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The Hidden Fortress

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this is a beautiful tour jana. thank you so much :heart:

it is worth a second (or more) look :yes:


at first glance i enjoyed the placid waters, reflections and patterns; glimpses through portals - erm, partial to the two mops sharing window space :silly2:


new and old, old and older; the winter light, angles of the shadows and sharpness of the silhouettes; :photo: angles too :up:


on second glance:

wasn't Suzhou on the Silk Road... the 'Venice of the East' is cool :oh:

now noticing different textures - rockery, water, patterns made by stark trees, man-made patterns in the screens, tile and even the plantings.

here and there a colourful blob (maybe a paper lantern or a trade sign), or zone of light.


the historic homes are displayed with care. the places do look worn and old, long-lived in, in a comfortable way


what a treat, jana :jump2:

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so glad you guys liked it.


bessie, yes, i think it was on the silk route. in one house, there were some tremendously ugly brass panels showing the history of trade in suzhou (it was a rich merchant's house) and on it was a panel that showed some beleaguered gents in european clothing. :roll:


mad, of course i thought of you when i saw the dragon tile too. :lol:

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