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there's a gaffe in my coffee


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(beats having a giraffe in my coffee :roll:)



having stumbled upon two in one day, i've decided to start a collection of the unintentional misuse of words found, for instance, in articles on the web. here's the latest :


from LA Weekly Film/TV

There seems to be a yawning gap between the primarily humanitarian causes she [Julie Christie] lends her name to — animal rights, nuclear disarmament and a British organization that helps torture victims...





that gives aid to victims of torture (maybe?)


it could be i won't see any more after this :lol:


beware the Ambiguity Monster :orc:

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bump-ba-DUMP :hey:


i found another one. ahem :reads:


Actress Eva Mendes is envious of Kate Winslet's success - and would have no qualms about "stealing" one of the British star's roles.


The Hitch star has appeared in numerous films over the past decade and has long admired Winslet's work.


And Mendes admits she'd be "happy" to have just two of the Titanic actress' parts.


ya, i'll bet she'd like two of the actress' parts :crit:

not difficult to imagine which :waggle:




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:roflmao: I love things like this.

I forgot about this thread....are you going to be posting once a year then? :roflmao:

I'm going to make an effort to find something like this, I know I see them occassionally but forget to share.

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