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Yup.  there are times when we wish they could talk. Kristi's right canine tooth fell out on Friday.  It had been cracked, but didn't seem to be bothering her at all until Friday.  i haven't really trusted her current vets, and didn't get a very expensive tooth cleaning in January when the tried to push it on me. i took her home and was thinking about getting the cleaning done later, along with the lab work, but didn't ever get around to it.  So, Friday, i called another vet i used to go to and got her in there - she looked good enough that they agreed with me not to do antibiotics now.  And they did the lab work - i should get results tomorrow.  And, assuming the lab work shows she is okay for general anesthesia, we'll get the teeth x-rayed and cleaned, and deal with any debris from the lost tooth at the same time.  $215 for yesterday, and about $1000 for the dental work.  Not great, but i do trust these vets.  Sigh.

So, Saturday i went up to Burnaby on a day that had started out with beautiful weather, so i didn't wear a jacket.  So, the evening brought a lightning storm, drenching rain, and a several blocks uphill walk to the car.  Fortunately, i was only caught in the drenching rain getting out of the van on the Seattle side, and made it to the car in a light drizzle, which my packable umbrella was easily able to handle.  i didn't need my flashlight to walk on the dark streets since the lightning flashes were so bright.  Two minutes after i got in the car, it poured - it was so bad i could hardly see the road driving home.

So, yesterday, i went out and bought a light, packable waterproof jacket that will go with me in my bag on future occasions when the weather is at ALL questionable.  It came with a neat little mesh thingee to roll it up into.  This is the exact jacket, color and all.


Gander Mountain.jpg

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Prett-ay :yes:  :smart:

After a surprise torrential episode this summer I keep umbrella and rain jacket in the truck.   Well I did before the episode too. Hadn't used them, put them back in the house. Big mistake :crit:

Poor kitty, they do need their teeth.

 :money: :fly2: :roll:  :sigh:


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Goli, that is a cool jacket. It is soooo annoying to be caught in the rain with nothing to shelter you from it. I have a slightly (well, who am I kidding - very) silly looking cape from Ikea, and carry it when I think I might need it. Unfortunately I do not always guess right :p We've had a lot of surprise showers this summer and got wet several times :crit: 

The good thing with the cape is, I can keep on my backpack under it (it looks silly to begin with, so it doesn't make much of a difference that I look like Quasimodo then :lol: ), and when push comes to shove and rain to downpour, I even can take the doggie under it, too. If it goes on for a longish time, she insists on looking out of one of the slits meant for my hands, I'm sure it looks completely hilarious then. :crit: :roflmao: 

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1 hour ago, Goli said:

we would PAY to sssssssssssssssssssssee pic of :dackel: peeking out of one of the hand ssssssssssssssslitssssssssssssss :manic:

yes, but it's raining so hard then that I never get a picture. :duck: 

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Goli, that is a smashing jacket. color and style!

I love our weather here, rain and so early for here. The trees are just stunning.

I'll have to get Matt to help me get the Twittter figure out when he has time, I'm taking baby steps. There is sooo many things I I don't know , sooo many damn icons. Phhh! I'll get it evidentially.

We have a bunch of Elk hanging around our orchard. They love apples! :apple::moose:

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