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The Hidden Fortress

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ooohhhhh … :oh::swoon::heart::oh:


so many many beautiful pictures … i love the one with the working ducky, of course :heart:


and this:




is absolutely incredible.


another favourite will have to be the steaming pot …



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thank you all... I had a really great time and it's a pleasure to share it with you... It feels like taking you along, which i really wish was possible :heart:

they'll be more to come... and more of Ducky too :wink:

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you wouldn't believe how much i ate. i was wolfing down parathas (that's fried, stuffed bread; with butter melting on top, like in pancakes) by the dozen. yummy.


hobbie, i'm so glad you put these up. predictably, they look so much more beautiful when seen bigger than the camera display. :lol:


i LOVE the symmetry of the three gopurams (the white tower-y things) in a row. the airport reflection is super. the rangoli competition photos are lovely. i'm always amazed by how you get people's expressions and the angles at which you catch a scene. magic.


getting slight shiver when i remember you gleefully asking for street food. i was praying like a maniac while we were eating even if i did pretend that it was safe. :lol: remember buying "shots" from the little shop?


just realised, my hair has grown out a fair bit. it really was REALLY short in january. :roll:

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