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Happiest of Birthdays, Jude!


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Have a wonderful day - hope your boys (and girl!) do you proud!!



Happy Birthday Jude!!


:mal2: :mal2: :mal2: :mal2: :mal2: :mal2: :mal2: :mal2: :mal2: :mal2: :mal2: :mal2:

:ele::ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele: :ele:




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Love the emo array,Mad.


So far it;s perfect, I haven't really gone to bed yet so it's still the 12th in my head. I realized earlier that the actual date this year is very cool this year....12-13-14 ( by American date system anyway. ) We are getting :fc::chin: later which is always a good thing. The reason I'm still up is because of binge watching Twin Peaks on Netflix.
I'd forgotten how funny it was. And it's making me hungry for pie.

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