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The Hidden Fortress

Happy Ducky Birthday, Jana!


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to our :ducky:

she may be a ninja..


perhaps a little dotty...


has a tendency to sing festive songs...


and is a bit of a little devil...


but she's unsinkable!


writes a darn good review...


stands out in a crowd..


and she lights up our life!!


Happy Birthday Duckling!!

Have a great day, and a wonderful year to follow!

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awwww! thank you guys! mad, what a collection! :wow::up:


it was a pretty frantic but good day. stupid household chores in the morning and a gender discussion (that i'd organised) in the evening. birthday parties etc aren't my thing and usually, i'm happy to curl into a corner and not move a muscle in order to "celebrate" my birthday. but this year, it's just been full of so much anger and frustration that i wanted to feel like i had done something constructive. which is why i organised the discussion. it wasn't a big deal, but it was something. i had four women from different industries talk about their workplaces and the way their gender has been a disadvantage as well as how they've overcome the problems they faced. the audience -- about 50-odd people -- seemed to enjoy it and i think most of them left thinking a little bit harder about the idea of a woman at work.


so that was the birthday. the next day i got my period and have spent since sunday writhing in stomach-crampy-pain. bastard uterus.


BUT thank you, to all of you and the fort. you make my days so much brighter. it seems like a good occasion to tell you this because i don't end up coming down to comment as much as i used to, but i am here, hovering like casper the friendly ghost. and you're always with me, i know. my very own guardian angels. and witches. and diplodocuses. and hobbits. :heart:

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