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The Hidden Fortress

10 days in Duckland


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i thought i better start posting my pics … it is mostly pics of the Ducky taking pics, and some of Hobbie taking pics :lol: but anyway …


March 11 (on the 10th we didn't do much beside talking and talking …)



at the left on the table you see the fabulous red scarf the duck gave me :oh:


(after i had taken a time-out, aka migraine, and then had had to work …)

the duck looking out over the river




just to prove that the duck was reading Georgette Heyer :lol: (the whole book in about two hours or so :p )

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and there are lenses all over the place … :photo: *




(*there are more pics of this evening - due to using several cameras i have mixed them up a bit … :manic: )


Friday 13, walking along the river …


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this was a big black cube (small house) with lots of those steel "ears" on it - turned out to be a very cool promotion for the new Hamburg Symphony Building. in each of these "ears" music was playing, and you could listen :manic: we loved it.



building sites all over the place - they build a new quarter there, "Hafen City"



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