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17 hours ago, Goli said:

Oh.  Moi forgot about how often the idiots OUTSIDE of the Fort incriminate themselves on social media, and then try to delete the evidence.  Not a bad :idea:for places other than this one :evildb:

exactly. :lol: 

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16 hours ago, bess said:

I especially like to delete if i post the same message twice :what: :old: :crit:  :p


yep! And since I always could do it, I forgot you could not.

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But - ALL of us could always post the same message twice, or thrice, or fource :huh2:

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19 hours ago, bess said:

...and not notice :angel:but *then* notice :what: :shock: :blush2: :panic::neutral: :crit: :roll: :p


indeed :p :lol: 


Looking at your emo movie, I think how difficult it can be to convey things like irony if you have to rely on the written word only. I am joining the online discussion of the Washington Post now and then, or of the German SPIEGEL magazine, and since in this day and age a lot of people are posting really amazingly stupid stuff, you sometimes look at a post and wonder if it is serious or ironic. I am always asking people to please make their irony visible ... and I always wish we had a few emoticons. :lol: 

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