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A Small Bite of the Big Apple


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pictures from a recent trip to new york. yes, it's all part of my evil plan to up my post count in a quick and unobtrusive manner. :p




scorching ode to fall in the city this year. the temperatures were high; everyone was swigging a gulp from their water bottles, and new york's brick and cement tanned to warm shades of gold and bronze.




which is why carrying a sweater was a terrible idea... :p



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blistering as it may have been, it made for some cool reflections.




it also meant people spent a lot of time inside buildings, like the guggenheim.






of course, it helps if the place you're scooting into for airconditioning is a marvel of architecture and hosting some pretty cool art. :lol:

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but my favourite part of new york is definitely its people. they've been accused of being rude, heartless, driven but (in spite of having come across my first new york meanie on this trip) i just find them exquisitely beautiful.







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I hope we can comment here, because I'm gonna!

Beautiful tribute to New York, Jana! I've always thought of New York as "the world" in miniature. People & ideas & passions from all the corners of the globe. :chacha::flower:


The girl with her feet up...waiting?...is interesting and a gorgeous composition as well. She looks pissed. And really rouged when you look closely. I want to know her story.


The girl in the mirror is a doll! :heart:


I love the b & w one of the blond.

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hello darling,


i have a few more pictures but won't be able to post them till later, i think. :roll: yes, new york will always be a world in miniature for me too - a beautiful world that i love to ogle at and never belong in even though, in a funny way, it isn't alien to me. :lol::roll:


the girl on the chair is at one of the entries to central park, the one at columbus circle. i think she was just killing time and killing it pretty murderously considering her expression. :p she was such an odd combination of beautiful and yet doll-like unrealism.

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Guest Girl from Mars

I love your photos, J.! Have not been to NYC yet, but you bring it all closer. I especially like the photo of the girl in the park and the blonde waiting for the metro!

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:goody: !!!

really like the one of the pissed off girl - she looks as if she's been stood up... and her pose so reflects the statue in the background (war memorial?) - seems both have 'taken a fall' in one way or another.... :manic:


:hey: to the girl in the mirror!

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Didi :joy:


So lovely to see you and your pics...

Love the one of the design foot, great perspective and matching walking feet :yup:


The one of the girl waiting for the train, in black and white is great :up:

and i love the first one, the contrast of the wall and the car is :cool:



can't wait to see more :jump:

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