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Nope :lol:

As I told, I have stepped away from Twitter almost completely. I do check occasionally, though, and yesterday I responded to a guy who stated that pants were not invented for women and should not be worn by “modest” women because they sensualised them.

 I said, “Why would women want to be modest? You can’t hold yourself back when you see a woman in pants, go and castrate yourself or go about blindfolded - that’s your problem, not ours.”

Now I have been banned for 12 hours for telling someone to hurt himself.


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Definitely worth the twelve hours :roflmao:

Not to mention that pants were most probably invented BY women who got tired of immodest guys comparing themselves in public. 

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:hey:  it is Arrrghust  :neutral: days of dolorous torpor :snail: :crit:  so :idea: i googled "worst songs ever" and got some that I'd forgotten about :old: from the 80's and i like them now :lol:  back then i didn't have access to music videos.

new ear worm too. :sing2:  :silly2:

how are you, everyone :huh: 


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It's funny - i spent so much of my life obsessed with classical music that a lot of the old songs didn't really register all that much.  Oddly enough, some of the songs that haven't aged all that well for me are Beatles stuff - clever at the time, now :duck: 

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overplayed maybe? their output over such a short period of time is mind-boggling though :shock: 

another search, best drum or best guitar - some i thought were meh as songs were redeemed if just listening to the drummer or guitar ...

more soothing though, search best cello :swoon: 

so in other excitement i'm making banana cake because i needed the peels to try a garden experiment. the conversationi went - my zinnias have been eaten by slugs :snail: , Reply:  :banana: peels deter aphids, they should work against slugs? and :huh2: 

so far i'm ahead one cake, and the peels beside the flowers have a slug beside them. if not stunned, then it likes them :crit: 

(diversions due to doing back-up ad nauseum these days :slam:  )


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