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barfbag or dreamboat?

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okay, we noticedthat some of us like David Hasselhoff, ad some don't. :manic:


i like Richard Gere, and betty goes :duck:


i have no problem with the Cruise ship, but Boo wants to get violent when she sees him.


what are the :star: s, and what are the :bb: ?


and … why??


i do not like Johnny Depp, for instance. i do like some of his work (Chocolat comes to mind), but he doesn't do anything at all for me when it comes to that nice fluttering feeling. :p

and from actresses i do not expect that fluttering feeling (well, not really, at least :lol: ), but there are a few i really love to see, and others i really want to avoid. (i used to be neutral about Meg Ryan, but by now i really can't stand her anymore.)

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Actually, I don't fancy The Hoff, but he is marvellously cheesy entertainment.


Brad Pitt - I just don't get it :no::dunno:


Colin Farrell makes me reach for the :bb: as well. Don't like his acting either.


I like Johnny Depp as an actor, but he doesn't float my boat either.


Unlike Liam Neeson who makes my tummy feel all funny :blush: despite being in some of thw worst movies I've ever seen. :lol:


Then there's Ed Harris, but that's more of a voice thing. He really has a sexy voice. :dreamy:


And Himself, of course. He still makes me go all wibbly :swoon:


And don't even mention John Frusciante in my presence unless you want to turn me into a puddle on the floor. :drool: :drool: There was a 5 song bonanza on Top of the Pops (UK music show) last Sunday :joy:


:shock: You mentioned Meg Ryan. :shock: I'll just sit back and watch Sue rant :lol:

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Guest Girl from Mars

Hasselhoff = :bb:

Colin Farrell = :bb:


Brad Pitt = :swoon: (don't ask me what it is, it just is.)

I really also like Clive Owen :swoon:

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don't start me on voices, or it will get to be a loooooong read. Morgan Freeman :swoon: i keep a few really stupid dvds just because of that voice. yes, Ed Harris, too.


i still like VM's photos better than everything else about him :p but i do like his acting, a lot.


Bruce Springsteen. and it is not only the voice. :neutral:


Sivert Høyem, the lead singer of Madrugada, and luckily it is only the voice :lol:

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don't start me on voices, or it will get to be a loooooong read.


"Deserto su la terra, Col rio destino, in guerra . . ."

Oh GODDESS!!!! Mario Del Monaco's voice!!!!


"Nessun dorma, Nessun dorma . . ."

And Franco Corelli's voice!!!!!!


"Cortigiani, vil razza, dannata!!!! Per qual prezzo vendeste il mio bene?"

Sigh. Mio vecchio baritono. The best voice of all.

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I've nothing really more to add at the mo, but can I just say that I lurve the title of this thread, Mackie. :lol::smooch:

"BB or DB?" :roflmao:

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Hey! :db: We'll have none of the acronym business here, thank you very much :db:


George Clooney has just advertised Martini on telly. For years I wondered what all the fuss was about, but now he's got a bit older....ding dong! :swoon:

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At the moment I am enamoured of Isaah Washington ( Dr. Burke on Grey's Anatomy) and Chris Eccleston ( previous Dr. Who).


I realized last night that I'm well over Mr. M in the colly-wobbles dept. Someone posted a pic of him as Alistrere (whatever) and I got obsessed with the quilting on his jacket...didn't even notice his face for a few moments.


A few of the Buffyverse guys still please me. DB Woodside ( principle Woods, sorry for the initials! LOL)

Anthony Head ( Giles) & James Marsters ( Spike) at times.

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