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1 hour ago, bess said:

:greenthumb: <——- blue thumb


Just now I am in that phase where a page can go to hell and back within ten minutes :lol: 

I just killed a page and then saved it. I hope. :crit: I had already had several misjudged elememts here, and then mde it all worse with putting this leaf cut-out in. Bad idea.

Then I stuck some white over it; and then I added a letter and two little things that are almost letters , too, if not quite. :p  Now I think I can work with it. (the last pic is before I glued the little things down.)



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Truly a gift :oh: :book: . It is really really good, lovingly made (I can tell, it is kinder :kind: gentler than the assignment one :wink: )

No pressure, even though there wasn’t much time :angelmoo2:

Thankyou *thankyou* for the journey in blue :yes: and cheeky bits of orange. Love that :manic:

Travel safe and happy birthday to dear sis :heart:

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Thank you for letting us be a little part of this - it is definitely NOT "artsy", which is usually more for the artist than for anyone else.  This one is lovely and loving, and meant for the recipient.  That permeates it and makes it so special.


Oh, and it could NOT have been done without the orange bits.

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