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The Hidden Fortress

The Doll Adventure inspired by Tree Change Dolls


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As usual, i took a lot of pictures while making the doll for my sis, and here is a photo timeline with comments … :wink:


My inspiration was Sonia Singh and her amazing Tree Change Dolls. Her artistry in painting those faces is way beyond what i can do, but she really hooked me (so clearly it is all her fault :wasntme::p )


I bought a pile of Bratz dolls on ebay, most of them naked, some dressed and with feet (you can take the shoes off, together with the feet, so naked Bratz dolls come with those little nubs at the end of their legs)


This is what i started with: Doll #9. she came with a dress and a pair of high heels, also with purple streaks and gold glitter in her hair.




undressed she looked like this:




my first batch of dolls consisted of 9, so she is on the far right of this chorus line




… and … :wink:



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then, with some Acetone, i got rid of the make-up.




i cut out the purple streaks doll #9 brought with her.




my sis had a one-sided braid for a while as a kid, and a few shorter strands like bangs, so i cut some of the hair to achieve that.


i sketched the eyes with a pencil to get them as symmetrical as i could :wink:



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then i painted the face with acryl - i have no step-by-steps of that as it was rather suspenseful to find out if i would get it right :wink:

i didn’t go for a likeness, i wouldn’t have achieved that. i just gave her blue eyes, and then tried to paint a nice little face. she later got freckles, only i didn’t manage to take a pic because by then time was getting tight. :wink: I sealed the painted parts with clear matte acrylic paint.





the other big challenge were the feet resp. shoes.


Sonia Singh uses Oogoo for them, that is silicone mixed with cornstarch. I tried it …





"Help! Help!! she is giving me ugly feet!!"


So this would take a lot more practice to get it right … the first attempt at shoes could be taken down as a serious fail :lol:


i decided to use sugru - silicone, too, but a ready-to-use mixture i have some experience with. It is more expensive than oogoo, but i had a deadline and didn’t want to spend a week coming up with more ugg boots :p


silicone is not so easy to shape (and to hold the shape while curing), so i decided to make the shoes in two layers.

Inner layer:




outer layer




i had made a thin flat piece of sugru, let it cure and cut soles out of it, so between the inner layer and the soles i had a not too hard time to shape them into vaguely shoe-like things of about the same size.




„Help! she is still keeping me tied up with sticky shoes on my feet!"




I was using a different doll in case of accidents, i only had one doll whose hair really fitted my plans - and by this time she already had a face, too.


The lower legs had a thin layer of vaseline so the sugru wouldn’t stick to them, and the cling film was supposed to keep the rest of the doll clean. the sugru needs to cure for about 24 hours, and the doll was tied up to make sure the feet cured in the desired shape.

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The shoes cured nicely and were indeed coming of with a small *plop* as they were supposed to, so now i needed „socks“ (small tubes to look like the part of socks that is visible above the shoes), a pullover like a 60s „parallelo“, pale blue 3/4 jeans, and a „nicky kerchief“.


I had needed three attempts to get the parallelo right:




(the lady to the right is wearing the final one).


The socks were easy with iCord.




i deconstructed tiny jeans to make a pattern for the pants:



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when you look at her now, it is a far cry from the made-up girl i started with.






her Nicky kerchief was made from a corner of an old cambric handkerchief, painted with fabric felt pens.



The little bag was made from the same dishtowel i used for the pants :wink: it was an unloved gift, saying „Glaube Liebe Hoffnung“ (faith love hope) in blue on white. Not my thing at all, but perfect for this project, it had just the right colours, and the print added a nice touch to the bag, too. It looks far more intricate than it is, actually, because of the two colours.




there she is, sitting on the photo album where i had been looking for inspiration regarding clothes and hair …


the whole project was a lot of fun, asking for some new techniques to be tried, but everything small enough to be finished rather quick. Very satisfying! :manic:

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