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Walnut Shell Mouse Tutorial


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Hope this is what you were after, Mackie.


You will need -


Walnut shells, halved




felt in grey and pink






cotton wool




Fabric in a small print




narrow ribbon




small black beads








You’ll also need a needle and grey thread.


First,cut a tail from grey felt. I just cut a strip of felt around 6.5 x 0.5cm. You could use string with a knot tied at the end to stop fraying if you prefer. Glue to one end of the walnut shell.

For the blanket part of the cradle, cut a circle of fabric. Place a ball of cotton wool in the centre and then gather the fabric with a running stitch around the edge, pulling tight so that you are left with a fabric ball stuffed with cotton wool. Add some glue to the bottom and edges of the walnut shell. Place the fabric ball gathered-side down in the shell and ease until the fabric is glued to the edges of the walnut.


While that is drying, cut out the mouse head from grey felt. For the main part of the head, I just cut a triangle and sewed the two long sides together. Next, cut a kind of Mickey Mouse shape for the back of the mouse’s head.




Stuff the head with cotton wool and sew the Mickey Mouse in place. You could also make the head and ears separately if you prefer, with just a circle for the head. The ears could be then be cut using a circle with one edge cut off - sort of like a D-shape. Cut two smaller Ds from pink felt, and sew or glue them to the grey ears. Finally, sew on black beads for the nose and the eyes. You could also add cotton whiskers.


Sew the head to the fabric “blanket”.


Finally cut a length of ribbon to hang the cradle. Glue to the centre bottom and up the sides of the walnut shell. Tie in a bow at the desired length, sewing the bow to keep it in place.



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