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When I told my son Matt about my misundertanding the reading title at church this morning ( Fallopians for Collossians) he & I started throwing similar twisted titles around. I thought it might make a fun game.

Messages new age style (e-mails) from & to people in that style:


e-mail from St. Paul to the Polynesians: Have idea for making bras from coconut shells. See if you can get your Ladies to wear them.


From the Collosians to St. Jude: We can't understand you. You're too obscure.


From St. Vitus to the Ephesians: Thanks for the invite to the dance. Shall be there!


From the Collossians to St. Paul: Stop e-mailing us! We don't know you and your Spam is verging on stalking! We will seek a restraining order if you don't desisst!


St. Paul to the Temptations: Love the new albumn! Am including some of it in a mix tape for St. Pete.


This one from Matt--- St. Elmo to the San Fransciscans: Sorry about the fire. Will send my insurance info in an attachment.

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