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Well, I had made liver treats - chicken liver with buckwheat flour (so no grain). I had fried the liver first and then pureed it with yoghurt and mixed it with an egg and the buckwheat - it was a rather yucky pink paste :p Then spread it on a silicone mat that usually is meant for putting it under a bigger piece of meat in the oven; it has a lot of little bubbles, so the contact is only in points and the meat can brown all around. The pet community of the world has turned these mats over and fills the inside of the semi bubbles with stuff like the above described and uses it as a baking mold :p 

Ours has, fitting for a small big dog, very small bubbles, so the treats aren't a meal but really just tiny little biscuits.

It smelled a little liverish while baking :lol: but made nice little brown semi-balls, who willingly left the baking mat. And the kitchen did, of course, still smell of it in the morning …

These days Migi is working mostly in the city again, so he brings Jette over and puts her in my bed, where we usually sleep for one more hour :manic: Not today, though. She was very restless and really wanted off the bed, so I thought she needed to go in the garden, left my lovely warm bed and took her down with me.

But the cheeky little thing didn't want the garden - she went into the kitchen, nose up and working hard. She really needed to know what it was she could smell, because she clearly liked it :oh: 

So she got a sample and was enthusiastic. (And then got a few more, of course … :lol: )


(Looks like chocolate, but I bet you would notice rather quickly it isn't :p )

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oh yummy! :dackel: :yes:

labour intensive but worth it for:crown:

You would have been watched :bigeyes: nose and tail if someone had been awake :wink:

excellent baking session :up:

the baking mat is new to me, is it like this...



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Moi could open it as well, and, no this IS no small matter, and perhaps IT will get the attention of some of the many contenders for SPIAH at all levels, national, state and local. Nothing like jerking the money away.

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