love!

my love to you all


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