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no he's not ...


That was not a good night, and today Iam carrying around a dark cloud of frustration and depression.

Looks like for four years, Trump proved to be divisive, a liar and cheat, rude, stupid, greedy - and that half of the voring public in the US are fine with that.


Words fail me.

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It's not over yet - and it's looking better as it goes - i had the most HORRIBLE night, getting up multiple times, but right now Biden is drawing ahead in several of the key states :crossed: It will be interesting to see who voted and who didn't - one of the commentators mentioned that the younger voters did NOT turn out as expected  :crit:

Part of the problem is that so many morons in this country do NOT want to really look at the coronavirus situation, i think, and :trump: has been telling them what they want to hear.  There is going to be a huge period of reckoning, i think, after the US Thanksgiving holiday.  Two of my friend's friends - in their 90's - cannot dissuade their children from coming in from out of state to "celebrate".  And my friend, in her late 70's, has had to basically tell one of her daughters not to come.  The daughter has been running around with a set of friends to various vacation houses :roll: 

It's going to be a very bad winter, i think.  Ahem, i took advantage of the stupid Sunday football game schedule to run over to one of the local pharmacies and got my flu shot.  i was in and out, with no appointment, in less than fifteen minutes, as opposed to at least one other person i talked to who had had to wait over an hour WITH an appointment on a normal business day.


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Sigh indeed. :heart: 

Yes, it is looking up now, with Biden getting closer to where he needs to be, and Trump coming completely apart at the seams. If he is losing, it's not going to be a fun transition. :duck: 

That the younger voters didn't come out as expected is a real disappointment. It's their future at stake here. :s  

Clever, with your flu shot! I want to get one, too, and have to phone my doctor's office for an appointment. They are right around the corner, so I am there in a minute.

Early bed for me today, I am so done in with all this emotional uproar ... :sleepy:


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On 11/3/2020 at 2:48 PM, Mackie said:

"is he gone?"



 Not quite - :trump:   May have to be dragged out kicking and screaming like a spoiled brat. But there will be a loooooooooooooong line to do THAT job .

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yep :lol: 

Somebody (one of the night show hosts, Stephen Colbert I think) said that when it comes to telling Trump officially that he lost the election there would be people queueing up around the block to apply for the joy, and the one shouting the loudest "Pick me! Pick me, please!" wood be Dr. Fauci. :lol: 

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I made a little poem for the upcoming season. :angel:


Glitter, Twitter and farrago - 
Christmas time at Mar-A- Lago.
POTUS fighting with the Foxes,
FLOTUS sitting on her boxes,
Santa stuck in immigration  - 
Merry Christmas to the nation!



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