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3 hours ago, bess said:

:wow:Wow, eh?!  You will know more about where I live than I do! :p

Thank you for finding and sharing :heart:


No, he is working all over the world, I didn’t realise until now where he‘s living :lol: 

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  • 2 weeks later...

Sorry I've been so absent!! :duck: somehow times seem to rush by even faster than it used to. :surf: 

Nothing much going on here except we learned today that the school building next door (actually bordering to our garden) is going to be demolished not in September as we heard until now, but in July :duck: there goes the nice and quiet summer in the garden :wail: The architect came over today to check out the situation and talk to us. I appreciate that they acknowledge our need to be heard and informed, but that was a serious blow. Especially in Corona times, my garden refuge is really important to me ...

Sigh. :sigh: 

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:wow:Such news :yes:

As one who has recently stopped working I can say it is a good thing. But I hope you have a decent pension or living means :yes2:

Demolition might not take long? Unless they try to recycle it all :crit:

Bummer to have it as a neighbour soon :roll:

Time is at once moving too fast and staying still. I make a point of asking myself what day it is, during a day, easily lose track  :duh:


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:shock:  AAAACCCKKK about the demolition. Er, you had NOT mentioned stopping work in June.  Hopefully what Bess said - demolition might not take all that long :crossed: 

And, yes, time has gotten weird, hasn't it?

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demolition is supposed to be taking about four weeks, I think. It would have been better in September, but :dunno: nothing we can do about it.

Well ... money-wise things will be rather tight, I need to apply for what is called Grundsicherung - when your retirement money is too little to live on, the state is paying an additional sum to help out. and Migi and my siblings will step in when it gets too tight. I decided that I can do better with little money than with little time. (The decision process was funny, I will write about it over the next days :yes: )

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